Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm – CLINIQUE

What it’s:
A nourishing tinted lip balm that’s a part of a limited-edition assortment.

What Else You Have to Know: Get vibrant, nourishing shade with Clinique’s Crayola™ Chubby Sticks—loaded with mango and shea butters in order that lips really feel comfortably tender and clean. This product is obtainable in sheer to intense shades together with Wild Strawberry (Chunky Cherry), Pink Sherbert (woppin’ watermelon), Mauvelous (tremendous strawberry), Mango Tango (outsized orange), Melon (mighty mimosa), Razzmatazz (pudgy peony), Tickle Me Pink (intense), Purple Violet (intense), Fuzzy Wuzzy (intense), Brick Purple (intense).


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