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The curtains shake as a storm brews. Xtina tosses and switch in her sleep. Demonic voices begin chanting… she sees flashes of Medusa clothes and masked jesters… “fairly sizzling and trans on the time child!” a voice bellows at her… she begins working in her waking nightmare, faggot timber begin rising from the soil and clawing at her ft… she sees shadows cartwheeling and touchdown into splits concurrently… seven plinths of stable gold round her start to crumble… all of a sudden a grotesque ogre seems earlier than her and cackles, reaching out to seize her wig––

Xtina shoots up from her California King in a sweat, solely to seek out eight looming figures on the foot of her mattress.

“Right here we go once more!”

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -

The winner of Xtina’s Drag Race receives

🎶 techno synth music

/u/StoryFae storms into the werkroom in her entrance look. “As soon as upon a time, the protagonist of the story entered, trying elegant!”

🏁 StoryFae My title is StoryFae AKA Bela C. Tella, I am 23, and I am from Charlotte, North Carolina. My drag might be elegant and stylish, or sensual and spicy.

She walks up and down the werkroom and poses.

🏁 StoryFae I am not only a look queen although, I can serve comedy and carry out with the perfect of them!

“Wow I find it irresistible, first queen in! I assume they had been saving their greatest for first.” she chuckles.

🎶 glittering techno music

/u/niktheburger strolls into the werkroom in her entrance look, locations one hand on the facet and says, “OMG I simply… farted.. bitch ofc it was not me I imply have a look at this million bucks!”

“Bitch!” screams /u/StoryFae.

🏁 niktheburger Good day bitches the fucking monster is right here! Hiii I am /u/niktheburger*, I’m a fierce ass bitch and I am able to take the fucking crown!*

“Sure sister, werk!” says /u/StoryFae.

🏁 StoryFae My sister is right here! I’m so glad I do know somebody! Nik is like, iconic again in our hometown, yas!

🎶 sultry burlesque music

/u/Micronesiarain enters the werkroom in her entrance look. “Am I having deja vu or have I been right here earlier than?”

🏁 Micronesiarain Hello, my title is /u/Micronesiarain*, from the Windy Metropolis, Chicago! My drag celebrates black excellence, femininity, and distinctive takes on trend. I’ll take you on a rollercoaster experience from begin to end.*

“Oh wow a Chicago queen!” says /u/StoryFae, breaking the fourth wall and grimacing on the digital camera.

🏁 StoryFae Chicago guidelines so… I assume we have now some competitors up in right here.

“Hello girls!” says /u/Micronesiarain, “So good to satisfy you!”

“Hello!” screams /u/niktheburger, “You look sufficiently old to be my MOM!”

🏁 Micronesiarain Oh… so we’re enjoying that this 12 months?

“I am not sufficiently old to be your mother, however I’m not actually sufficiently old to smack that grin off your mouth!” chuckles /u/Micronesiarain.

🎶 tropical dance music

/u/AngolanDesert glides into the werkroom in her entrance look. “This bitch is prepared for her crown!”

🏁 AngolanDesert My title is Angolan Desert, and I’m 21 years outdated from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“Beautiful.” says /u/Micronesiarain.

🏁 AngolanDesert My drag is all about feminine impersonation. I like to appear and feel extraordinarily female. Don’t let that idiot you although, there’s extra to me than only a fairly face.

“We acquired some LOOK queens this season!” says /u/StoryFae, clapping.

“And a few… comedy queens? I assume?” says /u/AngolanDesert, /u/niktheburger.

🏁 niktheburger That is fucking shady!

“I’ve a sense you and I’ll take to each other.” says /u/Micronesiarain.

“We do not have time for Xtina’s Greatest Buddy Race!” laughs /u/niktheburger.

🎶 HI-NRG Okay-pop music

/u/SoshiWoshi walks into the werkroom in her entrance look. “나에게 왕관을 줘, 암캐.” (Give me the crown, bitch.)

🏁 SoshiWoshi Hello, I’m SoshiWoshi AKA Soshi Sochic, 22 years outdated and was born in South Korea. nevertheless moved to the States and reside in NYC once I was 17.

“Wait woman… you look familar…” says /u/StoryFae.

🏁 SoshiWoshi I as soon as went viral over a fierce lip sync of mine to Okay-pop on Twitter, and I assume since then my development in recognition solely rose since then. My drag is a homage to my tradition and Okay-pop is just a small fragment of that, my mother and father have slowly however absolutely been attempting their greatest to assist me as soon as I first got here out to them, and I wanna make them comfortable in any method I can. I’m a stellar performer who may also serve sickening seems to be, all while having the ability to adapt to any setting given to them.

“Hello girls!” says /u/SoshiWoshi.

“Okay we have now a celeb in our midst!” says /u/StoryFae.

“No person lied about there being look queens right here.” says /u/AngolanDesert pointing at /u/SoshiWoshi.

“So guys, what are our strengths?” asks /u/Micronesiarain.

🏁 Micronesiarain I’m trying across the room and considering… hmm, let’s measurement up the competitors.

“I can do seems to be, efficiency, every thing actually.” says /u/SoshiWoshi.

“So might Porkchop.” laughs /u/niktheburger.

“Rattling, severe shady boots in right here.” says /u/SoshiWoshi.

🎶 sweeping violin music

/u/peytonnn06 twirls into the werkroom in her entrance look. “The Passíon is right here!”

🏁 peytonnn06 Hello everybody… My title is Passíon Fruit AKA peytonnn06 and I’m 21… JUST KIDDING I’M 25 years outdated. My drag could be very ehh however I’m primarily a performer.

“Are you a child queen?” asks /u/StoryFae.

“Do I appear like a child queen?” says /u/peytonnn06, shifting her fringe out of her face.

“I really like this useless rabbit scenario you’ve got occurring…” says /u/AngolanDesert.

“Yeah I believed, as a substitute of a fortunate rabbit foot, why not kill the entire rattling factor?” laughs /u/peytonnn06.

“Any person name PETA bitch!” says /u/Micronesiarain.

“So what sort of stuff do you do?” asks /u/SoshiWoshi.

“I am a performer dahhhling.” says /u/peytonnn06

🏁 peytonnn06 I feel numerous time lip syncs have been one thing you want to work on and your performances so I’ll carry it!

🎶 90s pop beats

/u/lilac_candy struts into the werkroom in her entrance look. “Does anybody suppose international warming is an effective factor? I really like Girl Gaga. I feel she’s a very fascinating artist.” she says.

🏁 lilac_candy Hello bitches! I’m lilac_candy. I’m a preppy, excessive couture queen who’s not afraid to get a little bit soiled. I’m not solely going to clean the competitors, I’ll scrub them.

“Hello women!” says /u/lilac_candy, greeting everybody.

“You look cute.” says /u/Micronesiarain.

“Yeah, actually cute…” chuckles /u/niktheburger.

🏁 niktheburger What the fuck is that pink shit? Oh my God, I’m retching.

“I’m so excited to be right here!” says /u/lilac_candy.

“Aren’t all of us sis.” says /u/niktheburger, rolling her eyes.

🏁 lilac_candy I’m sensing some stress…

🎶 rock punk music

/u/netpuppy walks into the werkroom in her entrance look. “Share the fantasy!”

“It is not Cher bitch!” says /u/peytonnn06.

🏁 netpuppy Hello! I am Netpuppy and I am sooo excited to be right here! As you’ll be able to most likely hear, I am a world fish, Norwegian to be precise!

“Hello everybody!” says /u/netpuppy.

“Oh rattling, this present actually has gone worldwide!” says /u/SoshiWoshi, greeting her.

“I’m loving this… Melanie Martinez vibe sis.” says /u/lilac_candy.

“Now that’s rattling shady.” laughs /u/netpuppy.

🏁 netpuppy My drag is influenced by the robust trend esthetic of Scandinavia bedazzled with numerous… Enjoyable? Yeah! My drag is fun-fashion!

“So that is the forged of season one I assume!” says /u/StoryFae.

🏁 AngolanDesert I’m trying across the room considering… rattling the competitors has begun!

V.O. COUGHING? Throughout my interview? Hahaha… shoot him!

“Oh shit!” screams /u/niktheburger.

The ladies collect across the monitor and see Xtina.

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -

Xtina: “Life is price dwelling, so let’s have fun it! SAY! Outdated, younger – on the finish of the day, all all of us wish to do is go residence, get into our PJs and placed on The Voice, Season 10! Hahaha!”

“However what does it imply?” purrs /u/peytonnn06, dryly.

Abruptly, Xtina enters the werkroom!

Xtina: “Good day good day good day bitches!”

The ladies scream in pleasure.

Xtina: “Wow, my Season 1 women. I am so comfortable to see you all! Now I’ve searched far and extensive and picked the perfect of the perfect for the primary ever season of Xtina’s Drag Race!”

🏁 Micronesiarain raises her eyebrows and giggles.

Xtina: “Now to your first problem… we’re throwing a little bit of a ball! It is a celebration of life! Every of you have to to showcase your first time in drag and also you in 50 years’ time! Now bear in mind, I’m in search of Xtravagance, Tenacity, Nerve, Instinct and Audaciousness – so… for the primary time this season, good luck and do not fuck it up! Byesies!”

“I really like balls!” screams /u/SoshiWoshi as she grabs her suitcase and runs to the closest workstation.

Abruptly all the ladies run riot to seek out their very own workstation.

“Women, relax, there’s eight of us in a workstation designed for 10 individuals… we good.” laughs /u/peytonnn06.

The ladies are preparing for the runway.

“That is thrilling women!” says /u/StoryFae.

🏁 StoryFae I introduced a few of my greatest drag for this present so I’m gonna rule this runway.

“Do not get too excited sis,” giggles /u/niktheburger. “Cus I’m gonna win!”

In the meantime, within the nook, /u/lilac_candy and /u/Micronesiarain are preparing collectively.

“A few of these women have numerous confidence!” laughs /u/lilac_candy.

🏁 lilac_candy All this confidence, however the place are the seems to be to indicate it? I am unable to see any child!

On the opposite facet, /u/AngolanDesert and /u/netpuppy are preparing.

“Woman I am nervous as hell!” says /u/netpuppy.

“You will be effective sis, simply imagine in your self! It is Season 1, episode 1 – we’re all shitting bricks!” says /u/AngolanDesert.

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -



r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -

Xtina: “WELCOOOOOOME to the principle stage of Xtina’s Drag Race! Tonight, it is simply household! My proper hand woman, Automoderator, how are you ho?”

Automoderator: “I really feel… rebooted.”

Xtina: “I can inform, you need to’ve had your anus bleached. And my proper hand man, Michelle Visage! Again from the US, I see?”

Michelle: “I would like my lawyer, I cannot reply with out my–“

Xtina: “My queens had been tasked with presenting two beautiful seems to be, First Time In Drag and Silver Cunning… so Redditors, begin your engines and should the perfect queen… win!”

🎶 Class is…

“For my first time in drag, I used to be truly Chucky throughout halloween giving… literal beast. However on the runway tonight you’ll see me being the sexiest Chucky that’s ever walked that runway. Bitch! I’m giving every thing that rattling toy needed to be once they develop up.”

“The very last thing you’ll see this queen carrying is one thing low-cost. Which is why I made a decision to put on what Korean royalty would put on within the earlier instances, giving… my Grandmother realness.”

Xtina: “Does she worship the Chucky dawlllls?”

Automoderator: “Soshi Woshi… in your space.”

Michelle: *muffled sounds*

“Woman, once I first acquired into drag 10 years in the past I had no idea of what drag was. I threw on some random ladies’s clothes and made it work. I can’t imagine I’m carrying denims on the runway…”

“I’m simply strolling down this runway trying like I personal EVERYTHING hunny. I’ll nonetheless be a glamorous bitch at 70, you’ll be able to wager on that.”

Xtina: “I really like me some Christian Woman Autumn.”

Automoderator: “She has a bushy muff.”

Michelle: “9-1-1, good day?”

“The highest stage of drag, I’m doing it proper right here. As you’ll be able to see, ever since my first time in drag I’m only a naturally fierce queen. I’ve all the time been polished and by no means been busted since day one. My eyebrows right here made Anastasia Beverly Hills herself so shook that she known as me for recommendation! After I win Xtina’s drag race I’m planning on releasing a line of hip pads, as everybody all the time says that I’ve the perfect padding of any drag queen ever periodt mawma the home down boots!”

“I’m feeling blue, however not about this lewk. Age is only a quantity and I’m proving that outdated bitches might be trend icons too on this sickening hand painted gown.”

Xtina: “Bitch stole my look!”

Automoderator: “Nebraska?”

Michelle: “…sure a pepperoni pizza please.”

“I do know I do know- “Passíon fruit this isn’t you” properly guess what IT IS… THIS IS MY FIRST TIME IN DRAG!”

“I imagine that by the point I’m 75 I’ll be about Coco Montrese’s age so I feel that is correct.”

Xtina: “Oh in any respect.”

Automoderator: “I used to be about to say that-“


“I’ve been doing drag for so long as I can bear in mind. As a little bit woman, the college hallways grew to become my runway. It was my first style of self-expression and I knew I used to be in love!”

“This look represents every thing I wish to be 40 years from now. Assured, elegant, and by no means forgetting the place I got here from. And sidenote to the editors, please don’t zoom in on the wrinkles…”

Xtina: “It is a literal child queen!”

Automoderator: “Black excellence, proper Michelle?”

Xtina: “Oh she escaped a couple of minutes in the past.”

“My first time in drag I borrowed a easy wrap gown from one in every of my girlfriends. Despite the fact that I made some questionable trend and make-up selections that evening, I. Felt. Fabulous! Revamping this look tonight makes me look nearly as good as I felt.”

“For this look I am drawing inspiration from greatest associates grandmother again in Norway within the 90’s. She was a tricky outdated woman who all the time wore tracksuits with heavy gold equipment, smoked 20 marlboro lights a day and misplaced her driving license at one level as a result of rushing. At 85 years outdated! This woman do not want no drivers license with as quick as she will be able to stroll in her sick orthopedic sneakers!”

Xtina: “That is a wrap!”

Automoderator: “She acquired them Skechers orthopaedics!”

“Woman my first time in drag was primary however now I’m a gorg ass bitch!” laughs

“Soo my granny look could be very primary however enjoyable like sisters that is my grandma’s gown…”

Xtina: “Granny gone wild!”

Automoderator: “Nina Boniva Brown.”

“My first time in drag, like many, was for Halloween. It was a half-baked steampunk thought and an excuse to put on excessive heels. Regardless, I turned it on the Halloween costume occasion and the remainder is herstory!”

“I went with a chic, conventional robe and headwrap, that exhibits my aged eleganza in a modest, but stunning method. Age is only a quantity that should not preserve you from being drop useless beautiful.”

Xtina: “Steampunk… jogs my memory of the Bionic period.”

Automoderator: “That Silver Cunning look is gorge!”

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -


Xtina: “Girls, that was an incredible first runway! Now let’s start with the judges’ critiques…”

Who ought to win the problem and who needs to be eradicated? Vote right here!


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