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Nants ingonyama bagithi baba

Her arms within the air, Tyra reaches out, stuffed with energy and majesty.

Sithi uhm ingonyama

Jaffra takes out a horn from her wig, tooting it and including to the music of the music… that isn’t fairly it..

Nants ingonyama bagithi baba

Tyra is completely hitting the Zulu traces, one thing which Jaffra- who’s pulling a curtain out from her wig- is making an attempt her greatest to make it not clear…

Ingonyama nengw’ enamabala (se-to-kwa!)

Tyra has the soul of the music, and hits the ground onto her knees, nearly screaming the music non-verbally…

From the day we arrive on the planet

Tyra will get up, and begins to sneak, patter on her ft..

And, blinking, step into the solar

Jaffra blinks and opens her eyes WIDE- open and really, very dramatically.

By means of the sapphire sky

Tyra’s eyes gitter, as she begins to smile, lip syncing along with her arms motioning to the sky, full of splendor…

On the trail unwinding

Jaffra blows his horn, and does a pretend fall, making the judges snicker as she struggles on the ‘Path Unwinding’.

The circle of life

The Refrain hits, and Tyra is a real QUEEN. She is majestic, she is magical and she or he struts about, lip syncing her ass off. She doesn’t dance, she doesn’t have to- it’s fireplace.

Ingonyama nengw’ enamabala (se-to-kwa!)

Jaffra struggles with the phrases, however is humorous. She’s tenting it up, and it’s humorous.

‘Til we discover our place

Her hand on her coronary heart, Tyra smiles, wanting round at her sisters. Highly effective Queens… and she or he has household… and it’s lovely.

In The Circle…. Of Life.

Tyra smiles, and appears at Jaffra. She’s proud.

Tyra Keys, Shantay… you keep!

Tyra smiles. “Thanks a lot.”

Tyra Keys: “That was terrifying… however… I’m alive.”

Jaffra Oranj, you’re a phenomenal Queen, and have a powerful fireplace inside. You’ll be a fan favorite, however I’m unhappy to say… Sashay… Away.

Jaffra Oranj frowns. “I’m bamboozled… I’m spooked… and I’m all the time, all the time homosexual!” She struts off, smiling.

Jaffra Oranj: “It’s a disgrace! A giant darn booty calling, screaming, creaming disgrace. However, guess what? I’m STILL A SUPERSTAR!”

Lipstick Message: “They received me, GALS! However bear in mind, you gotta struggle, FOR YOUR RIGHT! You’re hella homosexual superstars, and also you’ve received the hearth for this. SLAY IT, QUEENS AND KINGS!”


r/VirtualDragUniverse - Virtual Drag Race Season 14 Africa And The Middle East: Episode 4- Minaj: The Musical

The Monarchs enter the werkroom.

“I didn’t see that coming…” Mijad says. “Gosh.”

“Can I simply be at the beginning to say…” Dandi smirks. “Bye, woman. I’m able to wipe the mirror myself.”

“No have to shade the woman who’s simply gone residence.” Aminata nods. “So, Miss Tyra…”

“You. Killed. That.” Nubia smirks.

Tyra blushes. “It was…”

“It was wonderful.” Nubia nods. “You actually smashed that. However I gotta ask you a query…”

“Certain.” Tyra smiles.

“Why didn’t you inform us you didn’t SEW? We may’ve helped ya’ll and…” Nubia shrugs. “I imply, we’re all fierce.”

“Apart from me, I really feel… generally.” Aida laughs. “I really feel just like the odd one out, if I’m being trustworthy…”

“How so, expensive?” Mom appears at Aida.

“I feel there’s this nervousness, and like… I really feel judged, as a result of I’m the daughter of Fatima, and I’ve been struggling, and there’s this pressure…” Aida shrugs.

“Lady, truthfully?” Aminata exhales. “I feel you’re sickening, however I do imagine… you’re out of your depth. I need to see you show me flawed, although. However for now..”

“It’s not sufficient.” Nubia nods.

Aida purses her lips.

Aida al-Abass: “I’m in a rock and laborious place, and… it’s a battle. I really feel this want and need to present myself. I’ve it in me. I simply.. Must do it. Give my coronary heart and soul.. And take this factor.” Aida exhales. “Can I do it…?” She sighs. “I… hope I can.”

Aminata: “I take a look at Aida, and I feel.. Did I am going too laborious? But it surely’s honesty, and I’d have appreciated this. I do know this, although. I’ve been… meh. I’ve been fantastic, however fantastic isn’t sufficient. Aminata needs to be fucking unbelievable, and I’m able to do it.”


The subsequent day, Diva struts in, and cracks a fan. “The Diva… is in.”

“I adore it. The followers.” Nicotina laughs. “Do you’ve got many?”

“Child, I’ve one in each rattling color.” Diva smirks. “I’m greater, and generally.. I want a fucking fan.”

“I imply, as a giant, arab bear…” Nicotina laughs. “I certain can relate.”

“You already know what?” Diva smirks, and takes out a fan from her pants pocket. “You deserve this, woman.”

“My very own fan…” Nicotina smiles. “That is fabulous.”

al-Abass time!

Whether or not it’s your Pink Friday… Or Roman is Reloading… you gotta present us your PINK PRINT… since you’re Queens. And KINGS!

“Nicki Minaj.” Psychotique tosses her hair. “An inspiration, a magnificence… and bitch who doesn’t take SHIT.”

Drag is POWER!

Hi there my attractive Monarch’s…

At this time, it’s time so that you can… play a sport of conceal and search!


Mijad, the place are you? You’re the one one left?


You’re our mini problem winner!

“Yay!” Mijad smiles.

My Monarch’s, for this week’s maxi problem, it’s time for a MUSICAL. We’re dedicating this musical to a favorite: The Incomparable Nicki Minaj! Every of you’ll play a job of a well-known Nicki Minaj second in historical past, on this musical, devoted to the icon!

Aminata: “I’m pumped. This problem? A fierce performer required? Ugh, sure, I’m going to do the cooking, sure I’m going to do the cleansing up throughout this problem.” Aminata winks.

Mijad, because the mini problem winner, you get to assign the roles.

Mijad: “Now, I don’t usually speak about this… however I’ve superpowers. I can sing like an angel.” Mijad smiles. “So, this can be a problem I do know I can do nicely with. The others can have dumb roles, apart from Tique and I!”

Mijad assigns the roles:

  1. Zephirine Lynd as Child Nicki Minaj

  2. Mijad as Geisha Nicki Minaj

  3. Nubia Alpha as Monster Minaj

  4. Diva LaRi as Tremendous Bass Minaj

  5. Psychotique La Roux as Silly Hoe Minaj

  6. Dandi Lionne as Mariah Hating Minaj

  7. Loango Lopé as Anaconda Minaj

  8. Tayce T. Pits as Drake Loving Minaj

  9. Aida al-Abass as What’s Good, Miley? Minaj

  10. Nicotina Rush as Chun-Li Minaj

  11. Aminata as QUEEN Minaj

  12. Blood Sultan Demirkhan as Ariana Grande Collab Minaj

  13. Mom Alkebulan as Pregnant Minaj

  14. Tyra Keys as Future Minaj

“Silly Hoe?” Psychotique snicker. “GIRL.”



As they prepare for his or her efficiency, Dandi and Tyra watch Nubia dance.

“How are you feeling about this problem?” Tyra smiles.

“I’m feeling fantastic. Do you not assume I look fantastic?” Tyra appears at Dandi. “You described your self… as a theatre Queen, proper?”

“Extra of a behind the scenes. Eloquently crafted, high-quality artisanal items…” Dandi nods. “And also you?”

“I’m a theatrical Queen, and I like to sing. I’m not a performer, however I’m devoted to the artwork of Minaj. I can spit some bars.” Tyra laughs and closes her eyes. “Gossip gossip, simply cease it, All people know (I am a motherfucking monster), I’ma have to see your fucking arms on the live performance, I’ma have to see your fucking arms on the live performance Revenue revenue…”

“Lady.” Nubia stops. “You slayed that!”

“Thanks.” Tyra smiles. “Once I was a child, I used to be obsessive about rap. I’d write lyrics, and look, and look… say the phrases, and discover a method to go sooner, and sooner. As somebody with not a number of buddies… I discovered a love for a dedication to one thing. I enter a world… and I study it.” Tyra chuckles. “It’s foolish…”

“Fucking sickening.” Nubia snaps her fingers.

Dandi appears at Tyra.

“Properly, time to apply my half.” Dandi will get up. “Gotta do that nicely…”

Dandi Lionne: “Tyra’s higher at this than anticipated. I really feel a slight little bit of nerves. I have to work at this. I’m going to provide my all. I can’t… hand over. I can’t lose.”


As everybody will get prepared, Mijad appears at Psychotique. “Let’s trigger Mischief.”

They each sneak round, pushing wigs onto the bottom while individuals take a look at the mirror, placing their make-up on.

“Prank!” Mijad laughs. “HEHEHEHEHEHE…”

Mijad closes someones lipstick, and laughs.

“Tremendous glue.” Mijad appears at Psychotique.

“Wait…” Psychotique purses her lips. “Is that this… sabotage?”

“Not, it’s a prank! They’ll get it. We’re being humorous!” Mijad laughs.

Each of them take a look at one another. “You superglued my costume to your costume!” Psychotique screams.

Psychotique runs shortly and rips her costume. “Oh, god.”

“It’s OKAY, IT’S OKAY, I HAVE A SPARE!” Mijad yells. “IT’LL BE FINE!”

“Oh my God that is..” Psychotique exhale.

Mijad: “The Pranking life just isn’t for Psychotique and I.”

They each sneak again to the mirrors.

“What’s going on?” Zephirine appears on the mirror, subsequent to Tayce and Mom.

“Oh, sheer insanity.” Mom smiles. “I really like the chaos.”

“Now, Tayce I really feel like… I haven’t gotten to know you a lot. The place did you get your inspiration on your drag?” Zephirine smiles.

Tayce appears at Zephirine… then begins to speak. “It’s my releasing of conservative values and expectations. I feel in South Africa, we don’t speak sufficient about intercourse. Being sizzling, and I’m somebody who’s labored in the direction of that.”

“Nearly political in some ways..” Zephirine nods.

“I feel extra apolitical. Past the concepts and notions of gender, race… and that’s why I really like the sci fi ingredient. A theme the place understanding variations and resolving issues of minorities may be very a lot at coronary heart.. To me, that’s Sci Fi.” Tayce smiles.

“I’m not very… educated of Sci Fi, however that sounds beautiful to listen to.” Mom grins.

“I really like that.” Zephirine smiles. “The concept of a world the place there’s energy, which means and.. Acceptance for all, that’s someplace I’d like to be at some point. And that’s what I struggle for.”

Tayce nods, taking a look at Zephirine and Mom. “Let’s hope it’ll be there at some point.”

Tayce T. Pitts: “I’m taking a look at Zephirine and Mom… and maybe, I’ve been below consuming my opponents. Not all of them are out to get you… maybe.” Tayce purses their lips. “Regardless, let’s deal with the crown.”


Who Wins?



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