Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/First aid/Animal bites

A particular type of an infection that have to be guarded towards in case of animal bites is rabies (typically known as “hydrophobia”). This illness is attributable to a virus that’s current within the saliva of contaminated animals. The illness happens mostly in wild animals, but it surely has been present in home animals and family pets. In actual fact, it’s possible that every one mammals are prone to it. The virus that causes rabies is ordinarily transmitted by a chew, however it may be transmitted by the saliva of an contaminated animal coming in touch with a contemporary wound or with the skinny mucous membrane of the lips or nostril. The virus doesn’t penetrate regular unbroken pores and skin. If the pores and skin is damaged, DO NOT try wound closure.

If rabies develops in man, it’s often deadly. A preventive therapy is offered and it could be very efficient, however solely whether it is began shortly after the chew. Because the vaccine may be obtained solely at a medical therapy facility, any particular person bitten by an animal have to be transferred shortly to the closest therapy facility for analysis, together with an entire report of the circumstances surrounding the incident. Keep in mind, prevention is of utmost significance. Instant native therapy of the wound must be given. Wash the wound and the encircling space fastidiously, utilizing sterile gauze, cleaning soap, and sterile water. Use sterile gauze to dry the wound, after which cowl the wound with a sterile dressing. DO NOT use any chemical disinfectant. The entire animal’s saliva have to be faraway from the sufferer’s pores and skin to stop additional contamination of the wound. CAUTION: DO NOT permit the animal’s saliva to return in touch with open sores or cuts in your arms. When an individual has been bitten by an animal, each effort have to be made to catch the animal and to maintain it confined for at least eight to 10 days. DO NOT kill it if there’s any potential probability of catching it alive. The signs of rabies usually are not at all times current within the animal on the time the chew happens, however the saliva might however comprise the rabies virus. It’s important, subsequently, that the animal is saved underneath statement till a prognosis may be made. The rabies therapy is given if the animal develops any particular signs, if it dies throughout the statement interval, or if for any cause the animal can’t be saved underneath statement. Keep in mind that any animal chew is harmful and MUST be evaluated at a therapy facility.


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