Curing Your Golf Slice Is Easier Than You Think

In accordance with a ballot by, greater than 70% of golfers say the slice is their primary drawback. And lots of golf specialists estimate that as much as 85% of gamers slice or hook the ball. Evidently, there’s a whole lot of consideration paid to – and loads of cash thrown at – curing the dreaded golf slice. Virtually all golf gear producers declare to make the ball fly straighter.

Golfers lay our a fortune on classes, DVDs, swing trainers, self-correcting balls and anti-slice drivers simply to see even the slightest enchancment to their slice.

Whilst golf instructors say “Treatment Your Slice in three Easy Steps,” the precise directions are rather more difficult: “Your swing is inside-out, or outside-in; you are twisting you wrist; your arms are too inflexible (or unfastened); your stance, grip, backswing, downswing, or one thing is incorrect, incorrect, incorrect.” Whenever you depend up all of the “pointers,” golf instructors point out over 25 various factors that trigger you to slice.

These specialists ignore the elemental purpose any of those errors causes a curved flight path. That’s: In case your clubface hits the ball on the incorrect angle, it creates friction between the clubface and the ball leading to sidespin. That sidespin is the rationale you slice.

So, the final word remedy is fairly easy. Scale back friction off the clubface and also you cut back your slice. However, will any outdated slick substance work?

As a former excessive stakes golf gambler, I am unable to consider that extra gamers do not know what outdated golf professionals and excessive stakes gamblers have recognized without end. Wipe petroleum jelly or lip balm in your clubface and you’ll hit the ball longer and straighter each time. Everybody within the recreation calls it “greasing” their membership (even Lee Trevino talked about it on David Feherty’s new present). However utilizing conventional “grease” in your clubface is a ache within the butt.

“Grease” must be utilized earlier than each shot and makes a large number of your head covers and towels, and, worst of all, will get in your grips and fingers.

Fortuitously, there are new alternate options to “grease” that do not have these issues. With the arrival of nanotechnologies, nanopolymer coatings can cut back sidespin higher than any conventional “grease” utilized in golf, however with out really being greasy. Energy Straight®, the unique Anti-Slice Golf Membership Coating©, is a patented nanopolymer that’s scientifically engineered to just do that.

Whereas Energy Straight® is totally undetectable to the attention and contact, every software lasts a full spherical and reduces a slice or hook as much as 72%. It completely works each time. Not like conventional golf “greases,” it will stay your secret because you need not apply it earlier than each shot.

I am not advocating utilizing Energy Straight® for event play (however I am not right here to police the principles of golf).

Nevertheless, in response to a number of impartial research, few leisure golfers even know, not to mention play by, the strict USGA guidelines. Actually, I do not consider they need to. It is the equal of anticipating a flag soccer recreation go by NFL guidelines or a recreation of pick-up basketball utilizing NBA guidelines. It is nonsense and utterly unreasonable. Guys exit in a foursome and make up their very own guidelines a whole lot of occasions. Hell, I’ve even given a man a drive and a kick off the tee field earlier than. The one guidelines that ought to actually matter are shifting a ball (in play), dropping a ball (that was hit out of bounds or misplaced), or penciling within the incorrect rating.

The common golfer is on the course to have an excellent time. It is a leisure sport they use for leisure, train, pleasant competitors, or simply as an excuse to get out of the home. For these gamers, utilizing Energy Straight’s anti-slice coating means the distinction between a day of frustration on the lookout for your ball or a day having an excellent time. For the remainder of the gamers on the course, it means quicker play as a result of they don’t seem to be ready on you when you’re within the woods.

And, simply to be clear, I am not advocating that you just cease working in your golf expertise. Even whenever you use Energy Straight®, correct type will assist enhance your slice much more.

My private opinion is that freshmen and high-handicap gamers ought to focus extra on their brief recreation reasonably than their drive. On the driving vary, too typically you see freshmen solely practising with their driver, when they need to be hitting much more wedges, engaged on a constant punch shot (that may get you out of most hassle), and spending most of their apply time on the placing inexperienced. Bettering your brief recreation is the place you are going to see essentially the most enchancment in your rating.

As soon as you have mastered your brief recreation, you possibly can work on all of the intricacies of the right drive. Till then, simply exit and smash the ball and let Energy Straight® make it easier to achieve extra accuracy and hit much more fairways. Spend your time enthusiastic about your subsequent shot as an alternative of trying to find your ball.


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