He Has No Lips! How Will He Get A Kiss Kiss?


He Has No Lips! How Will He Get A Kiss Kiss? is a catchphrase utilized in a well-liked TikTok sound clip that went viral on the platform in late June 2020. The sound stems from two earlier TikTok traits, one which incorporates a lip reveal and one ironic development that makes use of berating textual content. For the reason that sound was first made by TikToker thereal_tati in late June, many lipsync and dance movies have used it.


On June 21st, 2020, TikToker thereal_tati uploaded a duet with polo.boyy which gained over 3.four million likes in a month. Within the video thereal_tati reads of the textual content in polo.boyy’s video saying, “He has no lips. How will he get a kiss kiss? Very ugly. No kiss for him. Oh my god so good-looking.”


In Might 2020, TikTokers started hiding after which exhibiting off their lips utilizing the “pucker up” filter. On Might ninth, madularr uploaded an instance that garnered over 70,200 likes in two months (proven under, left). In June, TikTokers started paradoxically berating themselves for varied attributes or belongings. On June 15th, TikToker Glaf uploaded an instance by which they make detrimental remarks for less than having one greenback (proven under, proper). The video, which options the track “Ego” by Willy William gathered over 1.2 million likes in a month.


On June 27th, 2020, TikToker bebopbo uploaded a brand new dance to accompany the sound which obtained 291,900 likes in three weeks (proven under, left). That very same day, TikToker pegging uploaded a video of a cat’s face set to the sound (proven under, middle). The video acquired over 324,900 likes in three weeks. On July 2nd, TikToker Charlesmallet uploaded a lipsync video that garnered over 1.2 million likes in 15 days (proven under, proper). StayHipp printed an article on the development.

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