California’s Radical Brainwashing Curriculum Soon To Be Mandatory

Having handled Ozark, Missouri adopting the Worldwide Baccalaureate and attempting to battle the socialist agenda that comes with it from coming into our kids’s faculties, the varsity programs have lengthy been infiltrated. The John Birch Society calls the IB the UN on steroids. Nice article if you have not learn it. (Posted Beneath)

The unhappy factor is when dad and mom had an opportunity to take a maintain of their kid’s training after years of calling the general public faculties indoctrination facilities that do not characterize our values, COVID19 had the POTUS and plenty of of those dad and mom complaining these indoctrination facilities weren’t open demanding they get them open to get the children again in them ASAP. A lot for native controls and taking management of your kid’s training.

IB Program is the U.N. on Steroids ( material/article/1009-commentary/6331-ib-program-is-the-un-on-steroids)

Beverly Okay. Eakman | John Birch Society (

Monday, 07 June 2010

Again within the 1950s, worldwide non-public academies, equivalent to these in Washington, DC and New York Metropolis featured the Worldwide Baccalaureate (“IB” for brief) as a result of it was the selection of diplomats and others of European extraction. Generally dad and mom there merely had a tour of obligation within the U.S., however as a result of their youngsters had been anticipated to go residence and take the Worldwide Baccalaureate check, their kids’ future prospects for faculty and profession depended upon a rigorous scholastic routine, which surpassed something in American Okay-12 applications at the moment. Many college students flunked the check first time round. They bought two extra photographs. Then it was both off to college, to commerce college or one thing far much less interesting.

The IB had its foundation within the Swiss instructional system. The Europeans, for all their faults, didn’t fiddle with the fundamentals of education again then. The curricula overseas youngsters bought had been a lot more durable than in America, even at most non-public faculties. Not even footage in elementary textbooks existed. Switzerland was thought of la crème of the tutorial universe. If a father or mother had actual cash, that’s the place they despatched their youngsters. Former presidential candidate, Senator John Kerry, went to boarding college there. A standard joke went: How do you inform a European scholar from an American pupil? Reply: The European child takes three steps earlier than his book-bag strikes!

These days are gone. Switzerland, France and most different nations are going through the identical leftist ideology, political correctness and psychological “well being” workouts — all handed off as teachers.

Nonetheless, of us are misled into believing right this moment’s IB program is top-drawer, identical to its predecessor. However the fashionable IB bears no resemblance to the 1950s-era program. From its inception within the 1940s, there have been ideological biases towards socialism, however in areas equivalent to math, science, literature, spelling, geography and historical past, it was the gold normal. At this time, each the IB curricula and its exams have undergone profound adjustments.

At this time’s IB (like most unusual Okay-12 curriculums) operates in partnership with UNESCO, and subsequently is according to United Nations dogma. The IB is U.N. dogma on steroids, and redistribution of wealth is an overriding, subliminal theme.

The most important distinction between the American creed and IB is that our Declaration of Independence insists that authorities is beholden to the folks; it doesn’t exist to guard itself. This view places enamel into the notion of inalienable, particular person rights, which is one motive socialist-leaning faculties right here at residence gloss over the Declaration — as if it had been Thomas Jefferson’s unsolicited opinion.

Underneath the U.S. Invoice of Rights, authorities has solely these rights that the folks say it has. The U.N. takes the place, in its Common Declaration on Human Rights (Common Declaration of Human Rights [UDHR] (, Article 29, Part 3), that: “rights and freedoms could in no case be exercised opposite to the needs and ideas of the United Nations” [italics mine]. This small phrase is vital: Underneath the UDHR, folks have solely these rights the United Nations (ergo, authorities) says they’ve.

Take, for instance, Flora Excessive College in Richland County, Columbia, South Carolina. It began providing the IB program when the U.S. Division of Training introduced $1.2 million focused to fund the IB program in center faculties (2007). The concept was that they’d develop into “feeder faculties” for the IB’s highschool diploma program in low-income college districts across the nation. (This, by the best way, is a typical methodology of extending doubtlessly unpopular authorities applications: to start out with one state, supply enormous bucks to put it on the market as a “pilot undertaking”; then, get the bugs out and take it nationwide.)

The Earth Constitution ( material/) contains the spine of IB science, ethics, literature and historical past applications, as a result of that’s UNESCO’s method to overseas coverage points. Briefly, the first parts of the Earth Constitution are: material/

  • Earth worship (pantheism).
  • Socialized medication.
  • World federalism.
  • Earnings redistribution amongst nations and inside nations.
  • Eradication of genetically modified (GMO) crops.
  • Contraception and “reproductive well being” rights (inc., authorized abortion).
  • World-wide “training for sustainability” which suggests deliberate communities and residents instructed the place they have to reside.
  • Debt forgiveness and totally different requirements for third-world nations.
  • Adoption of homosexual rights and the suitable of kids to all sexual supplies and literature.
  • Elimination of any proper to bear arms.
  • Environmental extremist positions, together with international warming, bans on pesticides and genetically enhanced greens.
  • Setting apart biosphere reserves the place no human presence is allowed, which suggests the federal government could are available in and take your land for its personal larger functions — one thing that’s now being debated in a case earlier than the U.S. Supreme Courtroom.

The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Structure are basically reverse from the U.N.’s UDHR. A couple of examples:

  • The correct to bear arms — UDHR has no proper to bear arms.
  • No double jeopardy — UDHR doesn’t prohibit double jeopardy.
  • Church/state separation — UDHR promotes earth-worship spirituality.
  • Restricted authorities — UDHR has no limits on authorities.
  • Reserved powers — UDHR has no reserved powers.
  • Recognition of pure legislation — UDHR doesn’t acknowledge pure legislation.
  • Assure that property can’t be taken by authorities with out simply compensation — UDHR has no such assure.

If one doesn’t look too carefully, IB curricula seems to imitate the American creed — that’s, the ideas of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Structure: that every one women and men are created equal; inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that authorities exists to guard these rights, and restricted authorities. However the IB program, to start with, makes an attempt to ensure “happiness,” not simply its pursuit. It additionally lacks the references to common truths and values that after had been staples of American lecture rooms. Worldwide curriculum requirements promote UDHR as being the best of all ideas.

At this time’s IB is dedicated to not a melting-pot idea, however to globalism and multiculturalism. Correct historical past, appropriate geography, honoring views and even different nationalities all wind up in a hodge-podge referred to as “range” or “multiculturalism,” which is extra about lip-service than substance. Globalism venerates the collective, not the person; world authorities is well known over nationwide sovereignty; centralization of energy is honored over native management. That’s the reason “social research” are largely about minimizing Western tradition. So it’s not shocking that American Indian and African worship can be taught within the IB program (with the extra grotesque parts disregarded, after all, equivalent to ritual mutilations, human sacrifice, feminine infanticide), whereas purple and inexperienced ornaments at Christmas are banned from tax-supported U.S. instructional establishments.

At this time’s IB college students method ethics from the angle of Muslims, Native Individuals, Jap Europeans, Africans, and so forth, with out regard to their inherent rightness or wrongness, and even morality. The Judeo-Christian ethic is not a benchmark. College students are additional anticipated to determine and root out cultural stereotypes. Even IB Theatre Arts integrates international issues and worldwide views by way of a studying surroundings that emphasizes non-Western traditions.

As well as, fashionable IB college students are steeped in fringe science. Even Sudden Toddler Dying Syndrome is blamed on international warming, for instance. In the meantime, medical breakthroughs equivalent to these found by way of the Human Genome Mission are starting for use to encourage help for selective breeding in people. Naturally, youngsters who don’t even know primary science aren’t conscious of this. What they don’t know will make “father or mother licensing” rather a lot simpler to “promote” when it emerges full-blown in about 10 years — i.e., authorities deciding who’s allowed to develop into a father or mother and which youngsters needs to be aborted.

Well being courses give attention to matters like overpopulation and AIDS, not the interior workings of the human physique. So, options to fashionable pseudo-problems naturally revolve round abortion, condoms and sexual consciousness, which haven’t any observe document of success, even when one had been to simply accept the ethics. Certainly, people are seen as not more than advanced animals.

Whereas there isn’t a precise course referred to as “economics” in most IB applications, college students do be taught to transform numerous world currencies as a part of a unit in social research. However they’re additionally immersed in redistribution theology and taught that evil consumerism within the West is denying the nice life to folks in Third World nations — by no means thoughts that political leaders in these nations by no means appear to get their act collectively and have a tendency for lining their very own pockets with the donations equipped by these “evil shoppers.”

When the IB’s public relations publications say this system makes use of a multidisciplinary method as a way to relate numerous curricula to one another, what youngsters truly see is arithmetic fused with fringe science and environmental extremism. Thus they take up flawed vitality and conservation insurance policies. As voters afterward, this message is extremely damaging. Mix this with biased historical past and, sure, you will have a multidisciplinary method, all proper, however the pupils are getting a political agenda, not a well-rounded training or a coherent set of info.

In the end, right this moment’s IB is a purple herring with in depth funding ties to pursuits advancing U.N. politics, versus any transmission of substantive, core information, as was the case pre-1955.

Beverly Okay. Eakman is a former educator and retired federal worker who served as speechwriter for the heads of three authorities businesses in addition to editor-in-chief of NASA’s newspaper (Johnson House Heart). At this time, she is a Washington, DC-based freelance author, the writer of 5 books, and a frequent keynote speaker on the lecture circuit. Her most up-to-date guide is Strolling Targets: How Our Psychologized School rooms Are Producing a Nation of Sitting Geese (Midnight Whistler Publishers).



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