DNA Profiles

Within the following I’ll solely think about the state of affairs equal
to myself, or worse. There can be many individuals additional away from
the all (0,0) state of affairs than myself ,particularly if non-Caucasian.
My normalised profile once more
Now simply contemplating myself and folks in a worse
state of affairs than myself.
For the primary pair of alleles ,permutations from 0,1 and a couple of, is 3

so mixed is 3,3,2,4,2,4,6,2,3,6
Then making the idea of no co-ancestry ,no unknown
half-cousins and so on ,so all unbiased, then multiplying
collectively provides solely 124,418.
From my simulation (see finish of file ) of individuals with related background to myself ie all alleles
having a frequency greater than Eight per cent I now know this determine is much less
than 270,000 to at least one

Normalisation sequences for
UK Afro-Caribbean
UK Asian
Oriental (NK = not recognized )
so marginally distinguishing from UK Caucasian by THO1 and D18
and the 5 further loci TPOX,CSF1PO,D7,D13,D5
Italian allele frequencies

Glasgow, Scotland inhabitants (not autochthonous – unspecified parental lineage)
sadly 2 separate allele peaks on loci THO1 and D18 however a
distinct variation from the UK Caucasian common on locus D16
Glasgow allele frequencies

And one other very localised end result from FSI 95 (1998) p27-37 if a profile
was from the Cardiff/Neath space then if the VWA allele was (16,16)
then twice as more likely to be from somebody from Cardiff than Neath (information from 743 samples)

A central German normalisation sequence ,similar UK FSS loci, in similar order as above
German and Austrian SGM allele frequencies

A Slovenia normalisation sequence ,similar UK FSS loci, in similar order as above
Slovenia allele frequencies

An Austria normalisation sequence ,similar UK FSS loci, in similar order as above
Austrian allele frequencies

A Czech normalisation sequence ,similar UK FSS loci, in similar order as above
Czech allele frequencies

A New Zealand (Caucasian) normalisation sequence ,similar UK FSS loci, in similar order as above
New Zealand allele frequencies
for Caucasian, Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Nuiean and SE Asian descent

A NZ East Polynesian normalisation sequence ,similar UK FSS loci ,in similar order as above
A NZ West Polynesian normalisation sequence ,similar UK FSS loci, in similar order as above
A NZ Asian normalisation sequence ,similar UK FSS loci, in similar order as above

Displaying how a lot distinction may be discovered in several sub-groups inside the
similar geographical space – evaluate the next 2 units
Taiwan Han inhabitants normalisation sequence
and the Taiwan Bunun inhabitants normalisation sequence

And simply to indicate to not take this form of evaluation too
severely the figures for an ethnic group you’d
assume was most genetically faraway from all these ethnic profiles – Australian Aborigine
not so completely different from the remaining.

For Israeli populations utilizing
Israeli allele frequencies
for loci
Normalisation sequence for Jewish Israeli
Normalisation sequence for Arab Israeli

Above information derived from journal articles
Int J Authorized Med (1997) 110:5-9
Int J Authorized Med (2001) 114:147-155
Forensic Science Worldwide 114 (2000) 7-20
F S I 129 (2002) 90-98
F S I 116 (2001) 187-188
FSI 122 (2001) 189-195
FSI 119 (2001) 107-108
FSI 122 (2001) 181-183
FSI 115 (2001) 107-109
FSI 97 (1998) 53-60
FSI 132 (2003) 84-86
J Forensic Science Sept 2002 ,V47,N 5
IJLM (2002) 116: 184-186
Together with the electronic-version-only journals are
out there in print kind by way of Inter-Library mortgage and
the British Library Doc Provide Centre costing
about 2 kilos per article and three weeks turn-around. There may be
the identical mechanism within the USA with about the identical turn-around.

From supply
Allele frequencies of 10 STR loci from the AmpFISTR SGM Plus within the South Polish inhabitants.
A South Polish normalisation sequence ,similar UK FSS loci, in similar order as above
So important variations from UK Caucasian is on D18 and D2

My profile (assuming D2 Allele 20 UK subgroup ) normalised relative to
UK Caucasians is
“Normalised ” relative to Afro-Caribbean is
Some 3s ,proof, however in fact not
conclusive indication, that I’m not of Afro-Caribbean origin.
Now “Normalised” relative to Asian utilizing greatest case D2 allele of 19 is
Now Three examples of 3s is
strongly however in fact not conclusive indication
I’m not of Asian origin (once more true so far as I do know).
I pity the poor sods who’ve a normalised profile
one thing shut (i.e. -1,Zero and 1s) to the common Joe

I hope their NDNAD information are flagged so
plod would not hold arresting them.
An extra check for my simplified ethnic evaluation for
a profile case research included in
Forensic Sci. Int. 119 (2001) p20
The state of affairs was a DNA profile derived from
semen in a rape, however was it from the rapist reported as
Afro-Caribbean or the sufferer’s sexual companion, Caucasian ,
who had left the nation.
It was from the time once they had been utilizing 6 loci.
The profile for VWA,THO1,D8,FGA,D21,D18 was
so normalised in opposition to UK Caucasian provides
and in opposition to the UK Afro-Caribbean norm
So the Four and 5s strongly counsel the profile
was not more likely to be Afro-Caribbean.
This agrees with the FSS
formal numerical evaluation which deemed the pattern to be
28 extra occasions more likely to be Caucasian than Afro-Caribbean
and the
pursuit of the rapist by way of DNA database trawl
was deserted.
and disturbingly this profile is extra
faraway from the UK Caucasian common than my very own (6 loci solely ).

The D2S1338 Anomaly within the UK

As time goes by increasingly information will come
out there regarding ethnicity. I think
the cut up peaks of 17,20 and 24 within the UK allele
frequency distribution of locus (marker) D2 (D2S1338)
goes again to one thing like Celtic or Anglo-Saxon
origin (analysis in progress).

Till I’ve came upon the importance of alleles
17,20 and 24 on D2S1338 I can not enhance on my
normalisation elements.
I’m looking for inhabitants analyses of
D2 and Welsh or Scottish or Irish versus
Germanic/Flemish to see if it corresponds to
Celtic/Anglo-Saxon cut up.
For the second evaluating information on D2 within the South Polish
inhabitants and UK inhabitants then allele 17 could relate to Saxon
and allele 24 to Celtic ancestry. Once more, information in step with my speculation
from the D2 Central German information under.

A check for this could be a research on
D2 in an autochthonous (similar ethnicity of oldsters and grandparents)
inhabitants in deepest Wales say.
If anybody does know the within gen may
they inform me ?
For the second, for ethnic normalisation, select the height
allele/s that closest matches the given allele.
Extra information /data required for loci/alleles
UK Caucasian D2 alleles 17,20 and 24 ; Asian D2
alleles 19 and 23 ;Oriental VWA alleles 14 and 17.

In fact anybody within the UK studying this and has
obtained their DNA profile from the FSS, I’d
be occupied with seeing what the outcomes of my
normalisation course of produces, on their profile.

Worldwide Normalisation Knowledge Regarding AmpFISTR SGM Plus DNA Profiles

Nutteing Ethnicity Normalisation Sequences
VWA THO1 D8S1179 FGA D21S11 D18S51 D2S1338 D16S539 D19S433 D3S1358
UK-Caucasian 17,17 6&9.3 13,14 21,21 29,30 14,14 17&20&24 11,12 14,14 15,16
UK-African 15,15 7,7 14,14 23,23 28,28 16,17 19,19 11,12 13,14 15,16
UK-Asian 16,17 6,7 13,14 23,24 29,29 14,14 19 & 23 11,11 13,14 16,16
UK-Oriental 17,17 9,9 14,14 23,23 29,30 14,15 NK 12,12 NK 16,16
South Chinese language 17,17 9,9 13,14 23,23 29,30 14,14 NK 9&11 NK 15,16
Taiwan Han 14&17 9,9 14,14 23,23 29,30 13,14 NK 11,12 NK 15,16
Taiwan Bunun 14&17 7,7 10,10 22,22 31.2,32.2 14,15 NK 9,10 NK 17,17
UK-Arabic 16,17 6,7 13,14 23,23 30,31 13,14 NK NK NK NK
UK-Glasgow 17,17 6&9.3 13,13 21,21 30,30 12 & 16 NK 11,12 NK 15,16
Italian 17,17 6&9.3 13,14 20,21 29,30 12,13 NK 11,12 NK 15,16
S. Polish 17,18 9.3,9.3 12,13 21,22 29,30 16,16 17,17 11,12 14,14 15,16
Slovenia 17,18 6&9.3 13,14 22,22 29,30 14,14 17&20 11,12 13,14 16,16
Turkey (East) 16,17 6&9.3 13,13 22,23 30,30 13,14 17,17 11,12 13,14 15,16
Turkey (West) 17,18 6&9 13,13 21,21 29,29 14,14 17,17 11,11 14,14 15,16
Austria 17,17 6&9.3 13,13 21,22 29,30 14,15 17,17 11,12 13,14 16,16
Czech 17,17 6&9.3 13,13 22,22 30,30 15,15 17,17 11,12 14,14 16,16
NZ Caucasian 17,17 6&9.3 13,13 21,22 29,30 14,14 17,17 11,12 14,14 15,16
NZ E Polynese 17,17 7&9.3 10,13 23,24 30,30 15&17 19&21 11,11 14&15.2 16,16
NZ W Polynese 17,17 7,7 13,14 23,24 28,29 15&17 19&22 11,11 13&15.2 15,16
NZ SE Asian 14&17 7&9 13,14 23,24 29,30 15,15 23,24 9&11 13,14 15,16
Central German 17,17 6,7 13,13 21,22 29,29 14,15 17,17 11,12 13,14 16,16
E. Indian 17,17 6&9 13,14 21&23 29,30 14,14 NK 11,12 NK 15,16
Japanese 17,17 9,9 13,14 23,23 29,30 14,15 NK 9,10 NK 15,16
Texas Black 16,16 7,8 14,15 22,23 28,29 16,16 NK 11,11 NK 15,16
Aus. Aborigine 17,17 6,6 13 & 15 23,24 29,30 13,14 NK 11,11 NK 16,16
VWA THO1 D8S1179 FGA D21S11 D18S51 D2S1338 D16S539 D19S433 D3S1358

NK=Not Recognized, & signifies separated peaks so use most applicable
values in given state of affairs

To make use of the above desk write your personal profile numbers
after which beneath every quantity write out every of the 20 numbers of the normalisation sequence. Subtract
in every of the 20 numbers the second line aspect from the primary line aspect .

Chinese language information from www.37c.com.cn/literature/analecta/ information/fyxzz/200001/001.html
The pairs within the first 2 tables symbolize first South Chinese language / North (Han) Chinese language
and the second pair of tables are for Chinese language Uygur / Hui information
Taiwanese information from Forensic Science Journal 2002,1;31-37
Japanese, E. Indian and Texas Black information from Toronto CFS http://www.csfs.ca/databases/index.htm
Turkish information http://cjpa.freeservers.com/ijlmturk.htm
For USA readers utilizing the CFS information
Relative to USA Black provides a Nutteing normalisation profile for
D3,vWA,FGA,D8,D21,D18,D5,D13,D7,D16,THO1,TPOX,CSF of

Relative to USA Caucasians provides a Nutteing normalisation profile for
D3,vWA,FGA,D8,D21,D18,D5,D13,D7,D16,THO1,TPOX,CSF of

For species non-Chauvinism from
FSI article 112 (2000) p151-161, talked about earlier than,
by FSS, Birmingham workers utilizing SGM+
DNA profile of a Chimpanzee named – Bobby
Amel. X,Y ; D8 (10,12) ; D21 (28,29) transformed ; vWA (12,12) ; FGA (17.3,23.3) ;
D3 (14,14) ; THO1 (6,7) ; D2 (21,22) ; D16 (9.3,9.3)

For a forensic scientist,George R. Carmody of Ottawa (http://www.carleton.ca/~gcarmody/), who has positioned his DNA profile on the web for
Nutteing normalised to Caucasians provides
Only one Three and lots of 0s,relatively near the ‘Common Joe’
Nutteing normalised to Blacks provides
Doing full allele frequency evaluation he’s 1070 occasions extra more likely to
be Caucasian than Black. That was usually via the loci, solely 2 of the 26
alleles confirmed a ‘Black’ frequency better than ‘ Caucasian’. His image appears
decidedly Caucasian.

Disturbing Developements for the Orwellian/Kafkaesque Future

Antoni Imiela Case

My Usenet posting of
23 Oct 2002

Title: Serial rapist and people 3000 DNA swabs
The one data (as launched to the media) the police have thus far
is he’s white ,
aged 30 to 50 and will dwell in London, Surrey, Kent or Berkshire.
However they do have the suspect’s DNA profile.
So how come they’re solely swabbing 3000 targets to discover a match,
what’s their standards ?

Earlier mass swabbs have been for a village
or a part of a city the place there was an offence however these offences
had been unfold over Four or 5 counties.
Buried in these DNA profiles is a sign of the individual’s
ethnic background. I do know, from my very own DNA profile, simply
in regards to the alleles (numbers) on simply 2 of the 10 loci (markers)
i.e. D18S51 and D16S51 I or anybody else would know I used to be 20
occasions extra more likely to be white than black (true). With the pc
and information techniques out there to the police I’m positive there
are combos that will equally give a better chance
of being say Greek or Polish or Zambian origin or no matter. From that
assemble an inventory of surnames of that origin. Particularly if this
profile has thrown up a uncommon locus/allele mixture.
The PNC Boolean pc search would then be

(males on PNC for intercourse crime now aged 30 to 50) AND (by no means been DNA
profiled )
AND (residing in one of many Four counties) AND (having surname relating
to ethnicity)
It’s the final issue that severely cuts down the chances.

There’s a particular
gene that expresses as purple hair for instance.
Or right here 98% predictive for iris color.
“DNAPrint Pronounces Forensic Eye Coloration Outcomes at Amsterdam Forensic Assembly; World’s First Genomics-Derived Take a look at For Forensics Investigation With Predictive Capabilities
Posted on: 11/25/2003 “
Given a
full DNA pattern is obtainable, there are increasingly bodily
traits which might be changing into dicernable with medical analysis.
Within the obsessive family tree (household historical past) teams there are
individuals taking DNA samples and profiling the completely different branches
of their very own households. Now when this information will get cross-referenced to PNC
computer systems then there may be actual large brother, sort-power. Sadly
the police should swab all lively and previous milkmen in
this nation to make full use of the ability.
Finish Quote

Then my follow-up posting 2.5 months later
Title: Operation Orb /Serial rapist / Charged suspect / DNA profiling
This posting will get a bit technical however there are essentially
essential implications.
The next is a follow-up of a posting I made 23 Oct 2002
(title: Serial rapist and people 3000 DNA swabs ). I’d
be occupied with anybody’s ideas on my reasoning. It may
indicate a brand new triumph for the DNA profiling know-how or the
begin of extra abuse of course of or infringement of civil
liberties and racist overtones.

Anybody would assume I had hacked into PNC and Holmes,
in regards to the Dwelling Counties serial rapist
“of being say Greek or Polish or Zambian origin or no matter”
. My posting 23 Oct 2002
Google Archive article

On 04 Dec 2002 an Antoni Imiela was arrested as suspect
for the “Trophy Rapes”. He was German born however of extra
significance right here his surname and so most likely his genetic
origins could be Polish.
Taking a look at a Polish web site (in Polish) at
there’s a desk of allele frequencies for the (South) Polish
inhabitants utilizing the SGM plus 10 loci (markers) as used within the UK.
7 of the loci/allele groupings are a lot the identical because the UK.
However for two ,that’s, for D18S51 ,UK 14 and Poland 16 and for
D2 UK triple and Poland 17.
I’d counsel the DNA profile obtained after one of many rapes confirmed
(centred on ,as 2 alleles per locus) D8 /16 and D2 /17. This
would have lead maybe to the (solely) 3000 DNA samples out
of the entire inhabitants of London and the Dwelling Counties. i.e. solely males
of proper age and Polish surnames. Over the 6 weeks or so these 3000
would have been decreased to maybe only a
web page of (Polish) names that had not ,for the standard
causes, been traced and profiled. I’d counsel Mr Imiela was one
of those names circulated to police within the Kent space
and stopped in a site visitors stop-check.

Now, when profiled, did his profile precisely match the rapist’s
profile ? If it did (or close to match) then his solicitor ought to have
demanded a full 15 loci profile to be manufactured from the rape pattern and his
consumer’s pattern. However are there unbiased forensic labs that would
do that with, proof of pattern identification and custody ? If there was a
full 15 loci match on each samples on the identical batch course of on the
similar machine with the identical thermo-cycling with dominated out probability of
cross-contamination/”sleight of hand” and so on then I am afraid he could be
very a lot bagged to rights.
If not a match, on 10 loci not to mention 15, i.e. absolute affirmation of
exclusion, what are the grounds for his continued detention? Keep in mind there was
pre-selection so he was nabbed in impact on Eight loci and never a full 10.

Hannah Foster Homicide Case

And one other suspicious case – my Usenet posting of 12 April 2003
Re: Homicide of Hannah Foster -Southampton teenager
Launch to the media that the prime suspect is of
Asian background. Do not launch why there may be such
a designation, i.e. no eyewitness.
On the similar time do not affirm they
have obtained DNA profile of the suspect.
In the event that they haven’t any DNA profile what hurt in saying so.

Submit “Lawrence” they need to not present racial bias.
A DNA profile can simply present up an ethnic
chance. If the profile confirmed alleles centred on
THO1(6),FGA(24) and D18(14) within the frequent alleles
then 5 occasions extra more likely to be Asian relatively than
Caucasian background. It solely takes ONE allele
within the 1 to 2% frequency of occurrance equivalent to
D16(8,any) or D19(14.2,any) and it’s pushed
to 20 occasions extra seemingly, two such and 60 to 100 occasions seemingly.

If you happen to go to the Asian newspaper websites this
supposed suspect is absolutely named (full Three names)
as a result of in India he’s thought of harmless.
Purpose quoted for leaving Hampshire – shut relative
in a coma in India since December and intervening
time promoting his home to maneuver to India to be
near her.

Examine with UK media and this suspect “fled
the nation”. Now ,in fact, earlier than 6 Hampshire Police
officers go on a jolly to India they confirmed whether or not
he left the UK in a pre-planned ,orderly ,method or “fled”.
Properly in fact they did – they might be crass idiots
to not, would not they.
Left pre-planned then simply get native Indian police to
do a routine call-on to verify just a few particulars.
If “fled” then sure go off to India.

In the meantime
the Southsea connection is downgraded to minor space
of investigation, the true suspect maybe being
Caucasian however with a colonial grand-parent or no matter.
I’ve no thought which model is appropriate however the Indian newspaper variations
carry an in any other case irrelevant reference to a household dispute
and implication that an “aggrieved” on this dispute knowledgeable
UK Crimewatch. Now the place have I
come throughout individuals in an ungainly household dispute
intentionally mendacity to the police to “clear up” an
awkward household state of affairs.

and my follow-up 10 Could 2003

Right here is the chronology as I see it.
14 March 2003 homicide of Hannah Foster
19 March launch to the media police trying to find an Asian
as suspect assassin.
26 March Crimewatch program in regards to the homicide.
An “aggrieved” in a household dispute takes the chance
to stitch-up her Asian relative by anonymously informing Crimewatch.
Figuring out that her relative had left the nation just a few days after
the homicide and that he lived pretty native to the kidnapping web site.
Then the remaining takes a momentum of its personal

English language model of Indian newspaper report 10 April 2003 so
accessible to Hants police as simply as myself.
“In actual fact, Maninderpal has been hooked up to his mom who in December
final 12 months obtained a critical head damage after an accident with a bus.
Since then she has been in coma. He needed to come back and cool down
in India. That’s the reason he offered his flat in England. He has some
issues together with his in-laws,” says Mr I- holding that Maninderpal had
gone to England in 1994 on marriage foundation.
His spouse is a simpleton, says I -, however it’s the “mother-in-law, who has
been the difficulty maker”.

The one different time Maninder got here to India was in 1997, he stated
revealing that Maninderpal didn’t even come to attend his marriage ceremony.

“Our household has been passing via a troublesome time. Even after extra
than 4 months, my mom is in coma. After two months within the
Intensive Care Unit on the PGI, the docs suggested us to take her
dwelling. Since I dwell on the primary flooring of a flat in Sector 44, we moved to
vacant flat of a relative in Part X of SAS Nagar due to my
mom,” provides I- Singh.
Finish Quote

Straightforward for police to verify whether or not Maninder had offered his flat and enquire
at Dwelling Workplace/International Workplace about passport issues. Each being
causes for the timing of Maninder’s pre-planned journey to India.

Now police are, most likely, trying to find a completely harmless bod
and investigation for the true killer is placed on the back-burner
and any doable leads gone chilly.

Tony Jasinskyj

Background reported story (with added twaddle)
His DNA profile positioned within the public area by BBC1 programme “Watching the Detectives” on 13 Aug 2003
Normalised relative to UK Caucasians is
Allele frequencies vary from 4% to 38% aside from one fascinating exception. That’s D19 18.2
may be very uncommon ,in lots of nations with small databases, not one recorded case. Within the UK Caucasian
it’s about 0.2% so 1 in 250 individuals. In Central Europe although D19 18.2 is 5 occasions extra frequent
than the UK.
The rape and homicide was of a Marion Crofts, 14, between Fleet and Aldershot, 06 June 1981.
Tony Jasinskyj was a serial wife-batterer however no legal conviction till 2000
and after kicking his spouse he was arrested and DNA sampled.
He was one in every of 10,000 males interviewed on the time in 1981 and lived and
labored about 1.5 miles from the homicide web site, however no suspicion as to being
the assassin till the DNA profile match with crime scene semen stain.
Spot the error within the following recording of interview
by Aldershot police.

CID : FACT, your semen is on her denims, YOUR semen, clarify this please.
Jasinskyj: She may fairly probably picked it up by some means
CID: WHERE ?,comes out of your penis that is how it’s best to know.

In court docket 3.5 weeks of prosecution case and 6 hours of defence case ,solely
one witness, Jasinskyj – no DNA knowledgeable (say) for the defence.
Prosecution QC: The place did your DNA come from ?
Jasinskyj : It is planted, somebody put it there

30 police re-investigating, 15,000 paperwork, Three full profiles taken from
completely different bits of the sufferer’s clothes ,what number of man – hours ? should be many

Nowhere was there point out of prolonged loci re-testing. And repeated
time and again the equating of DNA profile with
DNA, so far as uniqueness presumption. Nobody knowledgeable
him {that a} DNA profile will not be distinctive, and that there’s a much more rational
cause how a DNA profile matching his may have been discovered on the
lady’s clothes.

Demise knell for DNA profiles?

The next is a duplicate of an electronic mail (25 April 2003)I despatched to the
inventor of DNA profiling. He had replied to my earlier two
technical queries however to not this electronic mail

To Prof Sir Alec Jeffreys
Since your reply to my question final 12 months I’ve learnt so much
about DNA profiling.

Latest report by Reuters regarding your latest speech.
“In the intervening time, we now have a legal DNA database ( NDNAD )
of about 2 million profiles within the UK,” he advised reporters,
as scientists met at Britain’s high scientific physique, the Royal Society,
to have a good time the invention of DNA 50 years in the past.”
“The actual downside in a typical crime is that even in the event you get
DNA from against the law scene, you may’t decide up a
suspect as a result of they do not have a file. So one chance is to
lengthen the database to incorporate your entire inhabitants.”

These are the principal causes in opposition to such a transfer

Unrelated false matches
Ask Raymond Easton of Swindon whether or not he thinks the NDNAD
ought to be expanded Newspaper report
http://tinyurl.com/aac4 or authentic URL

Then once more simply in the previous few months ask Peter Hamkin of Liverpool,
newspaper report http://tinyurl.com/9dzd or authentic URL
http://icliverpool.icnetwork.co.uk/0100information/0100regionalnews/web page.cfm?object

( supplemental – since this em, the Gottingen prisoner case )

Lack of reported unbiased validation
That is the final publicly reported correct validation train in
DNA profiling within the forensic literature that I can discover.
By correct I imply dividing up some samples ,sending to 16 (on this
case) completely different laboratories ,testing blind and collating the outcomes
Forensic Science Worldwide vol 86 (1997) p25-33
Threr had been 448 data-points and an
error fee of 17 in 448 or 1 in 26. Some not simply 1 allele out
however some 2 alleles out from the “true” profile.
Frankly I’m amazed this report ever acquired printed.

Unresolved matches within the NDNAD (Nationwide DNA Database)
From Forensic Science Worldwide 95 (1998) p30.
Regarding information within the UK DNA database as of 04 October 1996
when there have been solely 6311 samples from the London
space and 573 from the Cardiff space.
“A small variety of unresolved duplicate pairs of
profiles had been current within the regional information :10 pairs
inside the London area and 1 pair in Cardiff.
The most typical reason for
duplicate entries is using aliases by suspects
who’ve been arrested on a number of events.
For administrative causes ,it’s not all the time doable
to resolve such duplicates by exhaustive
police investigation.”

This printed assertion is absolute tosh. On the similar time
a DNA pattern is extracted from an arrested individual
his typical fingerprints are taken as nicely.
It couldn’t be simpler to cross-correlate typical
and DNA fingerprints from 2 information units.
The probabilities then of a false
matching of each varieties of “fingerprint” would really
be within the trillions to at least one in opposition to.
I’ve a scientific background and the concept such anomalies
should not instantly and totally investigated is an insult
to the broader scientific group.
These unresolved false match numbers have elevated to 300
now in line with ch4 documentary “DNA within the Dock”.
Not resolved as a result of the outcomes could be devastating to
the FSS (Forensic Science Service)

Too shut for consolation
The modal profile for a UK Caucasian (information from varied FSI and
Int J Authorized Medication articles 1997 to 2001) is
for loci VWA,THO1,D8,FGA,D21,D18,D2,D16,D19,D3
Now my very own DNA profile (Caucasian), barely altered for apparent causes
nonetheless a bewildering array of numbers however taking the variations
between each units of numbers one will get a normalised profile of (A,B
assuming D2 allele 20 as triple peaked allele frequencies at 17,20 and 24)
This normalisation course of, starkly exhibits, how shut my profile is to
the “common Joe” with a consequential a lot elevated chance of
being arrested simply because my profile matches some scene of crime
pattern someplace in ,now, Europe (put up Hamkin) not simply the UK.
That’s, earlier than factoring in errors, in arrestee or crime scene profile,
co-ancestry or doable non-independence of alleles throughout loci.
I simply hope the “common Joe” with normalised all (0,0)s is flagged up
on the NDNAD.

You will not be shocked to be taught that I discover the development, enlargement and
trawling of the NDNAD completely repugnant.

—– Unique Message —–
From: “Sir A. Jeffreys” […@leicester.ac.uk]

Despatched: Friday, January 11, 2002 8:35 AM
Topic: Re: DNA Database and s82 of the 2001 Prison Justice
and Police Act…

They hound your loved ones, even after demise, and thru your youngsters.

Joseph Kappen Case

This household now has a stigma hooked up to them
that they can not get launch from.
Case of Joseph Kappen

“He’s named as Joseph William Kappen, who on the time of the murders was 32 years of
age and lived together with his household in Port Talbot. He was working as a bus driver and on a
informal foundation as a doorman at native golf equipment.”

By the sins of the kids

Operation Magnum: “He checked it to see if it contained the DNA profile of somebody who could possibly be associated to the killer.
This was the primary time the NDNAD had been used on this method.
The search produced an inventory of greater than 100 males who could possibly be associated to the offender
attributable to similarities of their DNA profiles. This intelligence, mixed with current
proof held by South Wales Police, led to at least one native man changing into a powerful suspect.”

World’s Finish Murders

Repeated once more in Scotland –
Helen Scott and Christine Eadie murders
“It’s understood Lothian and Borders Police, who have already got a DNA profile of one of many males they consider was chargeable for the World’s Finish murders, will start a second mass screening of potential suspects later this 12 months utilizing the identical course of.
By eliminating non-related profiles, police hope they may have the ability to whittle down the listing of suspects. A police supply stated: “We could possibly be in search of a father and attending to him via his son.” ”

Gafoor Trawling

And in the identical method ,Jeffrey Gafoor

“(Jeffrey) Gafoor’s genetic fingerprint was not held within the nationwide DNA database, which accommodates the profiles of greater than two million criminals, however his 15-year-old nephew’s was — for a minor automobile crime”.
Extra element from somebody straight concerned with the Gaffoor case
Debate with Forensic ‘Scientists’

A New Racism ?

Proceedings of the UK Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights ,22 Could 2003
Letter submitted from Lord Falconer
Half Quote
… A typical DNA profile on the database would encompass a
string of paired numbers, every pair referring to a particular marker (e.g.
14,17; 6,9.3; 13,16; 20,22; 29,31; 18,21; 17,19; 11,12; 14,16; 16,17;

Finish Quote

He may of stated that this profile exhibits a male who’s 68 occasions
extra more likely to be Caucasian than Afro-Carribean.
It’s fairly a simple calculation when you may have
the related information from Worldwide Journal of Authorized
Medication 1997 v110:5-9 and 2001 v114 147-155
However in fact it was for a Human Rights committee
so shtum on that side.
The Caucasian mixed frequency being 8.06x 10^-18 and Afro-Caribbean
1.19x 10^-19 so 80.6/1.19 = 68

Normalised relative to UK Caucasians is

Technical observe – the 18,21 pair on D18S51, manifestly apparent within the
“Nutteing Normalised” presentation as (4,7) is fascinating as a result of
the 21 allele happens in lower than 1% of the final inhabitants.
It’s fairly conceivable that this D18, (18,21) was intentionally
altered from somebody’s precise profile because it was solely being
given for instance of structural illustration.

Un-investigated Spontaneous Mutations

In 2003 a Colin Waite was prosecuted and sentenced on a
19 level match not 20 level match. A 19 level match and one level
mis-match is excuplatory proof , not proof of guilt. There was no
DNA profile knowledgeable for the defence and a forensic scientist Fay Southern
managed to get this one previous the defence. I’ve solely seen a newspaper report
of her testimony relatively than transcript. She seems to have used the quilt
of “spontaneous mutation”. Completely legitimate if confirmed however there was no
reference to anybody having achieved so, the opposite key-phrases are heterogeneity and
somatic mosaicism. Most dramatically displayed by individuals with completely different colored eyes,
the place the mutation happens on the embryo stage of developement.

It’s theoretically doable for somebody to indicate 2 differing DNA profiles if
one pattern is from, say, semen and the opposite, say, buccal cells.
A mutation can happen in a cell and over time by division then this mutated
cell-line kind a considerable proportion of that cell-type.
Male mutation charges for the loci utilized in SGM+ (from American Affiliation of Blood Banks information ) are for
vWA 0.3%
THO1 0.01%
D8 0.2%
FGA 0.3%
D21 0.15%
D18 0.21%
D2 0.02%
D16 0.11%
D19 0.1%
D3 0.13%
Most of those mutation charges are considerably greater than the
common locus, most likely exactly the explanation these loci had been
chosen for forensic functions within the first place.
This fudge can solely be utilized inside 1 allele from the unique
allele – any additional is extraordinarily uncommon.
A 13 year-old male has had 36 sperm-cell divisions,age 20 then 200
divisions, age 30 then 430 and by age 45 then 770 divisions.
If they’re counting on mutation then there ought to
have been additional organic testing to verify what’s in any other case conjecture.
In any other case discovering DNA profile matches utilizing any 19 numbers from 20
then that will increase the possibility of false matches 50 fold or extra.

John Doe indictments

For American readers here’s a printed USA DNA Profile, from the Denver Submit 17 Aug 2003
Arapahoe County investigators know who bludgeoned three members of the Bennett household to demise of their Aurora dwelling on Jan. 16, 1984.
He’s D3S1358: 15/16, vWA: 17/17, FGA: 22.5/ 25, D8S1179: 12/13, D21S11: 30.2/31, D18S51: 13/ 14, D5S818: 12/12, D13S317: 11/12, D7S820: 7/9, D16S539: 10/11, THO1: 6/9, TPOX: 8/11, CSF1PO: 11/11 and DQ alpha 4/4
Utilizing the Toronto CFS information I’ve frequency
analysed on 13 of the loci
Once more there’s a zero aspect within the desk for
FGA 22.2 for the black (as CFS outlined) inhabitants.
Caucasian and Asian additionally as outlined by the Toronto CFS.

Outcomes on all 26 alleles excluding ‘black’ information.
He’s 30 occasions extra more likely to be Caucasian than Asian.

On 25 alleles for all Three sub-groups.
29 occasions extra seemingly Caucasian than Black
13 occasions extra seemingly Caucasian than Asian
Then factoring in a lower than minimal determine for ‘black’
FGA 22.2 then you may multiply these figures by better
than Three so 90 occasions and 40 occasions extra seemingly Caucasian.

Relative to USA Caucasians provides a normalised profile from
D3,vWA,FGA,D8,D21,D18,D5,D13,D7,D16,THO1,TPOX,CSF of
okay 2 which might be Three away from the multi-mode however nonetheless stunning for
a profile that accommodates one allele frequency of 0.3% and a couple of of 0.8%, 22
of the 26 normalised alleles are 0s and 1s .
So near the modal USA Caucasian that they need to pretty quickly arrest their man –
not essentially the appropriate man, in fact, however what does that matter.

Second US John Doe,DNA profile from
11 Nov,2003
Purported to be a Caucasian rapist of a former Tillery Elementary College instructor, Arkansas
D3S1358: (15, 16), vWA: (18, 20), FGA: (21, 23), D8S1179: (11, 12), D21S11: (28, 30), D18S51: (12, 14),
D5S818: (11, 13), D13S317: (9, 13), D7S820: (11, 12), D16S539: (12, 12), THO1: (7, 9), TPOX: (8, 9),
CSF1PO: (10, 12), PENTA E: (7, 11)

Giving Nutteing Normalised Profile on 13 loci relative to US Caucasians
Just one allele, Three away, from the multi-modal ‘Common Joe’
Doing allele frequency evaluation on all however the Penta E, he’s 7 occasions extra seemingly
to be Caucasian than Black.

Third US John Doe,DNA profile from Wisconsin
Unknown ethnicity
Giving Nutteing Normalised Profile on 13 loci relative to US Caucasians
Giving Nutteing Normalised Profile on 13 loci relative to US Blacks
The ultimate pair (7,7) of CSF1PO are uncommon, each in Black or Caucasian
populations, so extremely vital
For the primary 12 pairs,doing allele frequency evaluation there may be equal
likelihood of being Black or Caucasian however that ultimate (7,7) would
counsel greater than 600 occasions extra more likely to be Black than Caucasian ,
or in fact from some under-represented inhabitants. Chance of
a Gafoor trawl right here. On a industrial medical web site I noticed reference to
a cell line from the mammary gland of a 56 year-old Black lady with
CSF1PO (7,8) shut sufficient to be of curiosity to anybody doing a Gafoor Trawl
if there was no (7,7) of their database.

Fourth US John Doe,DNA profile from California, ethnicity not recognized
Giving Nutteing Normalised Profile on 13 loci relative to US Caucasians
Giving Nutteing Normalised Profile on 13 loci relative to US Blacks
Doing frequency evaluation, over 5 MILLION occasions extra more likely to be Black than Caucasian usually via the loci however particularly D5 (8) and TPOX (6).

Fifth US ‘John’ Doe, a Jane Doe, DNA profile,Caucasian
Giving Nutteing Normalised Profile on 13 loci relative to US Caucasians
Giving Nutteing Normalised Profile on 13 loci relative to US Blacks
Doing frequency evaluation 10 occasions extra more likely to be Caucasian than Black
primarily from D5 (9).

Submit Script

I’ve no legal conviction,no legal file or court docket look at
any time. Due to corrupt Wiltshire Social Employees ( story – nutteing3
in a search-engine ) I’ve been drawn into this Kafkaesque world.

After the CPS dropped all this nonsense I needed to retrieve
my involuntrarily extracted DNA pattern and information however by then snagged by s82.
I despatched of my 10 GBP,after being advised this was needed for elimination ,extra lies.
As an alternative I get my DNA profile within the put up. What with that and dyslexic error – suggesting
a dyslexic member of workers; repeated phrase – suggesting lack of proof-reading and
managerial management particularly as ‘signed’ by the director; double posting of recorded supply –
suggesting managerial incompetence, D8 on chr Eight printed as D6 on chr 6 – suggesting of
technical incompetence.
( I’d be
to listen to from anybody else with such examples of incompetence of this
bathe in Birmingham). This was the usual of care proven by the general public
face of the FSS – what on earth was happening behind closed doorways ? This file
and supplementatry recordsdata is the end result. If the world’s forensic science companies discover
the contents of this file,uncomfortable – powerful titty. Completely different individuals around the globe
have highlighted small fractions of the issues analysed on this file. However I appear to be the one
one who has explored the complete enormity of the boldness trick performed on the world
by individuals who name themselves scientists. Over 700,000 pages on Google containing the phrases DNA and profiles. I am proud to say, placing simply these two phrases within the Google search field, returns this web page on the high of the heap. Simply placing the 2 phrases DNA and profile within the search field then this file comes second in 1,240,000.

That is the one place it is possible for you to to learn such materials apart from
Le Monde 23 December 2003
outdoors the UK has printed lots of the fabric (cribbed ? ) from this web site. Nothing mainstream printed within the UK as a result of the particular department or their ilk will need to have a “D discover” or somesuch in place.
I a Nick Davies, crime author for the Guardian newspaper however he won’t talk with me now.
Alec Jeffreys was completely completely satisfied to speak with me, whereas I used to be studying, however not now.
I’m one of many few to face up in opposition to the harmful powers-that-be
on this blighted nation.

I’d have an interest to listen to from any whistle-blowers (anonymously
if required ) from any of the world’s forensic science labs, with the within gen
on any of the fabric uncovered on this web site and associated websites.

E mail Paul Nutteing by eradicating Four of the 5 dots
electronic mail Paul Nutteing ,take away
all however one dot
Or a message on
usenet group uk.authorized has acquired to me not too long ago a few occasions.

My authentic accounts [email protected] and the [email protected] account at the moment are useless.

Loads of the contents of this file, plus different materials, ‘peer reviewed’ on the principle
forensic science user-group

It exhibits the very harmful blinkered mindset of forensic scientists. I’ve to imagine the identical perspective is prevalent inside the police and the judiciary.

A simulation of a giant DNA profile database – the end result being a match
on 10 loci in simply 2 million ‘parthenogenic’ profiles i.e. no kinship, relatedness, co-ancestry

You too, with simply an bizarre home low-spec laptop, can present that the worlds forensic statisticians and scientists
are unsuitable.
A simulation of DNA profile ‘households’
A simulation of DNA profile households with consanguinity
A simulation of DNA profile ‘households’ for six generations
dnas.htm revisited with all alleles represented
dnas.htm revisited for >Eight p.c allele frequency subset (related ancestry )
Simulation of Taiwanese Tao and Rukai populations to
discover the impact of inside and with out ancestral clusters
Basques autochthonous DNA profiles simulation, 9 loci
Australian Capital Caucasian 9 loci simulation
Australian Capital Caucasian 9 loci simulation, >= 5% allele frequency
CODIS, 13 Loci Caucasian Simulation
Automating the Macros
Exploring different DNA profile match situations
This file archived June 2003

, alibi, alleged, allegedBR, allele, allleles, alone, additionally, Though, all the time, evaluation, evaluation., and, One other, vintage, any, anybody, anyway, enchantment, enchantment.BR, appealed., seem, approached, archive, are, space, armed, round, arrest, arrest.BR, arrested, , as, requested, assault, assaulted, at, assault., Australia, conscious, Barnes, based mostly, be, as a result of, been, earlier than, beggars, behind, being, perception., believed, ‘believed’, greatest, guess, , guess, , bgColor=#ddffdd, largest, billion, Bingham, , Birmingham, blighted, blood, blown, bollocks.BR, each, Each, boyfriend, boyfriends, , Britain, housebreaking, busy, however, However, butt, by, By, known as, can, can not, carried, case, Celtic, probability, charged, select, chromosome, cigarette, claimed, conflict, garments, coincidence, Coldfield, Colin, come, coming, frequent, in contrast, competent, part, parts, parts’, parts., conjectured, , connection, constant, management, convicted, conviction, copse, appropriate., corroboration, corroborative, may, counsel, nation?, counts, course)., court docket, Courtroom, court docket:, courtroom, crime, , crime, , Crimewatch, cross, Crown, D6S502, D8S1179, damming, harmful, date, daughter, David Barnes, demise, first rate, defence, defence., defendent, defendent., particular, definitve, intentionally, denied, denies, denominator, derby, regardless of, particulars, , did, variations., completely different, Dixon, DNA, , DNA., do, does, Double, drink-driving, ingesting, pushed, due, John Duffy, , Duffy’s, throughout, earlier, ED20+Nov+2003+09%3A06%3A55%3A920, eg, egBR, else, else., finish, Worlds Finish, ended, England, solely, particularly, and so on., Eve, night, proof, ‘proof’, proof, , ‘proof’.BR, examination, ex-family., expertise., knowledgeable, ‘knowledgeable’, defined, clarification, extended-loci, going through, reality, fag, false, household, fan, far, Fay, Felixstowe., file, recordsdata., discover, fingernails, fingerprint, Agency, Agency, adopted, following, for, drive, fore-knowledge, forensic, Forensic, forge, cast, former, fort, Fort, fort, , discovered, 4, ‘fractional’, Frederick, friction, buddy, buddies, from, fromBR, FSS, fudge, additional, get, will get, girlfriend., Glasgow, Glasgow-born, gloss, , Goldsworth, acquired, grudge, Guildford, responsible., had, half, has, have, having, he, He, heard, heist, her, her., him, him., his, dwelling, how, Frederick Howe, October, similar, determine, if, If, IMHO, import, in, In, together with, incontravertible, indecent, indecently, unbiased, initially, damage, inside, inside, Ipswich, Eire, is, Is, it, It,Joe James, January, , Joe, John, journalistic, jury, simply, Simply, Justice, justice., key phrase, Knaphill, , knife., knifepoint, know, recognized, lake, Landguard, final, later, league, Leeds-Wimbledon, left, like, residing, loci., appears, Appears, Mendacity, made, man, markers, match, ‘match’, match, , match, , match, , match, , match/20, matching, me, me., point out, Mercury, merry., would possibly, miles, million.BR, miscarriages, Miscarriages, mismatch, extra, actions, Mr, Mrs, homicide, My, nationwide, close to, by no means, new, New, Information, Nicola Dixon, , Nicola’s, evening, no, No, regular, not, Not, discover, Nov, 2003, November, Nowhere, numbered, ‘numbered, obtained, event, odds, of, Of, of, , supplied, Previous, on, one, one, one., solely, ONLY, Opening, possibility, or, orBR, different, out, excellent, PA, park, Park, , park’s, passport, previous, penalty, perjurous, perjury., individual, , private, petrol, {photograph}, , picked, place., positioned, participant., pleaded, plus, Plus, level, police, policeman, chance, doable, exactly, current, , Press, the, beforehand, beforehand., jail., most likely, produce, profile, profile.BR, profiles, programme, prosecuted, prosecuting, , prosecution, prospect, proveably, pub, Pub’, pub, , pub, , places, QC, , query, , query., questioned, Quote, quoteBR, QuoteBR, QuoteBRBR, R, rage, Tim Raggatt, Raggatt., random, Rangers, Rangers-Celtic, rape, Rape, raped, raping, uncommon, Rawson, actual, realised, recall, not too long ago, not too long ago., ‘recollection’, reference, referred, common, associated, relationship., rely, remained, reported, reported.BR, reporter, responded:, re-tested, re-testing, return, returned, returning, ridge, theft, routine, stated, stated:, similar, pattern, samples, noticed, say, says, Says, scene, scientist, , rating, Scottish, search-engine, see, appeared, seen, semen, semen?, set, SGM, SGM+, shared, she, She, shortly, ought to, Ought to, confirmed, exhibiting, proven, single, websites, state of affairs, So, soccer, SoCo, some, somebody, somebody’s, Fay Southam, Southern, communicate, stamps., state, said, assertion, , station, statistical, stealing, steered, step-sisters, , nonetheless, stitched-up., strands, stranger, stroll, such, Sunday, supplementary, supposed, Surrey, , Surrey, , suspected, suspect’s, suspiciously, Sutton, swabs, , swabs., swung, taken, tantamount, tattoo/s, youngsters, tv, ten, check, examined, testing, testing., checks, th, than, that, that is, the, The, THe, their, them, , then, there, There, they, THIEF, assume, this, This, thousand, via, Tim, time, to, To, immediately, immediately., Toga, advised, too, completely, in direction of, attempting, Tue, two, UK, , UK., unable, un-attributed, , uncertainty, understands, ‘understands’, understood, distinctive, distinctive.BR, Except, unmatched, unsafe, till, up, up to date, use, used, v., vaginal, valued, variant, Variant, model, victims’,Colin Waite, , Waite’s, need, warrant, was, Was, wasn’t, watched., watching, Watford., Rawson Watson, , Watson., Robert Watters, weapons, weazel, week, nicely, went, had been, what, when, When, the place, whereas, whether or not, which, who, Why, wind, Winfield, , with, With out, witness, Woking, , received, phrases, phrases,BR, works, world, would, wrote, 12 months, , 12 months., years, 12 months’s, Yesterday, but,

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