Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Arts and Crafts/Pottery

Arts and Crafts
Common Convention
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Yr of Introduction: 1938

1. Write or clarify orally the differing types and makes use of of pottery and the supplies utilized in making it.[edit]

2. What’s the goal of a glaze? Describe the particular risks to be averted.[edit]


Glaze is a glassy coating which is fired to make it fuse to a ceramic object with a purpose to colour, enhance, strengthen or waterproof it. Glazing is functionally essential for earthenware vessels, which might in any other case be unsuitable for holding liquids resulting from porosity. Glaze can also be used on purposeful and ornamental stoneware and porcelain. Along with the purposeful side of glazes, aesthetic considerations embrace a wide range of floor finishes, together with levels of gloss and matte, variegation and completed colour. Glazes can also improve an underlying design or texture which can be both the “pure” texture of the clay or an inscribed, carved or painted design.


3. Design and draw two pottery varieties, certainly one of which should be embellished.[edit]

4. Do three of the next. Every mission is to be embellished, comparable to painted, glazed, or indented[edit]

a. Utilizing the coil technique, make a jar or vase.[edit]

b. Utilizing the slab technique, make a field.[edit]

c. Utilizing the pinch pottery technique, make one object.[edit]

d. Design and make 4 totally different tiles.[edit]

e Make a tray or dish.[edit]

f. Throw a easy vase on a potter’s wheel[edit]


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