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Editor’s Notice: Howdy guys, that is the fifth OC backstories of my characters. The inspiration behind this writing undertaking got here from r/UnKnown_Drive*’s earlier publish, in addition to Destiny Grand Order’s narrative fashion and Pyrion Flax’s Bodega sequence. I bought very busy over the previous month so I’ll attempt to catch up from my standard schedule. I actually wish to apologize for the very lengthy delay and the ultra-long backstory. Some characters might have shorter backstory in comparison with others. Apologies for any sort of mistaken grammar or typos. Kudos to anybody who might establish the references I included. Listed below are the earlier OC backstories that I’ve written earlier than.* 1, 2, 3, 4. Within the meantime, here is the fifth OC backstory:

Loss of life And Rebirth

Ashanttaie the Vagabond:

(a slight mixture of Publish-Metastasis and Rebirth model of DFO)

r/DFO - DFO OC Backstory: Ashanttaie the Vagabond

I. Topic #: 092-015

Codename: Karasuko or Crow Woman

Description: Topic # 092-015 could be greatest described as one in every of De Los Empire’s profitable check topics. Laboratory physicians described her as ice-cold magnificence with snow-white lengthy hair, mild complexion, fierce-looking eyes, and well-developed physique. The topic may be very proficient with katana and zanbato regardless of the military by no means instructing dual-wielding strategies from Suju. The drill sergeant insisted her to make use of both one sword simply to keep away from any notion of the enemy nation’s tradition. The power-provided demonic arm implants by no means disturbed the topic as if it’s a pure a part of her physique. We gave her the codename “Karasuko” due to the unusual image showing on the implant. It resembled a three-legged crow which was distinguished from the as soon as oriental area of Terra. Pandemonian Elementalist Iris Fortunesinger as soon as advised the legend of the three-legged crow throughout her divination ritual for Emperor Leon. We determined to present the topic a legendary title, an indication of fine omen for De Los Empire. Crows have been a foul omen based on superstitions. On social abilities, the topic may be very chilly and uncaring in direction of the laboratory personnel or the native troopers deployed in Vilmark Space 50 as her head is simply targeted on changing into De Los Empire’s blade. A fabled story or propaganda that incited both rebel or easy reforms to the empire. Regardless of her aloofness, she confirmed compassion to lesser educated check topics. Their bonds shaped due to their similar, poor circumstances. We recommend prohibiting the topic on gaining any materials that may incite rebel towards De Los Empire, and as an alternative encourage her to assist the empire. We want extra troopers to be loyal for the emperor and this nation.

Finish of Transmission.

II. After a goblin slaying expedition, the Iron Wolves Regiment determined to cool down within the Hendon Myre Sewers. The Moonlight Tavern was not {that a} luxurious hub however cozy sufficient to accommodate vacationers. Whereas many of the different empire knights have been contented sufficient with a budget liquor, beer, and snacks, Karasuko left them. She’s searching for a greater adversary, a extra formidable opponent. Her swordsmanship grew stronger after years of harsh coaching with the most effective troopers. Goblins and large bugs weren’t sufficient to satiate her starvation for problem. As Karasuko strolls on the floating pathways of Underfoot, her curiosity piqued at a well-known determine. She approached the Pandemonian Elementalist who was taking part in her stringed instrument.

“Iris Fortunesinger, it’s good to see you right here.”

“Greetings Topic # 092-015, it appears you’re searching for one thing. A younger woman like you shouldn’t look too frightened”

“Please name me Karasuko, I by no means like being known as a mere check topic.”

Karasuko barely frowned as she faces a distinct path.

“I don’t imply to offend you, my expensive knight. There’s something fairly attention-grabbing for you. Let me have your left hand.”

The empire knight allowed the Elementalist to learn her palm after eradicating her black gloves. Then she let her maintain the demonic implant. The determine of a three-legged crow appeared from the azure crystal as Iris gently rotates her hand.

“Hmmm, you’re certainly particular. You do bear the three-legged crow. Again in Terra, it was known as in several names: the Jīnwū, the Yatagarasu or the Samjok-o. The three-legged crow has been an imperial image of the solar, knowledge from the gods, and even rebirth.”

“Eh, I’m unsure about it. This simply regarded like smudges from the demonic implant. There’s nothing particular about me.”

“However you regarded very pushed and steadfast. Do you have got any desires or ambition?”

“I did as soon as had a imaginative and prescient once I was youthful. To alter De Los Empire from the within. You’ll be able to see its flaws as you’re employed with the system. Invasion, corruption, unlawful experimentations, and slavery. If solely have the ability to reshape all the pieces…”

“There’s something extra vital than altering a nation Karasuko. You shouldn’t waste your time on fleeting ideas. Nations do rise and fall. There are issues doomed to ruins. What issues is shaping your future.”

Iris handed out a scroll to Karasuko. With none apprehension, she allowed her instincts on opening the scroll. Her fingers crawled throughout the pages. Upon rolling down the pages, a blinding mild illuminates in entrance of her. She feels very fuzzy and weakened from the sunshine.

“Now I’m providing you a problem that you just gained’t refuse to face. Discover out who you actually are and uncover your true calling. It’s time on your reawakening.”

III. The empire knight later awoke on the Grasp Guild’s complicated. Nonetheless dazed and confused, she went up from her mattress whereas grabbing her katana. Magic Guild grasp Sharan greeted her.

“Good afternoon younger woman. Iris advised me to deal with you. Would you prefer to have some tea?”

“Sorry, however I’ve no time for dillydallying. I’ve to report again to the Iron Wolves Regiment straight away. How lengthy was I unconscious?”

“Solely half a day.”

“I wish to thank on your generosity however I’ve to go.”

“Take good of your self younger woman. Your new journey awaits.”


“Issues might be totally different for you now. Watch out.”

Upon returning to her publish on the Sewers, the empire knights checked out her with contempt. A few of them have been elevating brows why a stranger was carrying an Iron Wolf Regiment uniform.”

“Knight Karasuko, reporting on responsibility!.”

“Oi, who the heck even are you?”

“Uh, Alvin have you ever forgotten about me?”

“Nonetheless not ringing a bell. Anyway, you do look enticing with our uniform, missy.”

“What’s the that means of this Alvin? And who is that this beautiful girl?”

“Uhhh Simon, this woman claims to be a part of Iron Wolf Regiment.”

“Vice Captain Simon, it’s me! Topic # 092-015.”

“Quantity 092-015, quantity 092-015, quantity 092-015. Are you certain about that? We by no means had Topic # 092-015. Truly, we will additionally arrest you for impersonating a De Los Empire authority.”

“Then are you able to clarify what’s on my left wrist?!”

“A demonic implant eh? Come right here Theodore, are you able to verify the authenticity of this demonic implant?”

“Seems manner too legit to me. Anybody could make cast demonic implants simply to infiltrate De Los Empire. Simply name me again if one thing attention-grabbing occurs.”

“She does appear to be a kind of runaways Theodore! She might be a spy from the Saint Horn resistance!”

“Nah, there’s too a lot of them to depend. Loads of feminine swordsmen are hanging round Arad. We are able to’t even decide which one is an precise check topic or not. Vilmark was a failure anyway.”

“THAT’S WHY WE NEVER DRINK ON DUTY! Go sober your self up Theodore and train her a lesson.”

“I gained’t hit a girl Vice Captain, go do it your self. Moreover Alvin is the one sober particular person right here.”

“No can do! My head is killing me as a result of hangover.”

“Arrrgh, simply overlook what I stated. I by no means knew you’ll stoop down on this depressing state. All of you have got misplaced your dignity as a part of the Iron Wolf Regiment!”

The previous empire knight angrily stormed out of the Midnight Tavern again to Underfoot. Nonetheless confused from what occurred, she looked for Iris. Iris left a letter on her standard spot in Underfoot. Upon studying the letter, she tore it up furiously. She will’t imagine she was now not Topic # 092-015, Karasuko, the blade of De Los Empire. The destined particular person to reshape the corrupt empire. She will’t even establish herself. The picture on the demonic implant is now not a three-legged crow however an indecipherable flower. Disheartened and confused, she walked on a lonely highway in direction of Silver Crown. Evening has fallen and it was raining laborious. The previous empire knight took shelter on an enormous tree. She has nowhere to remain. Her former comrades have completely forgotten her. The nippiness of the evening and the splashes from the rain have drenched her with loneliness. Simply as she was about to go to sleep from the nook of the tree, a slender woman gently woke her up.

“You regarded very drenched and drained. Please include me.”

The woman accompanied her to a home carved inside a tree. She was given a heat bathtub, a contemporary set of garments and a hearty soup. It was the primary time for her to expertise selfless generosity. Together with her drained physique, she slowly drifted away to sleep on the mattress. The ache of getting forgotten slowly washed away with the sound of the rain. When morning got here, the woman greeted her as she rose from the mattress.

“Greetings stranger, I hope you slept nicely.”

“The place am I?”

“You’re in Silver Crown, a refuge for the misplaced and alone. You do appear to be an adventurer. By the best way, I’m Blue Guardian Vetala, guardian of the Fairy Pentacle. Can I ask your title?”

“I was an Iron Wolf Regiment. I don’t even know who I’m. Iris Fortunesinger might need inflicted a curse towards me.”

“I imagine it’s not a curse however a blessing in disguise.”

“How will you make sure about that?”

“I follow magic and I do know Iris by no means used a malevolent spell. She solely confirmed who you actually are.”

“Who am actually I?!”

Vetala known as a youthful mage downstairs of the treehouse. The youthful woman in inexperienced gown greeted them pleasantly upon getting into the bed room.

“Seria, are you able to attempt figuring out her title? A easy spell would do.”

“Positive factor. Miss, please shut your eyes and be relaxed.

Seria holds her head whereas concentrating very laborious. Photographs of overseas lands flashed of their minds. It regarded very distant from De Los Empire. The land was full of valleys, bamboo forests, unique buildings, and cherry blossom timber. Warriors refine their strategies via a nationwide match.

“Your title is Ashanttaie and also you got here from the nation of…”

Simply as Seria is about to say her hometown, a villager was shouting outdoors the home.”

“Miss Vetala! Miss Seria! We’re underneath assault! The elementals from Abnova are going berserk!”

“Seems like there’s hassle. I’ve to go there.”

Vetala handed Ashanttaie a peculiar weapon. It regarded like a damaged deal with nevertheless it has a button that might draw the blade.

“It’s a lightsaber made by blacksmith Linus. You should use this along with your katana. By the best way, let me offer you this outdated gown of mine. Your uniform continues to be too moist to put on.”

Ashanttaie wore a gown that regarded like what Vetala was carrying and a pair of white sneakers. She tied her lengthy hair to reduce the obstruction in her face.

“You do look lovely in it. Right here, have this cape too. It would get chilly in Abnova as the opposite elementals go uncontrolled.”

“However this gown may get caught with the branches and shrubs.”

“Don’t fear about mobility, you’ll be able to transfer freely in my outdated gown. I used to journey within the Abnova woods with it. You can be fantastic. The gown will merely slip from the branches.”

The swordswoman set forwards the forest as she bid farewell to Vetala and Seria. She additionally met fellow adventurers as they purged the Black Nightmare from the elementals. Ashanttaie additionally regained her dual-wielding talent which her earlier mentors prevented her from working towards. After receiving the blessing from the spirits, Ashanttaie gave her gratitude to the 2 girls. She determined to depart her outdated uniform as she is now not related to the Iron Wolf Regiment. Vetala and Seria bid farewell once more to her whereas asking to search for different adventurers like her. With a brand new objective in life, the Vagabond started her journey to seek out her dwelling and refine her dual-wielding talent with the lightsaber.

IV. Huann and the remainder of his get together have been on their manner on Underfoot. He then noticed a well-known trying woman. Huann tried to succeed in her as he tapped her shoulder, a small quantity of pleasure and nostalgia rushed via his senses.

“Vetala, what are you doing right here?”


“Oh sorry, I assumed you have been another person.”

“Uh, I did meet Vetala again at Silver Crown. She did give me spare garments in order that why you mistook me for her. I really wish to thank Vetala for her generosity.”

Ashanttaie observed how the Berserker in blue coat regarded like. Huann was relaxed however he radiated a terrifying aura of a savage beast. His bloodied left crimson arm was restrained by a mystical cuff. Her curiosity peaked her and he or she was tempted to see what he’s able to.

“Anyway, you do appear to be a robust swordsman. Thoughts if now we have a fast duel?”

“Oh certain, I’d be taught one thing new from you.”

Ashanttaie drew her two blades with a devilish smile whereas Huann prepped up his berserker state. Huann’s get together have been dumbfounded whereas attempting to cease the swordsmen from combating.

“I actually don’t perceive why all swordsmen need to duel one another. They should be stopped.”

“It’s all about refining one’s talent Btoom. Moreover, that is going to be a spectacle.”

“I hope they don’t damage themselves badly.”

“Huann might go loopy however he nonetheless controls himself. It is best to perceive that as a swordsman too Calisandra.”

“I hate partaking pointless fights Dohntay. Possibly I choose a friendlier sparring.”

Huann and Ashanttaie dueled in a quiet nook of Underfoot. The Berserker charged ferociously along with his blood swords whereas the Vagabond gracefully deflected his slashes. Huann was additionally stunned that Ashanttaie can change swords in the midst of the combat. She will reshape her lightsaber in any state of affairs whereas wielding a newly-forged zanbato. However, he resorted in close-combat grappling as if his life is at stake. Their combat was drawing to an finish as they started to maneuver slowly. As each swordsmen breath exhaustedly, they resulted in a stalemate. Huann was positioning his two blood swords throughout her physique like a pair of scissors whereas Ashanttaie was pointing her deactivated lightsaber in his intestine and he or she stopped swinging her zanbato to his chest.

“Not dangerous for a De Los Empire swordsman.”

“This isn’t from that rattling empire. Imperial swordsmanship is something however crude. I’m in search of to seek out my very own path of swordsmanship.”

“A well-improvised method?”

“It’s extra of a pure intuition.”

The 2 dropped their weapons, signifying the tip of their duel. Calisandra approached the 2 to have a tendency their wounds and bruises.

“Don’t thoughts me Calisandra, I can simply regenerate with Diehard. She may have your consideration.”

“Are you certain? You regarded actually terrible there along with your wounds.”

Calisandra handled the injuries and bruises of Ashanttaie whereas Huann solid Diehard. Btoom glared on the two drained swordsmen with contempt whereas her arms have been throughout one another. Dohntay was simply gazing Ashanttaie with glee.

“I feel that’s sufficient for each of you. I’ve no plans of digging a shallow grave for you two.”

“Bravo! You two regarded wonderful! Particularly you, miss Vagabond. Your magnificence blooms as you dance with these swords. In comparison with my buddy’s crude swordsmanship, yours as refined as my beautiful style. That pretty gown regarded good when you glide within the air and all the pieces is flowing. I can see all of your grandeur. Every thing was fairly transferring on you even your…”


“Yikes, I might need made my very own demise sentence.”

Ashanttaie angrily used her telekinesis to raise Dohtay like a ragdoll. She then flung him to a brick wall. After Dohntay regained his consciousness, Btoom grudgingly dragged him to the irate Vagabond, forcing the perverted gunman to apologize. Calisandra firmly held down Ashanttaie as she was about to attract her lightsaber. Huann sighed in disappointment on how their duel ended with a petty argument from his get together members. It was each a satisfying and infuriating expertise for Ashanttaie. It reminded her of the nice instances she has spent with the Iron Wolf Regiment. She might have missed her outdated companions however she was welcomed by her new get together members. It was certainly a blessing in disguise based on Vetala. The peculiar however amusing expertise in Underfoot lead Ashanttaie to affix Huann’s get together.

V. The journey to Behemoth was very perilous. Wild beasts and dwelling timber assaulted everybody who opposed Lengthy-Legged Apostle Lotus. Upon arriving at his lair, the legendary Grand Masters lent their power to defeat Apostle Lotus. One of many Grand Masters that piqued Ashanttaie’s curiosity was Siran from Suju. The legendary swordsman regarded serene but deadly in entrance of the Apostle. He elegantly minimize the Apostle’s tentacles whereas Lotus rampaged to guard his life. All their mixed forces toppled down the Apostle to its premature demise. After their temporary encounter with the swordsman from Suju, Ashanttaie determined to observe the Suju swordsman. His enigmatic but highly effective swordsmanship regarded very spectacular. Months handed after the Empyrean disaster was over and their get together lastly arrived at Suju. Ashanttaie was barely excited to satisfy the legendary Suju Grand Grasp. Upon assembly the Grand Grasp, her expectations dampened. She was trying in direction of at a drunk and ragged vagrant.

“Howdy, younger woman. You do look blooming with that energetic look. Thoughts for those who be a part of me with a cup of a ginseng wine?”

The young-looking Suju swordmaster grinned at Ashanttaie with juvenile malice. He smelled fermented plum fruits and ginseng. A foul scent reeking from Siran would trigger anybody to reject him.


“You regarded livelier because the final assault towards Lotus.”

“Wait, are you simply flirting at me?!”

Siran was in an inebriated state whereas gazing Ashanttaie. Ashanttaie can’t imagine that the Grand Grasp she admired was only a drunk vagrant. As Ashanttaie bashfully wrapped herself with the cloak that Vetala gave her, Siran’s loyal apprentice Woo distracted the drunken Grand Grasp.

“Grasp, you had sufficient of your fill. Please don’t gawk on the younger swordsman like an uncivilized bandit.”

“Whoops, I don’t imply to disrespect you, missy. That wine simply hit me so laborious.”

“It doesn’t imply to excuse your in poor health habits!”

Royal Messenger Woo furiously slapped Siran with a paper fan on the again of his head. Siran merely chuckled with the scene he can’t course of on account of hours of ingesting. After regaining some semblance of sanity. Siran determined to speak with the Vagabond.

“I’m sorry missy if I speak in poor health towards you. You regarded like somebody who already overcame the fear of the Tower of Loss of life. A serene aura of a blooming flower radiates inside you. Fragments of Metastasis power, or what ought to I point out, “petals” of Nen power are falling out of your physique. When you might harness that uncooked power, you’ll be able to even surpass us Grand Masters. Let me see that peculiar implant in your arms.”

Ashanttaie reached her left wrist to Siran. The marginally sober Grand Grasp determined to softly learn the demonic implant from her wrist. A plum of a lotus flower appeared from the demonic implant as her wrist rotated was illuminated by the daylight. Ashanttaie remembered that Calisandra as soon as talked about concerning the story of lotus flowers. The lotus flower meant “rebirth” or “purification” in far-eastern Terra tradition. Possibly this was what Iris was speaking about. A brand new life for reaching perfection in swordsmanship.

“With that power to exhaust, I counsel competing within the Silver Dragon Match. There you have to face the problem it’s important to search in your life. Be happy to get pleasure from this discovered new life, cute missy. Discuss to me after defeating the soldiers of Silver Dragon Championship. After that match, come have a look at me.”

Siran chuckled casually till he misplaced his conscience. Woo carried the drunk Grand Grasp to a cool shade of a cherry tree. As Siran noisily snored on the tree’s comfy shade, Ashanttaie headed the match opened by Empress Shonan. The match was very fierce and unrelenting however she managed to defeat the combatants. Completely different sorts of martial artists showcased their peak efficiency, but the Vagabond overcame their abilities. Upon ending the native competitors, she headed to the shade of the cherry blossom tree. Siran awoke from his drunken stupor as if he sniffed a contemporary scent of a contemporary flower from a tree.

“I see that you just defeated all the soldiers. It’s time to awaken your true calling. Ashanttaie, youngster of the Nen power and sculptor of 1’s future. The Time Gate would be the verdict of your progress! Rise as a Blade Dancer or fall to nothingness!”

Siran opened a portal in direction of a chilly empty house. The keen Vagabond entered a brand new world with no hesitation. She confronted a sequence of challenges primarily based on eventualities of historical past. Enraged orcs, strolling corpses, daring gunmen, Impostors, Vilmark troopers, dragons and time-space parasites tried to take her down. However in the long run, her robust will and refined swordsmanship defied all odds. Every week after, Ashanttaie exited the Time Gate with incomes newly-gained knowledge and talent. She felt sorrow for individuals who died in Vilmark, and anger to Vaughn’s greed for energy. The painful tragedy but left her perception for enlightenment. Ascending right into a Blade Dancer, Ashanttaie continued her journey to Pandemonium whereas in search of solutions behind Vaughn’s greed.

VI. Years handed since Ashanttaie realized her true calling as a Blade Dancer. The time-space continuum violently quakes throughout time and worlds. As each dwelling being are thrown violently, the world of Arad and Pandemonium was reshaped by its creator Carloso. Years handed like days and the world was molded once more. Ashanttaie awoke from her peaceable sleep within the East Coast of Bel Myre and he or she determined to go to Vilmark. An aching ache craving for closure haunts her throughout the hidden turmoil. Ghost of the perished check topics forces her to know her previous. With the assistance of a artful Pandemonian witch, Ashanttaie decides to go to Vilmark 50 as soon as extra. The unlikely teammates defeat waves of demented lab rats and wild check topics. Simply as Ashanttaie is about to disclose her ugly previous, Grand Grasp and Iron Wolf Regiment Captain Vaughn Walshuted intercepts them. Ashanttaie and her companion are meddling with a damaged, highly-technological machine. They’re making an attempt to open redacted information of Le Dos Empire’s merciless experiments.

“Woah there, you’ll be able to’t simply fiddle with confidential knowledge, girls!”

“It’s none of what you are promoting, Vaughn! I’ve to search for one thing vital. Moreover, your corrupt nation culled the lives of the harmless on your little science undertaking.”

“Are you searching for your information Topic # 092-015, or ought to I say Codename Karasuko?”

Ashanttaie regarded on the Imperial Grand Grasp with contempt. She would by no means imagine from the phrases coming from Vaughn proper after the Vilmark incident, but an outdated forgotten title rings at her head. No person has known as her forgotten check topic title. In spite of everything, a few of her fellow check topics died proper after the opening of the portal.

“I do have some legitimate causes. Pandemonium was at our attain and I can present you some solutions. My actual intention was in search of a path on perfecting my swordsmanship. The bitterness I felt from the Screaming Cavern made me notice my weak point. By harnessing the ability of Pandemonium, apart from me, we will stand an opportunity towards larger threats. In spite of everything, you have got partaken with these merciless experiments.”

“None of your phrases bared fact. Give me a motive to allow you to stay.”

“Haha, such robust phrases you have got there. Effectively, I do have the credentials to open Vilmark 50’s official information. If you’re searching for your previous, let me verify the information.”

Ashanttaie reluctantly let the treacherous Grand Grasp to open the Vlimark information. When the machine requested for her quantity and codename, Ashanttaie allowed the Imperial Grand Grasp to have her demonic implant scanned by the machine.

“Topic # 092-015, Codename: Karasuko. Perished in the midst of the experimentation. The coaching was an excessive amount of for her to hold. However, the demonic implant overwhelmed her wellbeing, giving an excessive amount of pressure to her fragile physique.”

“As you’ll be able to see missy, the particular person you have been searching for perished a very long time in the past.”

“However I used to be that particular person…”

“Take into account your self fortunate, the information now not acknowledges you as a dwelling being. Simply let it go and bypass this unremarkable evil. My pretty spouse can be disheartened if I perish earlier than her. Our ventures within the Fortress of the Lifeless might have hardened your coronary heart however deep inside you is a delicate soul.”

Vaughn casually walks to a smash full of coffins. Rows of damaged coffins are full of skeletons of check topics. The 2 trespassers resolve to observe the treacherous Grand Grasp. Vaughn in the meantime opens a close-by coffin with the plate quantity inscribed “Topic # 092-015”. After urgent the dials, the coffin opens with an empty casket.

“Seems such as you have been thrown away after your physique rejected the demonic implant’s preliminary activation. They discovered you no worth for his or her additional assessments. It’s actually shocking that you just lived after the experiments. Effectively, there’s nothing else for you and your little witch buddy to go looking at this lifeless place. The present’s over, my buddy.”

“I’m nonetheless not relaxed. Can you continue to abdomen all of these atrocities occurred in Vilmark?”

“The specter of the Apostles is reaching Arad. Simply keep in mind how Constructor Luke nearly plunged each Arad and Pandemonium with the Black Nightmare. The experiments did bear fruits. Simply have a look at you, a check topic rejected who finally ends up as a mighty Blade Dancer. Sacrifices are vital for the frequent good of all. I’m even disgusted with what occurred right here. I wish to give my heartfelt condolences for the fallen. However don’t let their sacrifices be forgotten.”

“You continue to worth the outcomes of the inhumane experimentation over the lives of others. Every thing to you is simply taking part in items on your personal schemes. You’re a hopeless case, Vaughn. I hope our blades wouldn’t cross paths in direction of a horrible destiny. I’ll nonetheless have a look at you, sly fox.”

Vaughn chuckled at her remarks and he left the neighborhood. Simply because the Pandemonian witch suggests leaving Vilmark, Ashanttaie determined to bury her outdated Iron Wolf Regiment uniform together with a lotus bud. The destiny that she believed would management her life light just like the seasons, and a brand new one blossomed from the remnants. After chanting a brief prayer for the lifeless, Ashanttaie and her companion left the cursed grounds that was as soon as Vilmark.


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