Episode 1 – “Xtina’s All Stars Xmas Xtravaganza!” [POLL] : XtinasDragRace

Xtina is perched on the dinner desk in the course of a heat, festive eating room. The partitions are adorned with bunting and mistletoe. An enormous pink Christmas tree sits by the crackling fire. Beneath it are an array of unwrapped presents. On the desk there may be an assortment of meals: candied yams, mashed potatoes, sprouts, mac n’cheese and roasted parsnips. Xtina’s ‘My Sort of Christmas’ album performs softly within the background.

Xtina’s eyes are locked on her telephone as she frantically searches her title on numerous web sites. Micro surreptitiously pours just a few drops of cyanide into Xtina’s wine.

“I noticed that you simply ho,” snaps Xtina.

To the aspect, Squazie yawns as she doodles over a vinyl of Blair St. Clair’s report, IDENTITY, which Turbo gifted her for Christmas. Turbo walks in from the kitchen, catches her and rolls her eyes.

“It is time for supper!” sings Turbo, bringing in an enormous dish lined in a steel lid.

“I am ravenous,” says Xtina, “I hope you seasoned this correctly, Micro.”

“Who the fuck are you speaking to?” yells Micro.

“Girlies, cease preventing.” says Squazie, prancing over to the desk. Squazie lifts the lid to the massive dish, solely to disclose… a unadorned Automoderator tied up in a doggy place with an apple in his mouth.

“Yum!” says Xtina.

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -

The winner of Xtina’s Drag Race: All Stars receives a sickening provide of Elizabeth Arden fragrances and a money prize of $100,000!

The digicam pans throughout the werkroom to the tune of jingling bells. The partitions and werkstations are wearing fir, mistletoe and present wrapping. There are giant Christmas timber in every nook. Turbo is now added to the Corridor of Fame mural.

🎶 excessive power techno music

/u/thesharialaw storms into the werkroom in her entrance look. “The sharmuta queen is again…”

🏁 thesharialaw I’m Sharia Legislation and I used to be a runner up on Season 2!

/u/thesharialaw walks into the werkroom in her entrance look.

/u/thesharialaw: “…me and the crown are a match made in heaven!”

/u/thesharialaw: me, all the time on show, skinniest bitch alive / Serving shoots all up within the high three

“First one in!” says /u/thesharialaw.

🏁 thesharialaw On Season 2, I did properly, I undoubtedly stumbled just a few challenges however this time round I’m going for that crown I used to be so near getting. I really feel like I’ve plenty of expectations since I say I can do all of it, and I’ll undoubtedly exceed these!

/u/thesharialaw sits down and sighs contently. “Deliver them in child!”

🎶 pulsating digital music

/u/lilac_candy strolls into the werkroom in her entrance look. “L-lilac sweet, so candy then I get just a little indignant!”

“Sure queen!” says /u/thesharialaw.

🏁 lilac_candy I’m lilac_candy, high four from Season One!

/u/lilac_candy struts into the werkroom in her entrance look.

/u/lilac_candy: “… I’m proving that previous bitches might be style icons too on this sickening hand painted gown.”

/u/lilac_candy: Don’t be shy Xtina, you recognize it matches this robe / Ain’t paying bitches consideration except they pay my payments / I’m Lilac Sweet and you recognize I’ll…

“Hey sis!” says /u/lilac_candy, embracing /u/thesharialaw.

🏁 lilac_candy Since being a finalist on Season One I’ve been booked and blessed. Would you imagine, I went from being within the backside for my Todrick impersonation to touring the world with him, because the opening act for his Little Toddlers world tour?! Now I’m again on All Stars to get that crown! Plus I actually need the prize cash as a result of Todrick nonetheless hasn’t paid me… is he choreographing this season by any probability? He will not return my calls…

“Iconic forged already,” says /u/lilac_candy.

“Inform me about it!” laughs /u/thesharialaw.

🏁 thesharialaw Lilac and I am going method again, so it is good to see a fellow judy right here. She is extremely fierce competitors.

🎶 haunting violin music

/u/haze_vocaloid17 glides into the werkroom in her entrance look. “Good to see you once more, Undead Alice.”

🏁 haze_vocaloid17 Hello I’m the queen that initially glided by Haze who now goes by Hayes and I’m your at present reigning Miss Congeniality!

/u/haze_vocaloid17 glides into the werkroom in her entrance look.

/u/haze_vocaloid17: “Tonight I am serving Asexual Doll realness…”

/u/haze_vocaloid17: Gurl, it’s Trixie / The life sized Barbie Doll / Cosmetics, crowns and plot twist, despair

“Hello girly!” says /u/lilac_candy.

🏁 haze_vocaloid17 Since my season, a lot has occurred! I’ve toured the globe, opened a present for Hatsune Miku, was identified with sleep apnea and began working by myself music! I’m wanting ahead to returning to the Xtina fray and compete with my fellow All Stars.

“I watched Season Three and also you have been so fucking fierce!” says /u/thesharialaw, “However I nonetheless do not know what a Vocaloid is!”

“Not this once more…” laughs /u/haze_vocaloid17.

🎶 mid-tempo percussive beats

/u/sharris2475 shuffles into the werkroom in her entrance look. “Assist! I’m just a little tied up…”

“Oh sure bitch!” says /u/lilac_candy.

🏁 sharris2475 OI OI, it’s me sharris and I’M BACK!

“BOW DOWN BITCHES! Your queen… has arrived.” /u/sharris2475 says.

/u/sharris2475: “So I strolling the runway in my HUGE fluffy dreamy blue coat- nearly just like the Cookie Monster…”

/u/sharris2475: This massive breasted queen, she hit the scene / Changing Merle and getting some New Jersey D

/u/sharris2475 greets the opposite queens.

🏁 sharris2475 I’m so glad to get the chance once more to win! This time I’m not gonna fuck round, I bought 1 win and all highs final time… aside from the final episode… thanks Chrono!

“Okay fellow Miss Congenality, we see you!” says /u/haze_vocaloid17.

🏁 sharris2475 I’ve improved my lip sync expertise massive time, she’s introduced a very good closet and I’m right here to slay! Let’s hope I can maintain that Miss Congeniality title.

“Woman now I do know you ain’t Miss Congeniality any extra,” laughs /u/thesharialaw.

“Nananana!” yells /u/sharris2475, protecting her ears.

🏁 thesharialaw Since our season, my good sis bought just a little… fame in a few of our drag circles. Lemme simply maintain it cute and never say something extra! Haha!

🎶 loud punk rock music

/u/flushedawayegg struts into the werkroom in her entrance look. “The villain is again child! And it is getting Egglectrifying!”

“Nurse,” scoffs /u/thesharialaw.

🏁 flushedawayegg Hey bitches! I am Egg from Season 2!

/u/flushedawayegg walks into the werkroom in her entrance look.

/u/flushedawayegg: “BAM! A tulle gown that’s completely flowing and I’m strutting this runway. Similar to the colour of my outfit, I’m giving them life!”

/u/flushedawayegg: The Magical Eye Fortune, magic, british black males, and glory holes. What do all of this stuff have in widespread? Michelle Visage!

“Hey lady! Our villain’s in the home!” cheers /u/sharris2475.

🏁 flushedawayegg After my stunt, I bought plenty of hate which wasn’t cute. However I redeemed this by giving ugly individuals wigs! This time on All Atars I am right here to point out that I’m an All Star, and particularly what I can do with out Chrono in my method!

“That villain factor was so Season 2…” says /u/flushedawayegg.

“Bitch I nonetheless have not forgiven you for poisoning my make-up,” snaps /u/thesharialaw.

“AHHHOOOOOO!” says /u/lilac_candy.

“See we did not have this drama on my season,” says /u/haze_vocaloid17.

“Which season was you once more?” asks /u/flushedawayegg.

“Three. The very best season!” says /u/haze_vocaloid17.

“I by no means noticed that one.” says /u/flushedawayegg.

🏁 haze_vocaloid17 Shady boots!

🎶 trippy hip hop music

/u/All_About_Aja extends one leg after which walks into the werkroom in her entrance look. “Sorry to be fashionably late… I simply didn’t wish to be right here.”

“Nicely scorching rattling!” whispers /u/lilac_candy.

🏁 All_About_Aja I’m All_About_Aja from season Three and I’m about to take the crown residence.

/u/All_About_Aja storms within the werkroom in her entrance look and poses.

/u/All_About_Aja: “I’m strolling down slowly representing for the trans group out preventing for his or her lives…”

/u/All_About_Aja jumps across the stage comedically to Ice Cream by Manila Luzon.

“Somebody got here to play and slay!” says /u/sharris2475.

“Hey Season Three sister!” says /u/haze_vocaloid17.

🏁 haze_vocaloid17 Wow, Aja actually stepped it up from our season… I’m intrigued by what she has to supply.

“I hope we have now a expertise present as a result of I am unable to wait to point out everybody all these new stunts I have been studying,” says /u/All_About_Aja.

🎶 thunderous cacophony

/u/AngolanDesert slowly walks into the werkroom in her entrance look.

The queens gasp.

“The desert is dry no extra as a result of a storm has entered the competitors!” says /u/AngolanDesert.

🏁 AngolanDesert You bitches already know me, it’s ya lady AngolanDesert from Minneapolis, Minnesota!

/u/AngolanDesert glides into the werkroom in her entrance look.

/u/AngolanDesert: “I’m wanting EXPENSIVE on this runway tonight!”

/u/AngolanDesert: I’m in love with Huge Ed! / Sure lady, he’s my man / so cease the hatin’ / His greasy mayonnaise hair bought me shaken (up!)

“My Season One sister!” screams /u/lilac_candy.

🏁 AngolanDesert I ended putting third, sorry Lilac (probably not) on Season 1, the place it began. My head is now within the recreation and I would like this crown, however I’m not against stirring up some drama alongside the way in which…

“Bitch you look sickening,” says /u/haze_vocaloid17.

“Yeah sickening like vomit,” laughs /u/flushedawayegg.

🏁 flushedawayegg Who the fuck is that this bitch? What season was she on?!

Producer: Season One.

🏁 flushedawayegg Oh… I by no means noticed that one.

“Miss Egg… your fame precedes you,” says /u/AngolanDesert, shooing her away.

“Nicely lady let’s simply be glad your precise arch nemesis is not right here this time,” laughs /u/sharris2475.

“Do not jinx it!” yelps /u/AngolanDesert.

🎶 jaunty circus music

/u/niktheburger twirls and walks into the werkroom in her entrance look. “The Christmas hoe is hereeeeeee!”

/u/niktheburger stops and gasps at /u/AngolanDesert.

“Oh fuck…” says /u/AngolanDesert.

🏁 niktheburger Sup hoes it is your ketchup to your mustard… that was so unhealthy lower the cameras.. properly hello it is Nik, the villain you all love and I am right here… as a result of I mentioned so.

/u/niktheburger strolls into the werkroom in her entrance look.

/u/niktheburger: “Woman my first time in drag was primary however now I’m a gorg ass bitch!”

/u/niktheburger: He so good that he makes me attractive…

“I used to be anticipating some drama, however that is some DRAMA!” cackles /u/flushedawayegg.

/u/AngolanDesert awkwardly hugs /u/niktheburger.

🏁 AngolanDesert So… a few of y’all might know what went down on Season One… the battle of the century… properly since we completed filming, let’s simply say that Nik and I went from regular enemies… to mortal enemies.

“Spill the tea, inform us what occurred!” giggles /u/haze_vocaloid17.

“So this bitch made me lose my gig!” says /u/niktheburger, abruptly.

“Oop… that is some actual drama proper there… not even some dried crusty mustard drama,” laughs /u/lilac_candy.

“Act a idiot lady…” says /u/AngolanDesert.

“That is some mess,” says /u/thesharialaw.

🏁 thesharialaw So that you imply to inform me… Miss Nik and Miss Angolan have been going at one another for the previous three years? Bitch! I’m residing!

“I believed you’ll have buried the hatchet by now,” says /u/All_About_Aja.

“We did, however this bitch went and dug it out once more,” cackles /u/AngolanDesert.

🏁 AngolanDesert Somebody pull her lipstick already bitch! Bye!

🎶 hissing electronica music

/u/a_nthyy walks into the werkroom in her entrance look and places her arms on her hips. “I BROUGHT SOME… TALENT!”

🏁 sharris2475 So Miss Celestial walks into the werkroom and… wait, that is not Miss Celestial?

/u/a_nthyy goes to greet the opposite queens.

🏁 a_nthyy Hello I’m a_nthyy your queen from season 3!

/u/a_nthyy walks into the werkroom in her entrance look and twirls round.

/u/a_nthyy: “At this time I needed to point out that each sexuality is OK. My gown is a straightforward black on the highest half after which is colourful and reveals every part! Actually I really feel actually good on this gown.”

/u/a_nthyy then launches right into a cartwheel and lands right into a cut up to Hollywood USA by RuPaul.

“Oh hey lady!” says /u/haze_vocaloid17.

🏁 a_nthyy Actually I’m so so so joyful that I bought the oppurtunity to return again ‘trigger I haven’t confirmed every part I’ve!

“Cute!” says /u/lilac_candy.

The digicam cuts to /u/AngolanDesert with a puzzled look on her face.

🏁 AngolanDesert I’m a_nthyy and pondering… hmm… perhaps she’s the darkish horse of the competitors.

“Three from Season Three!” says /u/All_About_Aja.

“I’ve a humorous feeling about who the tenth queen could be…” says /u/AngolanDesert.

“Please let it’s Chrono,” chuckles /u/niktheburger.

“Bitch!” screams /u/flushedawayegg.

🎶 sluggish dramatic string instrumental music

/u/SoshiWoshi strolls into the werkroom in her entrance look together with her fur sash protecting her face.

“Oh my… who’s that…?” whispers /u/haze_vocaloid17.

/u/SoshiWoshi strikes away her arms and says, “The Korean Pork queen is again!”

🏁 SoshiWoshi Annyeong! I’m Soshi Sochic, the righteous runner up from Season 1, and shortly to be winner of All Stars 1!

/u/SoshiWoshi walks into the werkroom in her entrance look.

/u/SoshiWoshi: (Soshtastic, Perfection, Pork Sword realness / The winner is right here) / I’m the Asian Supreme, what can I say? / There can solely be one, and I’m feeling the fantasy!

/u/SoshiWoshi: “That is me in my greatest and closing type, and I’m letting the judges have it.”

“Gag to the gag gag… gagged.” says /u/thesharialaw.

🏁 SoshiWoshi Season 1 was such an unforgettable and unimaginable expertise however ultimately, we have been the check season. I believe now that just a few years have handed and the drag and fame have undoubtedly leveled up, you’ll be seeing this queen with a crown on her head very quickly.

“Nicely howdy sister!” says /u/lilac_candy. “No extra porkswords please…”

“I am unable to promise something!” laughs /u/SoshiWoshi.

🏁 thesharialaw I’m Soshi and pondering… rattling, this competitors is ON. I actually thought she had Season 1 within the bag!

“Hello everybody! Oh my, that is so thrilling! All Stars already, I am unable to imagine it!” says /u/SoshiWoshi.

“Yeah these final three… years… have flown by so rapidly,” says /u/niktheburger, wanting on the digicam.

“And I am unable to imagine that flop Xtina lastly managed to seek out sufficient bitches for a 10 queen season!” laughs /u/flushedawayegg.

V.O. COUGHING? Throughout my interview? Hahaha… shoot him!

The queens cheer and race to see Xtina on the monitor.

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -

“C’mon widescreen HD realness!” laughs /u/All_About_Aja.

Xtina: “Have your self a merry little Christmas… and luxuriate in it whereas it lasts. Micro! The place the fuck did you set the distant management?!

“I do not perceive that ho, and I by no means will…” says /u/SoshiWoshi.

Xtina enters the werkroom.

Xtina: “Good day howdy howdy!”

The ladies cheer.

Xtina: “My ALL STARS! Wow, I’m so joyful to see you all right here… again the place you belong! I’ve invited 10 of my most sickening queens from the primary three seasons of Xtina’s Drag Race to return again and show that they’ve what it takes to sashay into the Corridor of Fame!”

The queens clap excitedly.

Xtina: “However first… to rejoice this second… let’s open up the library! As a result of what?”

“Studying is fundemental!” The queens chant in unison.

The digicam cuts by means of every queen’s reads.

/u/a_nthyy: “My expensive Nik, you all the time name your self fox however you’re the purpose why I choose animals over individuals! And Soshi, your run on All Stars can be shorter than my battery keep!”

/u/flushedawayegg: “Jermibarn, I am gonna be sincere I do not know who you might be and all I keep in mind is that you simply left…. wait that is not Jermibarn? Are you Peyton? StoryFae? I surrender! And Nik, you name your self Nik the Burger however I believe that it’s best to go by Nik the Untalented or perhaps Nik the Illiterate as a result of judging by your drag type, I do not assume that you may learn that you simply look ugly.”

/u/lilac_candy: “Haze! Your roast might need despatched you residence, however to me it was sickening! Actually, I’ve been throwing up all week, you gave me meals poisoning! I’ve reported you to the well being division… And I used to be so unhappy for Nik once I heard that he bought fired from his half time job at Burger King… He bought caught repeatedly operating all of the ketchup and mustard into the bottom. Tragic.”

/u/AngolanDesert: “Egg, your title completely encapsulates your style! Scrambled. And Nik, I do know you’re in all probability harm by everybody’s reads right this moment BUT don’t fear as a result of I’m right here for you. I’m right here with the asylum personnel and we have to deliver you again.”

/u/thesharialaw: “Anthyy, you have to be confused… that is All Stars 1 not Xtina’s Make-A-Want Basis Race! And flushedawayegg, you would possibly’ve poisoned my lipstick once I despatched you residence however the one factor you may poison being on right here is your reserving probabilities after you get despatched residence once more.”

/u/sharris2475: “Nik the Filler-oop, let’s begin with you waits Oh wait you have been on barely any episodes so there’s nothing I can say! And flushedawayegg, how about you comply with your namesake and flush your self away! Since you appear like literal shit.”

/u/All_About_Aja: “Nik higher get these fries prepared trigger I’ll be spreading mustard on them. Papaya! I moderately eat Guava than you!”

/u/SoshiWoshi: “This All Stars forged is superb like you will have all these superb proficient queens all competing collectively… after which you will have Nik Burger to assist steadiness the forged out with lack of expertise, it’s nice! And Miss Egg, I want to thanks. I want to thanks as a result of in case your drag is as lackluster as your title, then this competitors needs to be pretty straightforward for me to win. Thanks doll!”

/u/haze_vocaloid17: “Anthyy, proof that Xtina will simply forged anybody onto All Stars… and Egg, Chrono’s not right here this season… how are you gonna have a related storyline?”

/u/niktheburger: “Lilac you are from Season 1… I am from Season 1; you are good, I am… meh I am iconic who’re you once more?! And Soshi every part about you is a 10: appears to be like 10, make-up 10 and your IQ, 10!”

Xtina: “Rattling, my All Stars are some shady girls! The winner of this mini-challenge is… /u/flushedawayegg!”

🏁 flushedawayegg Haha sure… shady queen for all times.

Xtina: “Now on your maxi-challenge, we’re celebrating all issues FESTIVE! You will have to stun us on the runway with a sickening look as a result of class is… Ho Ho Ho!

Now this season, we’re shaking shit up. All Stars guidelines are in full pressure. Every week, the Corridor of Famers and I’ll decide who’s within the high and who’s within the backside. The highest two All Stars will lipsync for his or her legacy and the winner can have the ability to remove a queen who’s the underside. So… for the primary time this season, good luck and do not fuck it up! Byesies!”

The queens begin to de-drag and prepare for the runway.

“All Stars guidelines!” shrieks /u/SoshiWoshi, “This feels so bizarre!”

“I do know proper… I am fucking bricking it,” says /u/sharris2475.

“Do you ladies have any methods when you get to choose a lipstick?” asks /u/a_nthyy.

“Ship the strongest bitch residence!” says /u/flushedawayegg from the opposite aspect of the werkroom.

“That is an excellent technique…” says /u/lilac_candy, “Which it’s best to have saved to your self!”

🏁 lilac_candy C’mon lady. Morgan McMichaels a lot?

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -



/u/micronesiarain struts down the runway in her look. /u/SquazieSoupe struts down the runway in her look. /u/turbocool02 struts down the runway in her look. All three queens pose collectively earlier than going to the judges’ desk.

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -

Xtina: “WELCOOOOOOME to the principle stage of Xtina’s Drag Race: All Stars! Tonight, my queens have been tasked with gorgeous us with a sickening festive runway. Class is Ho Ho Ho! So All Stars, begin your engines and should one of the best queen… win!”

🎶 She’s a SUPER QUEEN…

“I do know evening be bizarre, however it’s impressed by the Grinch. I believe it’s fairly unique, however on the identical time trendy.”

“On this garment I am strutting in like I am an decoration, however child I am prepared for a very good sweet caning! For this runway I needed to offer you a aspect of Egg: basic style. I do know that most individuals are gonna go for the basic Santa impressed shit in order that’s why my outfit is predicated off of a sweet cane! And I am licking my approach to the finale identical to my inspiration Michelle Visage!”

“It wouldn’t be Christmas with out the tree! I’m feeling like the principle attraction, strutting down the runway in my customized christmas tree robe, it’s even pine scented for the judges’ nasal pleasure!”

“I’m sporting this lovely whorish outfit as a result of a hoe by no means will get chilly! I really feel sultry and gorgeous on this Mrs. Claus gone wild runway. Merry Christmas to all my fellow hoes.”

“What first involves my thoughts once I consider the vacations? The tree in fact, this robe takes inspiration from that in a shocking silhouette and I’m giving the judges every part they need this Christmas!”

“Aaaaa I’m again on the runway and I’m so festive!! My inspiration is from Woman Gaga in London for Christmas, 2013. I’m right here for my REDEMPTION and I’m proving it! The judges love my lil Christmas tree and they’re consuming up my campiness… wait, is {that a} phrase?”

“I’m serving gingerbread home the down boots on the runway honey!”

“For the primary runway of the season dahhling I’m serving Frosty the Snowman after the consequences of local weather change and some botox hunny. Wonderful feeling being again on the runway letting the judges and fellow queens HAVE IT!”

“It is starting to look loads like Christmas, why did I select to make this skirt out of precise pine needles and the stuff that synthetic timber are made out of? It itches so unhealthy… If me being on All Stars is a present then I will be the tree!”

“I really feel superb from the large ass robe… to Mrs Claus… to a complete slut!”

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -


Xtina: “Welcome All Stars! Once I name your title, please step ahead.





…you might be all secure! Please step to the again of the stage.”

The queens all stroll away.

“Thanks!” sighs /u/haze_vocaloid17.

Xtina: “Queens, you characterize the tops and bottoms of the week. Now it is time for the judges’ critiques… beginning with /u/lilac_candy!”

Turbo: “Lilac! Clearly, you’re a style queen, and this week isn’t any totally different. That is quintessential Christmas, even when it’s a little primary compared. The sillouette is gorgeous, very pagentry***!”***

Xtina: “I cherished this look tonight, it was horny, elegant and Ho Ho Ho throughout.”

“Thanks a lot!” says /u/lilac_candy.

Xtina: “Now shifting on all the way down to /u/thesharialaw!”

Micro: “Sharia, all of us knew you have been an All Star. However what you confirmed tonight is a starvation to win. Your look was intelligent, campy, and unapologetically you.”

Xtina: “This look was gorgeous. It was festive, enjoyable but in addition couture and campy. A terrific begin to the competitors.”

“I am gooped, thanks!” says /u/thesharialaw.

Xtina: “Now shifting on all the way down to /u/niktheburger!”

Turbo: “Nik, whereas it was a daring option to do three appears to be like, I am unsure if it paid off in your favour. There’s a basic disconnect between the appears to be like that might have been smoothed out earlier than getting into the runway.”

Xtina: “I believe you had a tremendous alternative to showcase three gorgeous appears to be like, however none of them have been significantly thrilling, I’m afraid to say.”

“Mkay,” says /u/niktheburger.

Xtina: “Alright, shifting on all the way down to /u/All_About_Aja!”

Xtina: “This look was genius. You could have come onto All Stars preventing. No one else thought to do a freakin’ gingerbread home! Nicely accomplished tonight!”

Squazie: “Beloved it!”

“Yess! Thanks guys!” says /u/All_About_Aja.

Xtina: “Alright, let’s transfer on all the way down to /u/sharris2475!”

Micro: “Sharris, on S2, you have been a standout for me. You killed it week after week. You have been despatched residence throughout a ball. This was a second so that you can redeem your self. Sadly, I believe you fell flat right this moment. Your look is predictable. In the event you make it previous this problem, show to us who you might be and why you’re a one in every of a form all star. You could have it in you.”

Xtina: “Sadly, I do agree. I believe your runway was simply too primary in comparison with everybody else’s. I do know you possibly can slay the stage honey!”

“That sucks…” says /u/sharris2475.

Xtina: “Final however not least, shifting on all the way down to /u/SoshiWoshi!”

Squazie: “Beloved it!”

Xtina: “Your look tonight is gorgeous, it is distinctive, trendy and camp. That is Soshi throughout. What an excellent begin to the season!”

“Woman my porksword is rock onerous proper now!” giggles /u/SoshiWoshi.

Xtina: “Now, based mostly on the judges’ critiques, we have now made some choices…

/u/thesharialaw… /u/All_About_Aja… you’re the high two All Stars of the week! Condragulations.”

“Sure bitch!” says /u/thesharialaw.

“Thanks,” says /u/All_About_Aja.

Xtina: “Thanks.

/u/SoshiWoshi and /u/lilac_candy, you might be each secure. Meaning /u/niktheburger and /u/sharris2475 – you might be within the backside two.”

🏁 sharris2475 I got here right here with such excessive expectations of myself and… this sucks.

🏁 niktheburger I am within the backside two on episode one… why does this really feel so acquainted?

Xtina: “Now, /u/thesharialaw and /u/All_About_Aja, every of you will want to resolve which of the underside queens you’ll remove when you win the lipsync. So, when you queens deliberate within the werkroom, the judges and I can be… feasting on some milk and cookies.”

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -


Who ought to win the lipsync on your legacy? Vote right here!


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