3 in 1 Natural ingredient Lipstick

Plant extracts: comprise wealthy palm oil, mango seed fats, sunflower seed oil, moisturises lip pores and skin, enhance lip color, body-heat know-how enhances lips pure color, creates a color that’s distinctive to every consumer.

  • Palm oil: nicknamed “the liquid gold”, accommodates wealthy Vitamin E and trienol tocopherol, carotenoid, linoleic acid, it has a number of well being advantages for human physique.

  • mango seed fats: accommodates wealthy carotene, Vitamin C, helps to moisturize pores and skin.

  • sunflower seed oil: accommodates a number of unsaturated fatty acids together with linoleic acid which might be mandatory for the human physique, protects pores and skin well being. 

Vitamin E Oil: a pure and highly effective antioxidant, VE is one the important nutritional vitamins in human physique.The Vitamin E Oil in our Lipstick is extracted from a lot of inexperienced crops’ seed germ. Any such Vitamin E may be simply absorbed by the pores and skin to advertise quicker metabolism, forestall pigmentation, enhance pores and skin elasticity, moisturize pores and skin across the lips, and slows down growing old.

Pure Imported Beeswax: Beeswax is a fatty substances secreted by employee bees. Beeswax has wonderful adhesion, permeability, and smoothness. Pure beeswax ought to seem yellow to brown yellow in colour.

There are three benefits for selecting a lipstick containing pure beeswax:

1. Moisturizes lips and reduces effective strains;

2. Excessive permeability permits lip pores and skin to breathe, prompts cell progress, and promotes quicker metabolism;

3. Reduces irritation, strengthens lip pores and skin’s pure protection system, and improves its capability to self-repair.

Legend Age Lipstick doesn’t comprise added synthetic pigments, lead and mercury, and paraffin. Paraffin decreases breathability of lip skins. Lengthy-time use of lipstick containing paraffin may cause lip discoloration.


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