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plump 1


adj. plump·er, plump·est

1. Properly-rounded and full in kind; chubby. See Synonyms at fats.

2. Ample; ample: a plump reward.

v. plumped, plump·ing, plumps

To make well-rounded or full in kind: plumped up the pillows.


To turn out to be well-rounded, chubby, or full in kind: The newborn plumped out at three months.

[Middle English, dull, probably from Middle Low German plomp, blunt, thick.]

plump′ish adj.

plump′ly adv.

plump′ness n.

plump 2


v. plumped, plump·ing, plumps


1. To drop abruptly or closely: plumped into the simple chair.

2. To offer full help or reward: plumped for the candidate all through the state.

To throw down or drop (one thing) abruptly or closely: plumped the books onto the desk.


1. A heavy or abrupt fall or collision.

2. The sound of a heavy fall or collision.


1. With a heavy or abrupt drop: The anchor fell plump into the ocean.


a. With a full or sudden impression: walked plump into the pole.

b. Straight: ran plump into an previous pal.

3. With out qualification; bluntly: spoke out plump for the tax invoice.

[Middle English plumpen, to immerse quickly, perhaps from Middle Low German, probably of imitative origin.]

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