Flash Fiction: How to Lose a Guy

“I like him, I like him not.

“I like him, I like him not.

“Oh, Shit, I like him. Do I actually love him?

“I do not know. It is simply been three months, and his possessiveness has began bothering me. What to do with this Yasir named adhesive gel?”

Ezra requested Jasmine as she irritatingly plucked the final of the rose petal and tossed the twig within the overgrown wild bushes of the campus yard.

“I feel you higher dump him and stroll off. Three months! I swear I can not transcend one month with the identical man.” Jasmine raised her eyebrows taking a sip of her gentle drink

“I do know pricey with so many enticing faces roaming round, it is not smart to stay with a single man. However, there ought to be a cause for the breakup. And, all my breakup abilities fail relating to Yasir.” Ezra threaded her hair along with her fingers leaning towards the again of the yard bench.

“He is a thoughts controller it appears. Why do not you ask him to satisfy you at a espresso store after which flip up with a hot-looking man, you realize.” Jasmine nibbled on her sandwich as she handed the soda can to Ezra.

“Silly. Suppose one thing else,” Ezra mentioned earlier than sipping the chilly drink.

“Okay… How about this – You go along with him however drool over different hot-looking dudes. I am positive he’ll dump you. I am telling you – this trick works amazingly nicely with possessive jerks.”

“This sounds terrible.”

“Wonderful, the final – you kiss his finest buddy ensuring he watches you when you do the act.”

“I can not kiss his finest buddy.” Ezra painfully curved her lips.


“As a result of Chirag has chapped lips, and he additionally suffers from gingivitis. Yasir advised me as soon as. Yuck!”

“Oh! God save his girlfriend from getting bleeding gums.” Jasmine took a deep breath as she grabbed the Coke can from Ezra.

Deliver Deliver

Ezra’s cellphone vibrated in her purse.

“Discuss of the satan and the satan’s right here. It is Chirag,” Ezra muttered as she swiped the cellphone to attend Chirag’s name.

“What? How? The place?” She fired a collection of questions on the caller as she rose to her toes and ran in the direction of the primary school premises.

“Yeah, I am coming the place is he?” Conserving the cellphone nearer to her ear, she swiftly ran to the inside courtyard whereas Jasmine tailed her until the top of the crowded hallway.

“What occurred? You are working like a shepherd boy who has misplaced all his sheep within the jungle.” Jasmine known as her from behind.

“Yasir not nicely. He met with an accident. He is sitting within the canteen.”

“Canteen?,” Jasmine’s eyes narrowed and her eyebrows grew V. “He ought to be within the hospital. What’s he doing within the canteen? Consuming samosas huh?”

“It is a minor one foolish. I must go see him.”

“That is the time foolish. Do not hassle and he’ll assume you do not care and can lastly go away you.”

“This is not the time Jass. Hope he is alright.” Her eyes glazed as she strode in the direction of the school canteen.


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