Dominique Cosmetics Latte 2 Hydrating Lip Gloss Balm Java

I’m completely blown away by this new make-up Line. I began out with a peach tea gloss that got here in my boxy appeal field. It smelled like vanilla cupcakes, was shiny however not sticky, Lasted tremendous Lengthy. It was my excellent excellent Lip gloss. And I used to be reaching for it usually. So I went and received the total gloss set, together with Pink Lemonade, candy tea, strawberry lemonade, and even went and picked up this creamer gloss the day it dropped. And belief me-im not a kind of those who sit round ready for a product to drop and run to my lap high. However these glosses offered out so I wished to ge t it straight away. I need to give one warning, nevertheless. The candy tea has a LIIITTTLE trace of an orange trace to it. And likewise, the candy tea and and pink lemonade dont have that scrumptious vanilla cupcake odor that every one the others do, together with this creamer one. However, it is actually an unbelievable gloss. I additionally picked up her liquid lipstick set after seeing I luvsarahi use the colour “babe, in a video. Babe and bare kiss oh my gosh are the perfect nudes you may hope for. Additionally the set got here with love drop (a cherry ted) and Love drip ( a deep wealthy ted). THIS CREAMER IS THE PERFECT CREAMER NIDE THAT YOU PUT RIGHT IN THE CENTER OF THE LIP OR ALL OVER A LIQUID NUDE.. AYUMMY NUDE GLOSS!


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