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Different kinds[edit]


From earth +‎ lore.


earthlore (uncountable)

  1. (typically fantasy) Data, educating, research, or science of the earth.
    • 2009, H.P. Lovecraft, The Horror within the Museum:

      He even puzzled what would occur to him when the sages of Tsath thought of him drained dry of recent information; and in self-defence started to be extra gradual in his talks on earthlore, conveying every time he might the impression of huge information held in reserve.

    • 2009, Peter F. Hamilton, The Bare God:

      Luca pulled thoughtfully at his decrease lip. “You should not have been in a position to conceal from us earlier than. We’re conscious of the entire world.” “My individuals nonetheless have the earthlore your sort — each of you — have forgotten.

    • 2011, Barbara Hambly, The Rainbow Abyss:

      Right here Rhion learn and studied via the wet days of the marshlands winter and typically all through the evening: herb-lore and earth-lore and the deep magics of the moon and tides; the legends of the previous realm of Sligo, going again two thousand years; []

    • 2013, Herman Melville, Joseph Conrad, R. M. Ballantyne, Tales of the Sea: 25 Basic Nautical Journey Tales!:
      I’ll say that my comrade, the Physician, did a lot to make it so, along with his light enjoyable, and his large information of earth-lore.


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