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From essence +‎ -ed.


essenced (comparative extra essenced, superlative most essenced)

  1. Having an essence; scented.
    • 1847, Thomas Babington Macaulay, The Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches of Lord Macaulay, Vol. 3. (of 4)[1]:

      Oh evil was the foundation, and bitter was the fruit, And crimson was the juice of the classic that we trod; For we trampled on the throng of the haughty and the sturdy, Who sate within the excessive locations, and slew the saints of God. It was concerning the midday of a wonderful day of June, That we noticed their banners dance, and their cuirasses shine, And the Man of Blood was there, along with his lengthy essenced hair, And Astley, and Sir Marmaduke, and Rupert of the Rhine.

    • 1735, Alexander Pope, “The Fourth Satire of Dr. John Donne”, in The Works of Mr. Alexander Pope, quantity II, London: [] J. Wright, for Lawton Gilliver [], OCLC 43265629, traces 226–229, pages 79 and 81:

      Painted for ſight, and eſſenc’d for the ſmell, / Like frigates fraught with ſpice and cochine’l, / Sail within the Women: how every Pyrate eyes / So weak a veſſel, and ſo wealthy a prize!

    • 1920, Edmund William Gosse, Some Diversions of a Man of Letters[2]:

      He appreciated the general public to think about him, exquisitely habited, his lengthy essenced hair falling about his eyes, flinging forth a torrent of musky and mellifluous improvisation; as a matter of truth he was a really laborious employee, laborious within the arts of composition.



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