Cracked Lips – Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Cracked lips are a symptom by which the lips are dry, peeling or chapped. Breaks could seem on the floor, and the lips could grow to be painful and should bleed.

Generally, cracked lips are usually not attributable to a critical situation and don’t pose any well being dangers. Widespread causes of cracked lips embody dry or chilly climate, sunburn, wind publicity, licking your lips, and respiration by your mouth. In some instances, gentle circumstances such because the widespread chilly, dehydration, and dietary deficiencies might also end in cracked lips.

Usually, you could possibly right your cracked lips with wholesome habits comparable to usually making use of lip balm, utilizing sunscreen when spending time outside, and consuming loads of water.

Cracked lips are not often related to a medical emergency. Nonetheless, cracked lips could also be an indication of dehydration. Extreme dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can lead to shock or coma and could also be life threatening. Search quick medical care (name 911) if you happen to, or somebody you might be with, have signs of extreme dehydration, comparable to confusion, lethargy, lack of consciousness, chilly pores and skin, or decreased urine manufacturing.

Search immediate medical care in case your cracked lips are persistent or trigger you concern.


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