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curtain-raiser (plural curtain-raisers)

  1. (performing arts) In a theater, an preliminary play, musical efficiency, and so on which precedes the principle efficiency.
    • 1910, Edith Wharton, “The Bolted Door” in Tales of Males and Ghosts:
      [H]e had tried every kind: comedy, tragedy, prose and verse, the sunshine curtain-raiser, the quick sharp drama, the bourgeoisrealistic and the lyrical-romantic.
    • 2014 Feb. 20, Brian Seibert, “Dance: Subsequent Step for Power in Ballet,” New York Instances (retrieved 24 Aug 2014):
      “Capricious Maneuvers,” the eight-minute romp of a curtain raiser that Mr. Peck made for Metropolis Ballet’s 2013 Fall Gala, was enjoyable.
  2. (idiomatic, by extension) A prelude or introduction to an exercise or factor.
    • 1901, Harold MacGrath, chapter 7, in The Puppet Crown:

      It’s my opinion that your half within the affair is simply a curtain-raiser to graver issues.

    • 2008 Sept. 11, Virginia Lopez, “Russia’s Venezuela Foray: Tit for Tat,” Time (retrieved 24 Aug 2014):
      However the first foray by Russian strategic bombers into the Western hemisphere because the Chilly Conflict is solely the curtain raiser for joint naval maneuvers that can deliver Russian warships into Venezuelan waters in November.


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