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adults and adolescents aged 12 years and over:

on the first signal of a recurrent chilly sore, apply to the affected space 5 occasions a day, at roughly three hourly intervals till healed, for a most of 10 days. don’t begin remedy with cream on the stage of an already developed blister or ulcer.

for full particulars learn earlier than use and retain the enclosed affected person info leaflet. warnings and precautions:

  • don’t use if delicate to Docosanol or some other substances.
  • kids underneath 12 mustn’t use Docosonal 10 % cream.
  • don’t use and seek the advice of your physician when you’ve got a weakened immune system.
  • ought to solely be used for chilly sores on the mouth and face.
  • keep away from getting the cream into the eyes.

if signs don’t enhance after 10 days, or in the event that they worsen, seek the advice of your physician.

what’s a chilly sore?

a chilly sore begins with a tingling, burning sensation to the lip. a blister then seems inside 48 hours and might take as much as ten days to completely heal. flu, fatigue, stress and excessive climate situations are only a few of the frequent triggers for chilly sores, that means that many individuals are inclined to undergo extra chilly sores throughout the colder months of the yr.

the blister could unfold and be irritating or painful while it heals, so it’s suggested to make use of a remedy resembling Blistex chilly sore cream to assist assist the therapeutic course of.

Sadly Blistex Chilly Sore Cream is out of inventory till additional discover.


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