Glow-in-the-Dark Lip Gloss, a vampire diaries fanfic

Vampire Elena. Set a while after Klaus.

“Rapidly, Elena does not wish to go to the haunted home. Why? Glow-in-the-dark lip gloss.”

“Hey. Elena. You’ve gotten any lip gloss?”

I took my lip gloss out of my pocket and glanced on the brilliant blue bottle. If I may have gone pale, I’d be that, or brilliant, brilliant crimson. Since my shade could not give me away, and my heartbeat was nonexistent, solely my fidgeting gave me away.

“What’s unsuitable?” Bonnie requested.

“I… do not wish to go anymore,” I stated, and checked out her and Caroline with broad eyes.

Damon crossed his arms and leaned towards the wall. We had been all ready in line for a haunted home. I wasn’t certain how we managed to tug Damon alongside, however we had. “Oh, no. You are an enormous, unhealthy vampire now, and also you’re scared to go to a haunted home?”

“No. No, I do not wish to go. I modified my thoughts. Let’s go to the haunted maze as an alternative.”

“Elena!” I checked out Caroline, anxious – however not anxious for myself. “Come on! It is not that unhealthy! Actually! I do know you did not like them earlier than, however now you are a vampire!” She stated that fairly loudly, however there have been so many different individuals dressed up that if we had been overheard speaking about witches, werewolves, and vampires, no one would care because it was Halloween. “We’ll know all in regards to the scares earlier than they even occur.”

Damon was smirking – I set my resolve. “You realize what?” I pulled a daily chap stick out of my pocket and gave that to Caroline. That was a little bit behavior we have not in a position to break – lip gloss or chap stick. “You need proof?” I gave her and Damon a smile of my very own. “Proof, proper? That is all you have ever wished?”

He eyes flickered to Damon, after which again at me. “Actually?”

“Yup.” As I put extra lip gloss on, I took my spot subsequent to Damon. “You requested for it.”


And it was higher, figuring out the place individuals had been hiding earlier than they popped out, listening to the noises earlier than issues had been conscious to different individuals. As an alternative of constructing me dizzy and giving me a head ache, the strobe mild made my senses go into overdrive, however it was higher as quickly as we left the room. It was the tip I used to be wanting ahead to and dreading probably the most.

We had been in a darkish room with black lights. My white tennis sneakers had been glowing, and so had been the designs on my shirt.

I tugged on Damon’s hand, making him flip round. I knew he could be carrying a smirk when he rotated, however I additionally knew it might drop the second he noticed my face.

And I used to be proper.

His smirk was set in place, prepared to provide me hell when rapidly it was gone. He now had an ‘oh, shit’ look plastered on his face.

And it was excellent timing as a result of Bonnie, Matt, Caroline, Tyler, and Jeremy selected that precise second to make it to the identical room we had been in. He tried to depart, however I had him, immediately, by each arms.


He had brilliant blue smudges on his face and on his lips. I caught my face round his physique, grinning.

The lip gloss that Caroline had wished to borrow was glow-in-the-dark lip gloss. I had purchased it as a result of it was on sale, and since it was berry flavoured. Two wins for the worth of 1.

After taffy apples earlier within the day, Damon and I had snuck away for a couple of minutes. A couple of minutes was nothing – for a vampire, a couple of minutes making out was heaven. It simply meant that my glow-in-the-dark lip gloss was throughout him. I jumped on his again, grinning, and playfully bit his ear. “Cat’s out of the bag now, Damon.” He turned to attempt to glare at me – if he could be blushing, he’d be beet crimson. However he was turning within the precise method I wished him to, and Caroline caught what I hoped she’d catch. Her gasp made Damon whip his head round and glare at her. “I dare you, Blondie.”

I pinned his arms to his aspect and Caroline rigorously approached, pulling the collar of his shirt down. He was struggling, however I used to be stronger as a result of I used to be so fucking giddy.

Apparently, he had forgotten all about our little snack, too. Despite the fact that we had healed the bites, there was nonetheless lip gloss throughout his neck. Warmth pooled in my intestine at seeing that beautiful expanse of neck.

“Gross.” I regarded again at Jeremy. I am certain my eyes had been crimson, that starvation danced in them.

“Extra for me.” That is all of the warning Damon bought. I bit him. And never only a regular chunk. We had been engaged on making biting pleasurable. I imply, certain. Biting for a vampire was pleasure, it doesn’t matter what, particularly throughout intercourse. However there have been methods to make it a lot extra fulfilling whenever you had been simply biting and feeding.

He ran my again into the wall, pushing himself towards each inch of my physique. He arched his neck and supplied it to me in a greater place, and I ached with need, not solely in my enamel, in my abdomen, however in my want. I pulled again, groaning with pure pleasure.

“Somebody’s nonetheless a messy eater,” Caroline joked.

“That one was on goal,” I stated, breathy.

My again was nonetheless pressed towards the wall, however immediately, Damon was kissing me, licking the remainder of the blood off my face after which extra kissing. Regardless of how a lot I wished him to feed – once more – we had an viewers, and I knew he had forgotten that in his pleasure.

“I believe we have to cost them for the present.”

“Huh?” He pulled again. There was no blood on his face, however there was much more lip gloss smeared. I flickered my eyes ahead and he was gone.

I grinned and straightened my shirt. “I wish to know who guess what and when!”


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