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Hey all! After moving into indie fragrances just lately, I went down a Hex rabbithole and made three totally different orders of samples. I’ll evaluation them in alphabetical order to make issues simpler for you guys!

BANANA MILK — Official notes: candy milk, melted ice cream, vanilla pudding combine, banana. My take: I am an enormous lover of banana scents when completed proper. Sadly, this one wasn’t completed proper for me. An excessive amount of of the pudding word got here by; it overwhelmed the scent and made it too heavy and thick. Banana milk usually simply is not this heavy! I used to be searching for one thing a bit extra frothy. Go.

BANANA’S FOSTER — Official notes: caramelized bananas, buttery rum sauce, vanilla ice cream. My take: It began out as candy, caramelized bananas, which then light right into a rum-soaked vanilla ice cream. It smelled like a really scrumptious dessert you’d get at a restaurant! Like.

BLACK CHERRY FIZZY COLA — Official notes: “similar to the true factor.” My take: Whereas I like cherry soda in actual life, I did not like this. The cola blended with the cherry made the cherry too harsh, medicinal, and sticky. Provided that I additionally disliked CocoaPink’s Cherry Cola Float, I am beginning to assume I ought to surrender on cherry soda scents. Go.

BOMB POP — Official notes: cherry, lime, blue raspberry. My take: It was too heavy on the cherry with not sufficient lime or blue raspberry. It smelled like artificial cherry soda versus the blue raspberry Slushee or Slurpee I used to be anticipating. Go.

BOO BERRY — Official notes: blueberry cordial, blueberry cobbler, vanilla bean. My take: This did not have any cobbler or vanilla bean in any respect. It smelled like sugary blueberry arduous sweet. Whereas it did odor fairly good, it did not fairly fulfill what I used to be searching for (which was blueberry cobbler or pie). That mentioned, I’ll take into account this as a possible future buy if it nonetheless exists in spring. Simply okay.

CANDIED VIOLETS — Official notes: sugared violet. My take: This one begins out a glittery violet, similar to Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle, but it surely has a creamier, sweeter base which just about has Play-Doh undertones – however in a great way! It dries right down to a powdery violet musk and has glorious sillage. As somebody who at all times regretted lacking out on Daisy Twinkle, I used to be enamored with this one. It really did twinkle and sparkle with life! Love.

CEREAL KILLER — Official notes: Froot Loops, Cap’n Crunch Berries, Trix. My take: This was a really good combine of varied fruity rainbow cereals! Very yummy. I might say Sugarmilk Co.’s Cereal Milk is a tad bit extra genuine, however this one was nonetheless superb. Like.

CHOCOLATE ORANGE — Official notes: darkish chocolate, candy clementine. My take: That is higher than the numerous different chocolate and orange scents I’ve tried – however that is not saying a lot, as a result of this scent will not be nice. It simply smelled largely like artificial chocolate with solely a touch of artificial orange. Go.

DARK SHADOWS — Official notes: benzoin, caramel, pipe tobacco, myrrh, incense, honey amber, sandalwood, vanilla rice milk, cardamom. My take: This was pure angel meals cake with chocolate frosting. Candy, linear, nothing particular. It was good however had a bent to be a bit sickening, as angel meals cake might be. Simply okay.

DE FALSIS DEIS — Official notes: tobacco, bourbon, salted caramel, brown sugar, vanilla, coconut milk, cayenne pepper. My take: It began out too sturdy on the salted caramel however mellowed out to a pleasant, creamy scent with a gentle coconutty base. The brown sugar, coconut milk, and vanilla made a pleasant, dessert-like combine. It jogged my memory of sweetened condensed milk. Like.

GINGERDEAD MAN — Official notes: marshmallow goo, spicy gingerbread. My take: This one was a grower! At first, I wasn’t positive I preferred it. However the extra I wore it, the extra I fell in love with it. It smells like marshmallow fluff, nutmeg, and gingerbread. The gingerbread word is not 100% genuine however the general combine could be very good, spicy, and holiday-esq. This would possibly sound odd but it surely smells just like the spiced pinecones yow will discover at Michael’s throughout the vacation season. Very yummy and comforting! Love.

KARMICAL IMBALANCE — Official notes: lemon, cola, ginger beer. My take: It smelled like soda however had far an excessive amount of lemon in it. It smelled like artificial, fizzy Lemon Pledge. Very disagreeable and vaguely sickening. Go.

LAVENDER LONDON FOG — Official notes: earl gray tea, steamed milk, vanilla, lavender easy syrup. My take: A really faint Earl Gray tea with a splash of milk and a sprig of lavender. It was good however very faint and unremarkable. Simply okay.

LONDON FOG — Official notes: sweetened earl gray tea, steamed milk, vanilla syrup. My take: The identical as above however with out the sprig of lavender. Once more, good however faint and unremarkable. Simply okay.

MOLOKO PLUS — Official notes: steamed milk, sweetened condensed milk, coconut milk, and rice milk, infused with lavender easy syrup, coconut crème, and inexperienced cardamom poddiwods. My take: This one was pleasant! Creamy, with a little bit of sugar and robust cardamom. It smells similar to the Pakistani desserts kheer or firni at first. Then it mellows out to a dhoodh patti scent: Pakistani milky tea with sugar and cardamom, the milk that includes extra prominently as time goes on. Very yummy! Love.

RASPBERRY ROSEMALLOW — Official notes: marshmallow, buttercream, raspberry-rose compote. My take: One other pleasant one! The rose, marshmallow, and buttercream melted collectively in a extremely fairly, female, yummy scent and have been uplifted by the summery juiciness of the raspberry. Female, enjoyable, and completely delectable. The colour pink in a scent! Love.

SHIBARI — Official notes: coconut milk, steamed rice, honeyed figs, lychee, Japanese maplewood, tonka, spiced rooibos tea, galangal. My take: I discovered this one completely revolting. The lychee, spiced rooibos tea, and galangal have been a noxious mix. The galangal particularly was an excessive amount of; I detest the scent of ginger and this variation was no totally different. The scent was harsh, medicinal, and stomach-turning. I needed to scrub this one off my pores and skin. Exhausting move.

SUFGANIYOT — Official notes: sugar-encrusted doughnuts full of magenta blobs of raspberry filling. My take: As a raspberry lover, I used to be so completely happy this lived as much as its description! It really smelled precisely like a freshly fried donut with raspberry filling and dusted with powdered sugar. The sillage was fainter than I might have preferred however the yumminess of the scent made up for it. Love.

SUNDAY MOURNING — Official notes: freshly-juiced blood oranges, stacks of buttermilk pancakes, rivulets of maple syrup, and a melty pat of butter. My take: The primary scent that ever intrigued me from this home! As a lover of maple syrup, I used to be so excited for it. Sadly, it was a little bit of a letdown. I largely obtained freshly-pressed, candy blood-orange juice over butter and a touch of maple syrup. Not sufficient maple syrup, and hardly any pancake. The blood orange juice was fulfilling however the scent merely wasn’t what I used to be searching for. Simply okay.

TOMATE — Official notes: leafy, vine-ripe, garden-fresh tomatoes. My take: I admit, I purchased this another as a novelty than something. However actually, it wasn’t dangerous! It wasn’t something I might put on every day, but it surely was a pleasant, herby, ripe tomato on the vine. The scent did fade in underneath two hours into the faintest of pores and skin scents. Simply okay.

Total, I am very proud of the home! There have been a couple of duds, however that is to be anticipated once you check out 21 scents! I ended up having fun with the vast majority of them and even discovered a couple of I completely cherished. I cherished Candied Violets, Gingerdead Man, Moloko Plus, and Raspberry Rosemallow a lot that I purchased rollerballs of them!

I’m going to significantly take pleasure in making an attempt scents from Hex sooner or later and would strongly suggest this home.


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