Episode 4 – “Bloop!” [POLL] : XtinasDragRace

The queens return to the werkroom after /u/DripeeshaIman’s elimination.

“Our drag legend has gone…” says /u/Benjie50.

🏁 Benjie50 Being within the backside two shook me to my core. I’m not going to be secure any longer. It is time to step it up and rock this competitors.

“That was… kinda emotional,” says /u/sinecaw.

“It actually was…” says /u/annawoop, “Regardless of what all of us consider her, Dripeesha was an icon.”

“It is true,” says /u/sinecaw.

“Congratulations to you, /u/TPRGB, so properly deserved!” says /u/Dippitlow.

“Thanks a lot,” says /u/TPRGB.

🏁 TPRGB Snatching that win, being referred to as the darkish horse of the competitors? Wow. I’m actually loving this sense, I am unable to lie!

“Time to dedrag everybody…” says /u/jermibarn.

The digicam cuts to /u/sinecaw.

🎶 dramatic music

🏁 sinecaw Dripeesha’s exist has shocked all of us. It is turning into much more actual now that every week, somebody goes to go house. I have been secure for 2 weeks so I must step my puswatcha up and snatch one other win. Shortly!

“I am so hungry!” burps /u/Dippitlow. The opposite queens burst out laughing.

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 4 -

The winner of Xtina’s Drag Race receives a sickening provide of Elizabeth Arden fragrances and a money prize of $100,000!

The queens enter the werkroom in a conga line. /u/annawoop enters final and slut drops.

🏁 annawoop It is a new day within the werkroom! There are 6 of us! The numbers are taking place however the competitors is getting hotter y’all!

“I’m wondering what recent hell right this moment will avail,” says /u/Benjie50.

“Oh c’mon miss vocabulary!” laughs /u/sinecaw.

V.O. COUGHING? Throughout my interview? Hahaha… shoot him!

“Let’s go!” claps /u/TPRGB.

The ladies collect across the monitor and see Xtina.

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 4 -

Xtina: “When it doubt, stick a label on it and promote it! {Dollars} make me holler!”

“If we now have to do some type of HSN bullshit…” says /u/jermibarn.

Abruptly, Xtina enters the werkroom.

Xtina: “Howdy whats up whats up bitches!”

The ladies cheer in pleasure.

Xtina: “Queens, I’ve an AMAZING announcement to make.”

“Oh no…” whispers /u/annawoop.

Xtina: “I’ve began my very personal luxurious on-line vogue model! And it is referred to as… Bloop!”

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 4 -

The queens giggle.

Xtina: “For this week’s maxi-challenge, you’ll need to design your very personal product to be bought on Bloop! Now, you’ve gotten free reign to market no matter you need, however keep in mind… make it humorous! And on the runway tonight, class is… Huge Hair, Do not Care!”

“Snap out of it! Ohhhh!” says /u/Dippitlow, flicking her hair again like Cher.

Xtina: “That… was rotten.”

The queens giggle.

Xtina: “Keep in mind, I’m searching for your Xtravagance, Tenacity, Nerve, Instinct and Audaciousness! Good luck and do not fuck it up! Byesies!”

The queens get to work on their merchandise.

/u/Dippitlow, /u/annawoop and /u/sinecaw are sitting collectively.

“After final week, I’m shitting bricks,” says /u/annawoop.

🏁 annawoop Michelle mentioned to me to mainly be careful as a result of I’ll land within the backside quickly… a minimum of that is what I received from it.

“I’m praying for an additional win or excessive placement this week, I am unable to afford to be secure but once more. It is week Four now, like we’re on the midway level.” says /u/sinecaw.

“Our monitor information are good and symmetrical,” laughs /u/Dippitlow.

“To not be shady however… who do you suppose will go house this week?” asks /u/sinecaw.

“You first…” says /u/Dippitlow, trying into the digicam.

“Properly jermibarn is perhaps subsequent, I do not know. Benjie actually turned out that lipsync final week so I feel she has extra to supply,” says /u/sinecaw.

“Jermibarn did fairly good within the ball, however I feel this problem will decide a number of issues,” says /u/Dippitlow.

“I… would additionally say Jermibarn,” says /u/annawoop.

“Think about us as the highest three,” says /u/sinecaw, “How cute!”

In the meantime, /u/Benjie50, /u/TPRGB and /u/jermibarn are working collectively, though /u/jermibarn is nowhere to be seen.

“After final week, I’m simply going to go full on with this problem,” says /u/Benjie50.

“You bought it woman,” says /u/TPRGB, “I imply take a look at me – I used to be doing okay however then I snatched a win. Something can occur!”

“What are you pondering of doing?” asks /u/Benjie50.

“Hmm… I’m not certain what I’m doing to be trustworthy,” says /u/TPRGB.

🏁 TPRGB I must recentre my chakras! Get into gear! C’mon Sweet, snap out of it!

“Woman the place is our sis Jermi?” asks /u/Benjie50.

They give the impression of being across the room however she is nowhere to be discovered.

“Properly… that is awkward…” says /u/TPRGB.

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 4 -



r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 4 -

Xtina: “WELCOOOOOOME to the principle stage of Xtina’s Drag Race! Automoderator, aren’t you simply essentially the most good capitalist client?”

Automoderator: “I simply purchased my 82nd buttplug!”

Xtina: “And hey Michelle Visage! Oh wow is that your new matte lipstick? I am lappin’ it up!”

Michelle: “Sure, however it’s not to your lips.”

Xtina: “My queens have been tasked with creating their very personal merchandise for my new way of life model – Bloop! And on the runway tonight, class is… Huge Hair, Do not Care! So Redditors, begin your engines and will one of the best queen… win!”

🎶 DRAG… is all around the world… it is a phenomenon…

“I am strolling down the runway within the largest hair piece I’ve ever worn! I’m dwelling for it and I am hoping to not be blown too onerous!”

Xtina: “Puff puff… cross.”

Automoderator: “Nice and dandy… lion.”

Michelle: “Am I on the flawed present?”

“For my Huge Hair runway, I’m channeling the 60’s, Bob Mackie, Cher, anybody and everybody. I’m loving this popdelic inexperienced and purple sample that strikes wherever I would like which is ideal for holding the hair as the main focus.”

Xtina: “I wanna caftan-tan-tan… with you.”

Automoderator: “I like a little bit of gown play.”

Michelle: “Sixties sixties drag queen.”

“This class is unquestionably an opportunity to lean into the extra costume a part of my drag, and who can resist a glance made solely out of hair? This look is impressed by the mandrake plant, and I’m feeling completely toxic.”

Xtina: “Knotweed is an actual bitch.”

Automoderator: “Launch the kraken!”

Michelle: “That is a mandrake, Maury.”

“I am serving clown bussy couture, this look is a little bit completely different from what I usually serve however I would like present I’ve vary and may give a couple of look!”

Xtina: “I am getting struggle flashbacks from Season 3…”

Automoderator: “Give up clowning round!”

Michelle: “It: Chapter 3.”

“That is my Huge Hair runway!”

Xtina: “Catch of the day…”

Automoderator: “A match Mermaid in heaven.”

Michelle: “She has her tail between her puswatcha!”

“I’m carrying a glance that could be a tribute to my stunning tradition on this large half up pony I really feel like Black Woman Magic in a garment I really feel fantastic and Inpowered!”

Xtina: “Fierce.”

Automoderator: “Coming to America.”

Michelle: “I adore it!”

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 4 -


Xtina: “Welcome again queens. Now let’s check out your Bloop! merchandise.”

Blood Thicc

OMG, I am as flat as a pancake, what might I probably do? Properly, I’ve the reply! I am Canza La Present and right this moment is the opening ceremony of my new challenge – Blood Thicc. I do know what your pondering, “Canza you ain’t thick!” Properly firstly, fuck you! Secondly, I’ve seen wonderful progress with my product. I wish to go stab my worst enemies and take photographs of their blood and so they make you thick. Let me inform you, and always remember! Blood is all the time thiccer than water. And for those who do not buy it, I am going to stab you!

Temper-Ring Cellphone Case

Purchase your ‘Temper Ring’ telephone case NOW! Developed with a purpose to detect the slightest change in your temper, your case can now inform everybody the way you’re feeling as an alternative of you having to! THIS PHONE CASE works off the vibes in your sweaty little palms, sensing whether or not you’re completely satisfied or unhappy, nervous OR EVEN energetic!!

No want for silly questions any extra with this helpful gadget!

PRE-ORDER YOURS TODAY on the smart value of £6.90 or £4.20 with one time low cost code: BINGBANGBONG

Anna Woop’s Loopy Comfy Cincher

Do you wanna be a vogue doll? Would you like a waist like mine? Properly, look no additional than the brand-new, one-size-fits-all, Anna Woop’s Loopy Comfy Cincher! A product made for the woman who would simply DIE for vogue. This cincher makes use of particular expertise to grab that waist, making it smaller and smaller the longer you put on it! With an industrial-grade lock and kit system, as soon as the cincher pops shut, it actually would not cease! Really feel these organs flip to cream as you obtain the physique of your goals! Eyes? Kiss them goodbye! Liver? By no means knew her! Rectum? Who wants ’em! All your loved ones and buddies might be gagging at your new hourglass determine, or perhaps that is simply the carcass stench. Anna Woop’s Loopy Comfy Cincher: make your physique pop!

Field additionally consists of: one bodily supplies clean-up equipment, and one funeral house brochure

Sinecaw’s Botanical Bussy Boppers

With sinecaw’s botanical Bussy Boppers, you would take again your bussy the pure means. Our all pure plant based mostly components is certain to place your bussy again into combating form!

Sweet’s CUNT Candies

Do you’re feeling soiled… down there? Does your… down there, really feel not so recent? If that’s the case, that isn’t my downside and this product is not going to aid you by any means.

However if you wish to be the CUNTiest you will be, strive my fantastic CUNT Candies! All 27 items for under the low low value of 29 funds of $5781.18

The Coco Chip Prepare dinner-Cies provides you with charisma out the wazoo, till folks discover you’ve gotten chocolate stains all up in there.

The Chocolate Us provides you with sufficient Uniqueness to face out in any Crowd, till after all so a lot of these items promote that the distinctiveness turns into the norm.

The gummy Ns provides you with the nerve to stop your job for youtube and make movies all about the way you’re self-made whereas neglecting to say the tons of of 1000’s of {dollars} your dad and mom gave to you.

And the Wafer Ts, it’s only a wafer formed like a T they’re not all gonna be particular.

Now it’s possible you’ll be questioning ‘Sweet, you’ve informed us what these 4 letters do, what about all of the others within the field?’ And my reply for you is: How the fuck ought to I do know? I didn’t make this junk!

And keep in mind, all of this may be yours for under the low low value of 29 funds of $5781.18

Warning! Don’t eat in case you are beneath the age of 18, over the age of 18, pregnant, nursing, sober, drunk, or excessive

Unwanted side effects embrace: Demise


Lola’s Loner Day Sweets

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r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 4 -


Xtina: “Queens, what a tremendous episode! Now let’s start with the judges’ critiques…”

Who ought to win the problem and who needs to be eradicated? Vote right here!

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