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fromis_9 (프로미스), an initialism for ‘From Idol School’, consists of 9 members: Saerom, Hayoung, Gyuri, Jiwon, Jisun, Seoyeon, Chaeyoung, Nagyung, and Jiheon. They had been created by way of the survival program Idol College. fromis_9 formally debuted on January 24, 2018, below Stone Music Leisure. Though the band is shaped by way of a actuality present (by some means just like I.O.I or IZ*ONE), fromis_9 shall be a everlasting group, not a short lived group. Beginning 21st September 2018, it was introduced that the band shall be managed by the brand new label Off the Document.

fromis_9 Fandom Title: Flover
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Fb: officialfromis9
Twitter: realfromis_9
Japanese Twitter: fromis_9_japan_official
Instagram: officialfromis_9
Official Web site: fromisnine
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fromis_9 Members Profile:
Saerom (Rank: 3)

Stage Title: Saerom (새롬)
Start Title: Lee Sae Rom (이새롬)
Place: Crew Captain (Chief), Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visible
Birthday: January 7, 1997
Zodiac Signal: Capricorn
Peak: 163 cm (5’4’’)
Weight: 42 kg (92 lbs)
Blood Kind: B
Instagram: @lsroom__

Saerom Information:
– She was born in Suwon, South Korea.
– Training: Hanlim Multi Artwork Excessive College, Utilized Music Division Badge 4th (Alumni), Dongduk Ladies’s College (Broadcasting Division)
– Her nicknames are “Visible Saerom”, Rom-Sae, “Suwon Visible”
– Saerom older brother served at Korean Marines (channel_9 season 2)
– Her favourite meals is tuna.
– She has an attractive aura.
– She is a mannequin.
– She was a contestant on Mnet’s Dancing9.
– She starred in KBS’s Advert Genius Lee Taebaek as younger Go Ah-ri.
– She received a gold medal for leaping rope.
– She has a versatile physique so can do splits (identical like Hayoung)
– Saerom and Gyuri are the most effective English audio system within the group.
– Her favourite music style is jazz. She listens to MoonMoon and Hoody probably the most.
– She actually likes home-style cooked meal and wholesome meals equivalent to black rice and anchovies. (Fromis_Room)
– Saerom doesn’t like chocolate (KCON NYC version Half 1)
– She likes all colours of the rainbow and likewise black.
– She is a sluggish talker.
– She has nice vogue sense.
– Her favourite shade is Inexperienced.
– Saerom is the one individual on fromis_9 that has a driving license. (The 100)
– Saerom is alleged to appear like actress Han Chaeyoung. (Hey Counselor)
– She ranked third in Idol College with 71,037 votes.
– Saerom appeared in BEAST & APINK‘s “5! My Child” MV. (She is the robotic woman within the begin of the MV)
– Unnies line (Saerom, Hayoung, and Gyuri) cry probably the most and likewise cry simply. (V LIVE)
– Saerom says that the Harom’s Yoga Class scene on Idol College reveals her charms. (CECI Interview)
– Sooner or later Saerom needs to attempt to be a music present MC (mounted MC). (Love bomb fansign)
– Her motto: “Happiness is a behavior. Carry it together with your physique.
– Saerom, Seoyeon, Nagyun, and Jisun share a room on the 2nd flooring – “Mommy and The Youngsters Room”, as a result of the room consists of the oldest members and the maknae line.
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Hayoung (Rank: 2)

Stage Title: Hayoung (하영)
Start Title: Track Ha Younger (송하영)
Place: Vice-Captain, Lead Vocalist, Principal Dancer
Birthday: September 29, 1997
Zodiac Signal: Libra
Peak: 163 cm (5’4″)
Weight: 45.6 kg (101 lbs)
Blood Kind: A
Instagram: @shy9_29

Hayoung Information:
– She is from Gwangju, South Korea.
– Training: Hanlim Multi Artwork Excessive College, Sensible Dance Division Badge fifth (Alumni) (That`s why she talks to Saerom casual manner and calls her “Unnie”. As a result of Saerom is her senior)
– Her childhood nickname is Track A-Ji (pet) (Vlive) and In Idol College, her nickname was Mal-Babo (as a result of she will be able to’t discuss correctly) (Idol College), she additionally has the nickname HaBBang.
– Her buddies all the time consider bangs when considering of her, so she promised that she is going to attempt totally different hairstyles sooner or later. (V LIVE)
– She has composed songs earlier than.
– She educated and took part in hip-hop dance competitions prior to now.
– Her favourite music style is acoustic. (V LIVE)
– Her favourite colours are Pastel, Yellow and Sky Blue.
– She composed her first music at 9 years outdated. The music is about blankets. (V LIVE)
– She ranked 2nd in Idol College with 71,549 votes.
– Her seems to be make her look youthful than her precise age.
– She thinks her charming level is her pores and skin. (Idol College Ep 1)
– Hayoung have ten cats in her residence (KBS World radio Indonesia)
– She likes to cook dinner however the different members doubted it, despite the fact that she’s good at it.
– Her favourite meals are cheese candy potato burrito, bone soup, and beef. (V LIVE)
– She has a behavior of sniffing to know the aroma of cleaning soap or magnificence merchandise.
– Hayoung may be very sporty and have stability sense.
– She has a versatile physique so can do splits.
– She has a Yoga Teacher License.
– Hayoung can leap backwards and her report is 90 cm (idol room ep 53).
– Although Hayoung likes Hip-Hop she`s not good at rapping.
– Unnies line (Saerom, Hayoung, and Gyuri) cry probably the most and likewise cry simply. (V LIVE)
– Hayoung, Jiwon, Chaeyoung are sharing a room – “Bbiyoongz Room”, as a result of is the noisiest room within the dorm.
– Hayoung says that she needs to develop her composing and singing. (CECI Interview)
– All of the members love teasing Hayoung (Fromis_9 YouTube, Fromis_ Room).
– Hayoung and Jiwon have they personal composer staff known as “Dam-Dam” (Fm-1.24 fromis_9 Official Youtube)
– Her motto: “Don’t neglect what’s a very powerful and let’s do the most effective.
Hayoung’s ultimate sort: Somebody who solely has her in his coronary heart.
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Gyuri (Rank: 9)

Stage Title: Gyuri (규리)
Start Title: Jang Gyu Ri (장규리)
Place: Lead Vocalist, Face of The Group
Birthday: December 27, 1997
Zodiac Signal: Capricorn
Peak: 168 cm (5’6″)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Kind: B
Instagram: @jang._.gyurious

Gyuri Information:
– Gyuri at the moment attends Seoul College institute of arts and Majoring at Appearing.
– Gyuri is fromis_9’s “father”.
– Her nicknames are “Pet Eyes” and “Tone Gangster”.
– Her father works within the navy.
– She studied in Richmond, Virginia, USA for a 12 months.
– Gyuri needs to seem on “Actual Males” as a result of she’s assured together with her household background.
– She dislikes appearing cute, so some members name her “normal” of fromis_9. (Arirang TV)
– Gyuri is alleged to appear like Blackpink’s Jisoo.
– She ranked ninth in Idol College with 57,230 votes.
– She’s afraid of ghosts.
– Her favourite meals are all varieties of meat particularly pork.
– She likes Autumn.
– Her favourite colours are White and Orange.
– She says her manner of speech is influenced by her dad.
– Gyuri hidden expertise is enjoying the Ajaeng (a Korean instrument).
– She likes blues and ballad songs. She likes Paul Kim, Kim Kwangseok, Kim Gunmo and extra.
– She likes horror and romance movies. She doesn’t watch motion or fantasy films as a result of she will be able to’t keep targeted on them.
– She likes peaches and plums.
– Gyuri wears braces. (“King of the Masked Singer” ep 195)
– Gyuri and Saerom and are the most effective English audio system within the group.
– Unnies line (Saerom, Hayoung, and Gyuri) cry probably the most and likewise cry simply. (V LIVE)
– Gyuri and Jisun usually devour Pink Bean Tea as a result of they normally have a bloated face within the morning.
– Gyuri stated she`s extra afraid to her father than of ghosts.
– Throughout Produce 48 some netizens thought that Gyuri and IZ*ONE‘s Wonyoung look-alike.
– Gyuri needs to attempt appearing or radio DJ-ing sooner or later. (Love Bomb fan signal)
– Gyuri appeared on “King of the masked singer” ep. 195 as “Spring Flower”.
– She additionally appeared in reveals like: “Comedy Large League” (tvN), “Hey Counselor w/ Saerom” (KBS), “Jail Lifetime of Fools” (tvN), “I Can See Your Voice” (Mnet).
– Gyuri and Chuu from Loona are shut and play in the identical drama (“Courting Class”).
– Her motto: “Simply do it.
– Gyuri and Jiheon are sharing a room – “Chaboonz Room”, as a result of is the quietest room within the dorm
– Gyuri was a contestant on Produce 48 (MNET Official). (Ranked 25)
– She acts within the Korean Drama “Psycho However It’s Okay” (2020).
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Jiwon (Rank: 6)

Stage Title: Jiwon (지원)
Start Title: Park Ji Received (박지원)
Place: Principal Vocalist
Birthday: March 20, 1998
Peak: 158 cm (5’2″)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
Zodiac Signal: Pisces
Blood Kind: A
Instagram: @xjiwonparkx

Jiwon Information:
– She is from Busan, South Korea.
– Jiwon went to Chungdam Senior highschool. (Fromis_room)
– Jiwon’s English identify is Megan. (Channel_9 Season 2)
– She is a former JYP trainee (she educated there for Three years, beginning 2012)
– She was a contestant on Sixteen (survival program that created TWICE).
– She appeared in Miss A’s “Solely You” MV
– She has a behavior of shifting her eyebrows.
– Her hobbies are listening to music and purchasing.
– Jiwon’s nicknames are Megan and kkomaengie (little one).
– She thinks her most charming level is her dimple.
– She ranked sixth in Idol College with 63,816 votes.
– She has the loudest voice in Fromis_9.
– She likes horror movies.
– She additionally likes The Simpsons.
– Her favourite colours are Purple and Shiny Colours.
– Her favourite animals are large canines, for instance, Golden Retrievers.
– Jiwon and Chaeyoung are each afraid of pigeons and birds. (fromis_9 Youtube 03.05.19)
– She likes Rihanna and Ariana Grande.
– She was calm and quiet however grew to become extra outgoing after taking music classes.
– Her favourite colours are purple and black.
– She is left-handed.
– She’s good at rapping.
– Jiwon is a fan of gaming and impersonated Overwatch characters on Idol College.
– Jiwon’s sleeping behavior is that she all the time sleeps with mouth open. (Fromis_Room & Fromis_9 official YouTube)
– Jiwon says that she needs to develop her missing top. (CECI Interview)
-Jiwon and Hayoung have they personal composer staff known as “Dam-Dam” (Fm-1.24 fromis_9 Official Youtube)
– Her motto: “Have braveness and be sort.
– In addition to a number of the TWICE members, Jiwon is near (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon and IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon.
– Jiwon, Hayoung, Chaeyoung are sharing a room – “Bbiyoongz Room”, as a result of is the noisiest room within the dorm.
Jiwon’s ultimate sort: Ajusshi sort, who makes her really feel safe, she additionally gave an instance: Ma Dong-seok.
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Jisun (Rank: 1)

Stage Title: Jisun (지선)
Start Title: Roh Ji Solar (노지선)
Place: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Heart
Birthday: November 23, 1998
Zodiac Signal: Sagittarius
Peak: 158 cm (5’2″)
Weight: 43 kg (94 lbs)
Blood Kind: B
Instagram: @ro.x_rhz

Jisun Information:
– She is from Seoul, South Korea.
– She has an older brother.
– Training: Daejin Ladies Excessive College
– She has a pet named Achu.
– She’s the “mom” of Fromis_9 as a result of she will be able to cook dinner nicely.
– She’s the wink fairy of Fromis_9.
– She likes issues with scents, like candles and physique mists.
– Her favourite meals are gopchang and mint chocolate.
– Jisun doesn’t like skinship.
– Her favourite colours are Pastel.
– Jisun and Gyuri usually devour Pink Bean Tea as a result of they normally have a bloated face within the morning. (Fromis_room)
– Although Jisun seems to be like a princess, in actual life she has swag and has a lil’ little bit of woman crush facet. (NCT Evening Evening Radio).
– Jisun has unhealthy eyesight. (V-LIVE)
– She likes radios and films as a result of she likes to see and listen to totally different individuals’ tales.
– Jisun stated she’s probably the most no jam (not humorous) among the many different members. (TBS reality in star).
– Jisun is a long-time fan of Doni & Coni. (Idol Room ep. 28)
– Jisun was a cameo on Kyunghoon & Heechul’s “Falling Blossoms” MV.
– She ranked 1st in Idol College with 71,834 votes.
– Her motto: “Not relating to something when trying again, let’s dwell the day!
– Jisun shares a room with Saerom, Seoyeon, and Nagyung.
Jisun’s Very best Kind: is somebody who can`t make a mistake and doesn’t do do half-way issues, somebody on their toes. (Arirang Kpopin radio)
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Seoyeon (Rank: 7)

Stage Title: Seoyeon (서연)
Start Title: Lee Search engine marketing Yeon (이서연)
Place: Principal Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: January 22, 2000
Zodiac Signal: Aquarius
Peak: 158 cm (5’2″)
Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
Blood Kind: A
Instagram: @yeonyeony_122

Seoyeon Information:
– She was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– Seoyeon has two older brothers.
– She is a former YG trainee, and was part of YG trainee group known as “Future 2NE1“.
– She starred in GD&TOP’s “Knock Out” MV.
– Her nickname is “Sleepy Head” as a result of she has large darkish circles below her eyes.
– The members name Seoyeon “Child Panda” (TBS television reality in star)
– Training: SOPA (however she gave up in an effort to pursue her music profession)
– She is the oldest unnie of Bbang bbang (2000 liners) of Fromis_9.
– Seoyeon thinks her engaging level is her waist.
– She likes romance, hero and animation films. Her favourite film is ‘The Pocket book’.
– She likes Tori Kelly, Rihanna, Dean, Heize, and Arin from Oh My Lady.
– She likes BMO from Journey Time and has many BMO merchandise.
– She has a whole lot of chokers.
– Her favourite colours are Pink and Black.
– Seoyeon is afraid of water (some sort of Aquaphobia). (Fromis_9 Channel.9 Youtube)
– Seoyeon actually likes gummy bear sweet and milk tea. (Seoyeon’s V LIVE)
– Seoyeon virtually burnt the Fromis_9 dorm throughout FB dwell. (Fromis_room)
– Chaeyoung stated that her first impression of Seoyeon was that she was very stylish. (Seoyeon’s V LIVE)
– Seoyeon is sweet at studying choreographies. (Fromis_Room)
– Jiheon stated Seoyeon is probably the most modern member of Fromis_9 (KCON NYC Pink Carpet 2018)
– She ranked seventh in Idol College with 61,083 votes.
– Her motto: “Even when each doing and never doing issues will find yourself as a remorse. Let’s go together with do issues and remorse”.
– Seoyeon, Saerom, Nagyung, and Jisun share a room on the 2nd flooring – “Mommy and The Youngsters Room”, as a result of the room consists of the oldest members and the maknae line.
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Chaeyoung (Rank: 4)

Stage Title: Chaeyoung (채영)
Start Title: Lee Chae Younger (이채영)
Place: Principal Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: Could 14, 2000
Zodiac Signal: Taurus
Peak: 169 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
Blood Kind: B
Instagram: @c.young__0514

Chaeyoung Information:
– She was born in Pohang, South Korea.
– Training: Hanlim Multi Artwork Excessive College, Broadcasting & Leisure Division Badge eighth (Senior)
– Her nickname is Chaeng-ramji (squirrel)
– She is a former JYP trainee.
– She`s robust, she will be able to break up an apple together with her naked palms.
– She’s afraid of heights.
– Chaeyoung is allergic to apple.
– Chaeyoung is the tallest member of fromis_9 with 169 cm tall she 1 cm taller than Gyuri.
– Chaeyoung is Fromis_9’s “Shikshin / Large Eater”. (Fromis_room)
– She hates summer time as she sweats simply.
– Her function mannequin is HyunA.
– She likes motion, hero and thriller film, she falls asleep when watching romance films.
– Her interest is listening to ballad songs.
– Her favourite fruits are apple, cherry, peach. However, she has allergy symptoms to those, so she normally tries to endure the itch and eat it.
– Her favourite colours are Sky Blue and Black.
– She likes soccer, working, and baseball.
– She likes cosmetics, particularly lipsticks.
– Chaeyoung stated the most effective a part of her is her left facet profile. (Official Fromis_9 YouTube)
– She is near Dreamnote‘s Miso, they educated collectively throughout center faculty and with IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon.
– She ranked 4th in Idol College with 65,318 votes.
– Throughout Idol College, Chaeyoung was usually credited because the “Meme Queen”. (Idol College)
– Her motto: “Those that can do it, might do it.”
– Chaeyoung, Hayoung, Jiwon are sharing a room – “Bbiyoongz Room”, as a result of is the noisiest room within the dorm.
– Chaeyoung’s ultimate sort: Somebody who’s tall attracts her probably the most.
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Nagyung (Rank: 5)

Stage Title: Nagyung (나경)
Start Title: Lee Na Gyung (이나경)
Place: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visible
Birthday: June 1, 2000
Zodiac Signal: Gemini
Peak: 159 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 42 kg (92 lbs)
Blood Kind: A
Instagram: @blossomlng_0

Nagyung Information:
– She is from Bundang, South Korea.
– She thinks her most charming level is her eyes.
– She`s the maknae of Bbang-bbang sisters (2000 liners) of Fromis_9.
– Nagyung childhood nickname is Lee Nakko. (V LIVE)
– Nagyung studied overseas in China and may converse Mandarin.
– She has a whole lot of aegyo so the members name her “the cutest member of Fromis_9”
– It’s stated she seems to be like Tzuyu from TWICE.
– Her catchphrase is “Proper..proper..”
– Nakyung is a really severe gamer.
– Nagyung is a fan of Oh My Lady.
– Her favourite meals is cheese tteokbokki however she additionally likes western meals.
– Her favourite colours are Purple and Grapefruit shade.
– Nagyung’s favourite sport is Overwatch.
– She ranked fifth in Idol College with 64,001 votes.
– Nakyung says she’s the most effective in aegyo out of fromis_9. (CECI Interview)
– Nagyung likes sleeping and she or he`s actually arduous get up within the morning (The 100 & DKDK Award)
– Her motto: “Doing every thing however remorse it later moderately than be silly for not doing something.
– Nagyung, Saerom, Seoyeon, and Jisun share a room on the 2nd flooring.
Nagyung’s ultimate sort: A man who makes her really feel like she needs to guard him (fromis’s room Ep 4)
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Jiheon (Rank: 8)

Stage Title: Jiheon (지헌)
Start Title: Baek Ji Heon (백지헌)
Place: Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: April 17, 2003
Zodiac Signal: Aries
Peak: 165 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood Kind: B
Instagram: @jihoney_bb

Jiheon Information:
– She was born in Boseong County, South Korea.
– Her nicknames are Kkulging or Honey Maknae.
– Jiheon can be usually nicknamed as Smartest Member of Fromis_9. (Idol College & Fromis_room)
– Training: Jeungpyeong Center College (senior)
– In 2019 Jiheon will enroll at SOPA highschool (Movie And Theater Division), identical as IZ*ONE‘s Ahn Yujin.
– Jiheon is near Ahn Yujin from IZONE as a result of they’re from the identical company and are the identical age.
– She is a former IFI Coaching Heart and Ti Company trainee.
– Her specialty is dancing, enjoying the guitar, appearing, and Hapkido (Korean martial arts).
– Jiheon doesn’t like egg soup.
– She doesn’t wish to train and likes to remain at residence laying on the mattress.
– She likes to learn books.
– Her favourite colours are Black and Blue.
– Her worst take a look at rating to date was 92 factors.
– Her favourite topic is historical past despite the fact that she isn’t good at it.
– Her favourite colours are black and white.
– She thinks her charming level is her tooth. (Idol College Ep. 1)
– Jiheon have acrophobia (phobia of heights). (Vlive)
– She handed an audition for Woolim Leisure however didn’t develop into a trainee.
– Jiheon says the out of fromis_9 she is probably the most formidable. (CECI Interview)
– Some members are afraid to Jiheon as a result of she will be able to learn members’ thoughts. (NCT Evening Evening Radio)
– Her motto: “My Approach.
– Jiheon and Gyuri share a room.
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