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Paraphrasing from the Guitar e book: An instrument that does not get performed is nugatory at any value. As such, when shopping for a harmonica, it’s best to purchase one that’s of excellent high quality, and have loads of supplies for it.

Except you get a harmonica from somebody you understand very effectively or have discovered a really particular selection, and are keen to undergo the method of sanitizing the harmonica, you need to by no means purchase it off of another person—particularly not on eBay. Not like different devices, harmonicas have far more contact with the mouth, and likewise are seldom cleaned; the top result’s quite a few gunks on the harmonica. “My very own harmonica has loads of pores and skin cells on the mouthpiece, so who is aware of what’s contained in the physique of the harmonica,” says a Wikibooks contributor.

That being mentioned, a harmonica will not be an costly instrument, so that you don’t have a lot motive to go for a second hand, until, as acknowledged, you want a particular selection. For instance, a superb high quality diatonic, comparable to Hohner’s Massive River Harp, is about $20 (£20) with tax, whereas a low high quality one is even much less, comparable to Hohner’s Bluesband ($3.50, £9) and Scorching Metallic ($7.00). The issue, in fact, is the standard; Bluesband, for instance, will not be polished, simply fully machine made. Additionally, a superb high quality harmonica will all the time include a tough plastic case, with the upper finish provide cushioned linings and a sure diploma of safety (that being mentioned, do not anticipate your harmonica inside to outlive a two-storey drop).


Comb Materials Suggestion[edit]

Whereas comb supplies don’t come into play by way of sound (particularly to the overall viewers), they do matter by way of upkeep. There are 4 sorts of supplies:

  • Wooden: The well-known Hohner “Marine Band” and “Chromonica 270” harmonica have picket combs, and a few say it has a greater, extra “heat” sound than some other materials. This, nevertheless, stays to be confirmed. A picket comb has the marked drawback of swelling with moisture, in addition to being vulnerable to different issues (humidity-related change of measurement, splintering, warping, and so forth). Typically, the swelling of a picket comb could cause it to jut out and lower into your lips as you play the harmonica, though, this hardly ever occurs on newer picket combed harmonicas. The brand new deluxe model of the Hohner Marine Band avoids this with specifically re-engineered and sealed pearwood, however it’s nonetheless comparatively moisture-sensitive in comparison with plastic or metallic.
  • Plastic (ABS): Straightforward to keep up, and is turning into the most-used materials for the comb. It is usually very simple on the lips.
  • Plexiglass: Frequent in high-end fashions. As a plastic variant, it’s simple to keep up, however many say it will probably crack simply.
  • Metallic: Normally a thick Aluminium billet, however typically chrome steel is used. Sounds the identical as plastic, however much less vulnerable to put on and tear because of screws. Nonetheless, be careful for the aluminium oxide powder that will type, since it’s abrasive. Costly.

For a newbie, I would advocate choosing one of many two plastic combs (or a metallic comb, if you don’t care in regards to the value), because it has nearly no disadvantages.

Cowl Suggestion[edit]

For every kind of harmonicas, the duvet (or extra accurately, the resonating chamber the covers fashioned) is what really create the acoustics of a harmonica. There are two fundamental sorts:

  • Conventional cowl This seems within the low-cost to usually priced harmonicas, comparable to Hohner 270, 280, and Massive River. The again of the covers are extra open, delivering a vivid and clear tone of the instrument. This makes taking part in amplified via a bullet mic higher, because it mainly delivered all of the sounds; thus Is most well-liked by Blues gamers. Observe that each Marine band and Massive River have holes on the aspect too, which makes the sound even brighter.
  • Cowl-all This design is particularly widespread in most high-end harmonicas, comparable to Hohner Meisterklass and Hohner Tremendous 64. It barely muffled the harmonica however resonate it extra, which produce a heat, mellow tone that’s a lot fuller (aka “a fats tone”); that is important for enjoying in a extra acoustic nature, comparable to taking part in Mississippi blues, Bluegrass, Jazz, and classical music. In truth, because of the tight necessities of classical music, many classical gamers want cover-all designs.

Lastly, there’s the duvet materials. Historically, cowl is made from metallic, which offers a brighter sound. Plastic (e.g. CX-12) produces a softer sound in what some gamers have described as a displeasing “plasticy” timbre. Many gamers, nevertheless discover the CX-12 to have a loud Rock, R&B and Jazzy tone appropriate for these genres of music and in sound take a look at after sound take a look at no listener described the CX-12 as “plasticy”. In truth the CX-12 sound is taken into account vivid and loud in comparison with many different chromatics and the instrument is rising steadily in reputation. Suzuki Pureharp is without doubt one of the tiny manufacturing fashions that use wooden as a canopy, which produces a pleasantly smooth sound.

Observe: What is an efficient tonal high quality is closely depending on the music you are taking part in and the viewers.

Selection of key[edit]

There are various keys accessible for the harmonica; chromatic are available in all twelve keys.

  • C main: This is named the usual key, particularly for diatonic. Most particular version chromatics (e.g.: hard-bopper, 16-holes) are solely accessible on this key.
  • B main: It is a widespread key used to play Irish music. By way of a chromatic, it is slide-in place is strictly the identical because the slide-out place of a chromatic in the important thing of C. One can purchase an Irish-tuned C main chromatic by reversing the slide (flipping the slide the other way up), in order that the slide out place is in the important thing of C, whereas slide in will flatten the notes (B main). Observe that for the CX-12, you cannot flip the slide upside-down.
  • G main and F main: One other widespread different key, since there is just one sharp/flat to handle.
  • E-flat main and B-flat main: Permits one to play any music written for Bb clarinet or Saxophone. E-flat allows one to play E-flat in straight harp and B-flat in crossharp, whereas Bb allows taking part in Bb in straight harp and F in crossharp.

For newbies, it’s best to get a harmonica tuned to the important thing of C as you may play most songs with that key. Additionally, for some higher-end fashions (particularly 16-hole chromatics), the inventory model solely is available in the important thing of C, so gamers ought to simply get used to taking part in in the important thing of C till they acquire extra expertise. It’s doable to play in D Dorian or G Mixolydian on a C Main harmonica with out using bending.

First harmonica[edit]

Some declare that diatonic harmonicas are simpler to be taught than chromatic harmonicas, and this can be true for some individuals. Nonetheless, it’s best to decide on which sort you wish to be taught and deal with it, fairly than purchase a harmonica simply because it could be simpler to be taught. Here’s a record of which music genres every sort is utilized in, if it helps you determine which sort of harmonica is best for you:

  • Chromatic: Used primarily in Jazz and Classical music, however it will probably cross-over into Blues music typically.
  • Diatonic: Used primarily for Blues music, however typically for Rock, Nation, Bluegrass, People, Celtic and Gospel music.
  • Tremolo: Primarily utilized in People music, particularly Asian folks music.
  • Different varieties: In case you are an absolute newbie, don’t hassle with any sort aside from those listed above. The opposite varieties (Bass, Chord and Octave) are fairly onerous to be taught, and there may be little studying materials accessible for them. The Horn, Bass and Chord harmonicas are utilized in Classical music and likewise in harmonica-only ensembles. Octaves are primarily used for People music.

Listed under are suggestions for every sort of harmonica, aside from the Bass, Chord and Octave harmonicas.

Observe: If the place you purchase from doesn’t have a harmonica tester (a tool with a bellow that blow and draw air), don’t purchase it; for all you understand, the harmonica is busted, and it is fairly often you can’t return/substitute/refund a harmonica.


In North America, a superb high quality 10-hole diatonic is an efficient starter. I might advocate the next, within the following order:

(As a former nationwide champion, I provide this knowledge: Harmonicas are not dear like pianos and pedal harps. If you wish to be discouraged and give up prematurely, get an affordable, onerous to play instrument. If, nevertheless, you wish to give your self a superb likelihood to grasp and luxuriate in these wonderful devices, get a high-quality, simple to play and straightforward to bend instrument. The distinction in value is akin to a household meal at McDonalds.)

  • Seydel Session: This harp is all German made with prime quality and glossy design. An incredible array of tunings are provided and alternative reedplates are simple to acquire.
  • Seydel Solist Professional: Sealed wooden comb and bolted meeting.
  • Suzuki Bluesmaster: Total cowl and high-quality development.
  • Hering Classic 1923: Brazilian made with a sealed wooden comb. Tuned in “Simply Intonation” just like the early Marine Bands.
  • Lee Oskar Main: Fully hermetic and has massive chambers. It is usually tuned barely sharp for a vivid single-note sound. Substitute reed plates can be found for it.
  • Hohner Particular 20: One of the crucial fashionable diatonic fashions. Fully hermetic.It has plastic comb and therefore immune to moisture.
  • Hohner Professional Harp: The ProHarp is a part of Hohner’s new Modular System. The harmonica is hermetic, and alternative reed plates will be purchased for it.
  • Hohner Blues Harp: That is additionally a part of Hohner’s new Modular System. The wooden resists swelling, and alternative reed plates can be found for it.
  • Hohner Marine Band: One of the crucial well-known harmonicas, and is the oldest mannequin among the many others listed right here. Its coated slots assist in the direction of a extra bluesy sound and the brand new Deluxe Version of it’s made from wooden which is immune to swelling.
  • Hohner Massive River: The Massive River, most cost-effective amongst these decisions, additionally makes use of the Modular System. The harmonica is hermetic, and alternative reed plates will be purchased for it. Makes use of Marine Band model covers.
  • Hohner Silver Star: The Silver Star is most cost-effective harmonica then others.It is available in all keys. An okay harp if you wish to take a look at the waters however not for professionals.

Hohner XB-40[edit]

When you be taught your diatonic abilities (notably bending) it might be a good suggestion to contemplate the Hohner XB-40, particularly for Blues and Jazz music. The convenience of bending is particularly suited to play chromatically.

Not like a valved diatonic, the XB-40 permits true chromatic notes to be performed with ease, because it has a complete of forty reeds, in addition to separated chambers for blow and draw notes. This may also be thought-about as a really costly first harmonica, however it’s nonetheless doable to be taught on it like a traditional diatonic; solely factor to bear in mind is that there was no materials made particularly to take benefit XB-40’s skill but.

The benefit of the XB-40 is that it doesn’t want a slide to play chromatically, thus it may be good for enjoying with a rack and one other instrument. Additionally, because it makes use of bending rather a lot, it may be a superb approximation to trumpets and saxophones, which frequently used to supply the wailing sounds that is wanted in blues and jazz.


For chromatics, all the time get not less than 12 holes (Three octaves). The worth goes from $89.00 for Hohner’s Chrometta 12, to $138.00 for Hohner Chromonica 270, and $192.00 for Hohner CX-12. Whenever you purchase a chromatic, you’ll have to determine in the event you want a straight-tuned or cross-tuned slide:

The fantastic 16 gap Chromonica is simply too massive to suit fully within the palms. The 12 gap is best for results, comparable to muffled or vibrato tones. If getting a C chromatic, get the Tenor selection, which incorporates the decrease three octaves discovered on the 16 gap instrument. Most 12 holers are tuned to the higher three octaves.

You could find 10 gap chromatics. The highest notes are tuned fairly like a diatonic instrument with the slide out, and with every notes sharped by pushing the slide in.

  • Straight-tuned: having smaller holes, thus much less air get via, making notes taking part in troublesome because of air restriction. Nonetheless the slide travels a shorter distant.
  • Cross-tuned: having greater holes, thus extra air goes via; particularly useful for decrease octaves. Nonetheless, the slides journey an extended distance; and thus, the slide stands proud from the physique a bit extra. This in flip makes the slide extra inclined to wreck. So simply hold it in its field!

In the long run, it is dependent upon your taking part in model. {Many professional} gamers could want straight-tuned, however even after they have to make use of the cross-tuned harps, (often 16 holes, as most bigger manufacturers use cross-tuning now for the 16-holes) their virtuosities are hardly ever hindered.


  • Hering 7148 Particular 48: It is a nice chromatic for Jazz and Blues. Previously referred to as the “Charlie Musselwhite.”
  • Hering 5148: Hering’s commonplace 48 is a superb throughout chromatic with a bolted meeting and an ABS comb.
  • Hering 1148 Velvet Voice: That is just like the 5148 however options an uncommon cowl design and a mellower tone. It is rather moderately priced.
  • Seydel Chromatic Deluxe: German made different to the Hohner 270 that’s tighter. It is rather related in design to the 270 however bolted collectively. It is available in each wooden and acrylic combs.
  • Seydel Saxony: The Saxony options chrome steel reeds and is the one chromatic that does. The comb is aluminum and the reed covers are available in chrome steel or brushed chrome. it is a high chromatic and the value displays that as effectively.
  • Huang 1248: The Huangs had been Hohner designers. It is a good high quality chromatic for a low value and just like the Suzuki SCX collection in design.
  • Hohner Chrometta 12: Not advisable until you might be on a finances, or searching for an affordable chromatic with plastic comb; its mouth piece is thick, leaky, and the outlet separators are so skinny that it may be troublesome to isolate a single observe. Whereas earlier fashions fixed the reedplates to the comb with drift pins, present fashions are held along with machine screws.
  • Hohner 270 (Tremendous Chromonica): The 270 has the drawback of a picket comb and utilizing nails, and thus making repairing extraordinarily troublesome. Nonetheless, it has a straight-tuned slide, and its mouthpiece is skinny, making lip-blocking simple. Some additionally swear by the sound of the picket comb, however in actuality it makes little or no distinction in sound. Many aged professional gamers use this mannequin and nonetheless purchase this mannequin after their outdated one breaks down. It is usually cheaper. If one actually enjoys or prefers the decrease octave’s sound, however needs to cup the complete harmonica, get a 12-hole in Tenor C.
To deal with these points, Hohner launched the Chromonica 270 Deluxe, which makes use of the screw solely meeting, in addition to enable slides to vary for each proper and left hand participant. Hypothesis is that it is value is just a bit bit dearer than the outdated model however nonetheless cheaper than CX-12. It nonetheless retains the straight tune, making it a good selection. The one drawback, in fact, is the atmosphere delicate picket comb.
  • Hohner CX-12: This has the benefit of a plastic comb, and really simple to disassemble: no screwdriver wanted to disassemble it into the slide, the cover-mouth piece, the backplate, and the comb with screwed on reedplates, making cleansing simple. Its crosstuning doesn’t have a lot drawback, since its new model of spring create an equally quick response as a straight tuned comb, and the slide button coated the uncovered half, defending it. Nonetheless, its mouthpiece is thick, making octaves nearly unattainable and tongue-block troublesome. Moreover, its pressure primarily based elements (particularly backplate-spring, which holds the comb in place) simply create extra put on and tear. It is also dearer; in Vancouver, it’s simply 5 bucks cheaper than a Tremendous 64.
  • Hohner 280, Tremendous 64, or Tremendous 64X (Four octaves): Assuming you had performed a diatonic, and realise harmonica is the correct instrument for you, then maybe you might wish to bounce straight to the 16 holes, because it offers to a lot versatility in taking part in music. Whereas the costs for each are about twice the quantity value of 270, it was about the identical value of CX-12, (and even much less for 280). In trade for the benefit of disassembly, each 16 holes enable the participant to play on on octave decrease, and when used together with particular tongue-block methods, it permits the harmonicist to make the most of sure methods and play songs unavailable on a 12-holes’ vary. Nonetheless, do take into account that it’s tougher to play the underside octaves no matter slide tuning (although straight-tuned harp are tougher to play than cross-tuned harp), and it is tougher to cup the bigger harmonica. The 280 is available in a conventional cowl, and the Tremendous 64 and Tremendous 64X is available in an general cowl (though, the 64X’s cowl is well cracked and onerous to restore).
  • Suzuki SCX fashions (48, 56, 64): In East Asia, Suzuki’s mannequin is simpler to purchase. Most gamers who play in North America acknowledged that the SCX mannequin has a number of air-leakage, whereas many in Asia discovered that the Hohner mannequin has extra air leakage. In my area (Vancouver, B.C.), the SCX is far more costly then its Hohner counterpart for the same product, so I like to recommend Hohner’s chromatic for these additionally within the Decrease Mainland. Its general efficiency is similar to Hohner, nevertheless, the SCX-48 is the one 12-hole chromatic that has the coverall cowl (other than CX-12), which boosts the tonal and quantity of the sound.
  • Hering 5164, 6164, 7164 (Four octaves): Brazilian made 16 holers favored by many chromatic gamers.
  • Renaissance: In all probability the most effective chromatics, now made by Seydel. Its slider association enable holes which can be even bigger than cross-tuned chromatics, however have the identical brief distance motion of a straight-tune harp. It’s costly, however effectively value it in case you are devoted to taking part in chromatics.

Although it could typically be onerous to seek out Seydel, Hering, Suzuki or Huang chromatics in a traditional music retailer, they are often discovered on-line and on Ebay. They’re of top quality they usually hardly ever have any air-leak issues whereas having straight-tuned slides (until you favor cross-tuned slides).

So in the end, it is dependent upon the value and ease of upkeep.


If you happen to dwell in Asia, likelihood is your first diatonic can be a tremolo harmonica, since there are extra supplies for these. In that case, solely get a Tremolo made in East Asia (comparable to Tombo and Suzuki), since most supplies in East Asia are designed for the Tremolo with the “lacking” notes added again (Fa and La in decrease octave, Ti for higher octave), that are taken out within the European designs for ease of chord development. You do not want to spend the additional cash to purchase your C# harmonica but, until you bought a particular deal. In Taiwan, Harmonica Heaven and Yellow Stone are a number of good locations to start out.

Upon getting discovered your tremolo ability, if you wish to progress; getting a chromatic can be a good suggestion.


That is an all-blow instrument that consumes a good quantity of air. Every gap has two reeds, tuned an octave aside, for a full, wealthy sound. You can also make it sound very like an organ and even an electrical or string bass, however the sound is fuller. It is a comparatively costly instrument. Hohner makes an important one, however I really want my Hueng’s resonnant sound.

It is very simple to be taught, if you understand one other instrument. As soon as when our bass participant all of a sudden ate a foul taco earlier than a live performance, I drafted my teenage daughter to fill in for him. She practiced about 5 minutes earlier than the curtain rose and no person mentioned a phrase, besides to ask how lengthy she’d been taking part in. She checked out her watch and instructed them.

The instrument is comprised of two full harmonicas, one in the important thing of C-Main, white keys on the piano. You blow for C and also you blow for D and E and F, and many others. It has one other harmonica hinged above it, in the important thing of C#-Main. When taking part in it, in the event you’re used to a slide chromatic, the higher harmonica is tuned just like the decrease can be with a slide pushed in, besides in fact there is no such thing as a drawing, simply blowing.


‘Peg O My Coronary heart’ by the Harmonicats is the magnificent tune that made the Chord well-known. Please be suggested that ‘Peg’ has bought a variety of chord harmonicas however just a few gamers have mastered that troublesome tune on it.

This instrument is a full two-feet lengthy. It is complicated in manufacture, and it is costly. I really like my wood-combed Hohner Chord. Different makers produce chords.

Just like the Bass, it is a twin harmonica, however in contrast to the Bass’ tuning, it has a wholly set of blow and draw chords on the highest and backside. It is designed as an accompaniment instrument with every set of 4 holes taking part in one chord. It performs all main and minor chords in all keys, plus dominant 7ths, in addition to many of the augmented and diminished ones.

It lacks a number of of the major-Seventh and major-Ninth chords however I’ve discovered that by taking part in two adjoining chords without delay, and tongue-blocking sure holes, most of these lacking chords can be found.


The Chordette by Hering has bass notes (single-reed) and their chords, aspect by aspect, with a plastic comb. Just like the Chord and Bass, it’s two harps, one on high of one other. You are able to do accompaniment issues on it which can be unattainable in any other case. It is lacking a number of chords, however it’s a first-class instrument.

If you wish to experiment, I made one higher harp out of two. On one harp solely, I filed every reed 1/2 step sharp (help the reeds on a razor blade and gently skinny the information with a jewellery file) on one harmonica. (If you happen to file a bit an excessive amount of, flippantly scratch – do not file – the basis of a reed to flatten its observe. Be light.) I epoxied it to the correct of the opposite harp, so I’ve nearly all chords in a 20″ lengthy Chord+Bass. I take advantage of it when lacking a chord or bass participant, or on quick, intricate songs like ‘Ghost Riders within the Sky.’

Studying materials[edit]

“When my uncle gave me my harmonica, he additionally gave me some studying materials”, says a Wikibooks contributor. “I gave up inside one month. Whereas the harmonica is sweet (it is really a Suzuki ProMaster, an excellent high quality harmonica) the fabric, with many errors and so little assist, instructed me nothing and I gave it up for 2 years. It was solely after I had gone out and acquired my very own instruction e book did I really discover the harmonica will not be a foul instrument.”

Clearly, this textbook is handy; however to illustrate you might be giving a present and also you imagine giving them a bodily e book will likely be higher.

So what’s required?

  • Applicable supplies – Whereas it’s debatable whether or not one ought to begin with chromatic, diatonic or tremolo (once more, it is dependent upon the instructor and area), ensure the fabric matches the kind of harmonica given, particularly newbie books. The very best e book will be capable to cowl two varieties (often diatonic and chromatic). Moreover, to play effectively, you’ll have to be taught greater than tabs, which might solely let you know which notes to play however don’t train you HOW to play them. You’ll have to be taught commonplace music notation (sheet music).
  • Tabulature – Harmonica tabulature, or just tab, is a lot better for a newbie to be taught from, because it exhibits them the breath path and gap to play at, and it’s a lot less complicated than sheet music. The tab needs to be clear, and reasonably spaced, such that it is extremely related between the spacing utilized in conventional music notation. Additionally, see in the event you can perceive the tab notation with out some other references.
  • Conventional music notation – A participant won’t ever excel till they’ll additionally learn conventional music notation because it teaches them to learn music in addition to exhibiting the rhythm, accidentals, and many others. Moreover, there are lots of issues that may solely be proven via conventional format. I personally discover taking part in immediately from conventional notation is simpler, however this comes with apply.
  • Strategies – Clearly, the extra methods which can be taught, the higher. Nonetheless, the client ought to see if it touches upon bending. Except the e book is for Tremolo or Chromatic, that is required for a harmonica participant. If the instruction on bending will not be clear sufficient, don’t purchase it!
  • Fundamental Music principle – In an effort to actually set up the truth that it’s greater than a noise maker, some musical principle is required. This isn’t as onerous as some might imagine, however it’s akin to studying a second language. (Stretch these mind cells!)
  • Construction of Blues – A great way to pique their curiosity is to indicate that Blues is definitely the muse of contemporary music after which present them tips on how to assemble the 12-bar blues, chord development, and many others.
  • CD – Some CDs really comprise verbal classes from the creator whereas some have particular software program in it. Nonetheless, even just a few tune samples and backing tracks are good.

Whenever you purchase materials, don’t simply have a look at the creator; really learn via the content material. Some could also be good gamers however horrid writers. It may also be onerous to guage what’s the “applicable degree”, even when each gamers are novices on the identical form of harp. For instance, a e book of introduction to taking part in blues on the chromatic will be simple for one newbie however too superior for an additional. Whereas a tab-only e book can produce an reverse state of affairs. Some could not even have any of the above, however for a complicated participant they’re all invaluable, as they supply many insights into taking part in. Conversely, it’s doable that some books are overly beginner-orientated for a complicated participant.

As soon as your ear coaching will get higher, it may be very helpful to strive studying songs solely by ear. Discover recordings of songs that you just suppose you may play after which attempt to dissect them into every observe and rhythm. This takes apply and is a ability in itself, nevertheless, it may be very rewarding.



As a substitute for this Wikibook, one must also contemplate buying any of the next:

  • Harmonica For Dummies: A complete information that begins initially however consists of materials progressing to the intermediate degree. Clearly written within the step-by-step, modular model that’s the hallmark of the Dummies method, the e book consists of an audio CD with all of the musical examples and workouts within the e book. Along with progressive taking part in instruction in a number of types, the e book additionally presents data on selecting an instrument, care and upkeep, forming a band, selecting repertoire, amplification, and performing for audiences. Nonetheless, the e book focuses on the diatonic harmonica, with minimal dialogue of different sorts of harmonica.
Particulars: By Winslow Yerxa, printed by John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
  • The Full Fool’s Information to: Enjoying the Harmonica: A really complete e book, with easy-to-follow directions. It needs to be famous that this e book is oriented in the direction of absolute newbies and thus, doesn’t cowl extra superior methods, comparable to overblowing. It additionally focuses totally on the diatonic harmonica, leaving out the entire different varieties.
Particulars: By William Melton and Randy Weinstein, printed by Alpha Publications. ISBN: 0-02-864241-4.
  • The Harp Handbook: Written by Steve Baker, a well-known harmonica participant. That is arguably the most effective harmonica guide-books because it covers not solely the fundamental methods, but additionally the extra superior methods. It additionally teaches two sorts of harmonica – the diatonic and the chromatic.
Particulars: By Steve Baker, printed by Sensible Publications.
  • The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica: A really informative e book.
Particulars: Written by Peter Krampert, printed by Tatanka Publishing.

Movies and CDs[edit]

As informative as this Wikibook or any of the opposite books that are listed are, nothing compares to a DVD or play-along CD; watching and listening to somebody play the harmonica will allow you to to play it higher. Really helpful CDs and DVDs:

  • Harmonica Masterclass: This is without doubt one of the greatest harmonica DVDs. It’s a multibook and DVD collection, protecting absolute newbies and people at extra superior ranges. Extremely advisable.
Particulars: By David Barret, printed by Mel Bay Publications.
  • Harmonica Energy: Norton Buffalo’s Bag of Tips: A really informative DVD, simple to observe.
Particulars: By Norton Buffalo, printed by Homespun Video.
  • New Instructions for Harmonica – Increasing Your Method: For these at extra superior ranges, not advisable for newbies.
Particulars: By Howard Levy, printed by Homespun Video.
  • Blues Harmonica Playalongs: Made by the well-known harmonicist, Steve Baker. Glorious for newbies and likewise these at extra superior ranges.
Particulars: By Steve Baker, printed by Mel Bay Publications
  • Harmonica Jam Trax: Additionally nice for newbies, however it could bore some superior gamers.
Particulars: By Ralph Agresta, printed by Amsco Music.


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