How to Clean Glasses Properly, and What Not to Do

When you put on eyeglasses, you most likely acknowledge how irritating it’s to have dust, grit, or grease caught on the lenses. And past being annoying, it may well trigger eye pressure and complications.

What’s extra, micro organism usually tend to develop on glasses that haven’t been cleaned shortly. Fostering germs in a delicate space, equivalent to your nostril and your eyes, poses dangers.

In keeping with Dr. Jonathan Wolfe, an optometrist in Ardsley, New York, a fast eyeglass cleansing ought to be a part of your every day routine eye care routine.

“This will depend on [your] occupation, private hygiene, and tolerance for blur, however I’d advocate that the typical glasses-wearer give their lenses a light-weight cleansing every day, and their frames a weekly cleansing,” Wolfe says.

A 2018 research confirmed that harmful micro organism can develop in your eyeglasses, together with the micro organism that trigger staph infections.

The nostril pads and ear clips of the glasses that have been examined have been discovered to be essentially the most contaminated areas of the eyeglasses.

Maintain studying to learn how to scrub your glasses safely and hygienically.

The lenses of your glasses are the important thing to seeing your world in sharp, clear focus.

In keeping with Dr. Wolfe, a lens cleansing routine doesn’t need to be sophisticated, upon getting the steps down. “If it takes you greater than 20 seconds to scrub your lenses, you’re most likely overthinking it,” he says.


  • Microfiber fabric. The most secure, only software you should utilize to get your glasses clear with out smearing or scratching them.
  • Cleansing answer. Spray made for eyeglasses that states it’s protected for polycarbonate lenses and lens coatings is finest, however it’s also possible to use lotion-free dish cleaning soap.


  1. Wash your arms completely so that you’re not transferring germs out of your arms to your glasses.
  2. Run heat water over your glasses to eliminate mud or different issues that may scratch the lenses. Use distilled water as an alternative of water from a faucet if there’s exhausting water in your space.
  3. Wipe your glasses down with the microfiber fabric.
  4. Spray your glasses on either side with cleansing answer. When you’re utilizing dish cleaning soap, put a single drop on either side of the lenses and gently rub it over the lens floor. Rinse if utilizing cleaning soap.
  5. Dry your glasses off by shaking off extra water droplets. If you wish to keep away from streaks and watermarks, use gasoline duster (canned air) to dry them.

Frames have a lot of tiny elements, like screws, springs, and hinges, which may get soiled with sweat and oils out of your face. Dr. Wolfe factors out that whereas cleansing your eyeglass frames is essential, individuals typically skip this step.

“Cleansing the body is essential principally for private hygiene, for the reason that body is consistently touching your pores and skin,” he says.

“Most individuals, even those that usually take excellent care of their glasses, are likely to overlook cleansing their nostril pads. This may result in every kind of minor dermatological points.”


  1. Run the frames underneath heat water. Use a gentle cleaning soap, like lotion free-dish cleaning soap, and apply it to your frames utilizing your fingertips.
  2. Rinse the frames completely underneath heat water.
  3. Use a moist towelette with rubbing alcohol to scrub the nosepads and earpieces of your frames.

There are just a few widespread errors that folks make when cleansing their eyeglasses.

Keep away from these supplies

Paper towels, tissues, and the material of the shirt you’re carrying would possibly look like a straightforward repair for smudged lenses. However in keeping with Dr. Wolfe, you’ll want to follow comfortable lens cloths, like the type that include your glasses while you first get them.

“For cleansing lenses, the most typical mistake I see is individuals utilizing tissues or paper towels,” he says. “These supplies are too coarse and may trigger minor scratches to develop on the floor of the lenses.” Over time the lens looses its readability.

Don’t use merchandise with acetone

One other widespread mistake is to make use of nail polish remover to scrub lenses and frames. That is by no means a good suggestion. “Acetone (usually present in nail polish remover) is surprisingly damaging to each lenses, and to plastic glasses frames, if left on the floor for too lengthy,” Dr. Wolfe says.

Saliva doesn’t clear lenses

While you’re determined to eliminate a smudge in your glasses, it’d look like a good suggestion to make use of your personal saliva to lubricate the lens.

This isn’t a good suggestion both, as you’re mainly masking your lens with germs out of your mouth, which may then multiply. From a sensible perspective, your saliva may additionally make the smudge look worse.

Optometrists, ophthalmologists, and eyeglass retailers provide skilled cleansing. At many eyeglass retailers, you may convey your glasses again to the place you bought them for a complimentary cleansing.

In case your glasses have an oily buildup across the ears or nostril that doesn’t go away after your personal makes an attempt to scrub them, or in case you’re noticing repeated breakouts in your nostril or round your ears the place your glasses contact your face, an expert cleansing could be the reply.

It’s additionally price asking for a cleansing each time you get your eyeglasses adjusted or go to your annual eye examination. When you need assistance discovering an eye fixed physician in your space, the Nationwide Eye Institute has sources that will help you get began.

Throwing your glasses right into a journey bag or onto your nightstand with none safety is a recipe for scratching and smudging. Storing your eyeglasses safely is simply as essential as cleansing them appropriately if you wish to make them final.

On the go, at all times retailer them in a hinged, hardshell case. These circumstances can be found at most drugstores in addition to the optical retailer the place you bought your glasses.

When you don’t have a hardshell case accessible, a comfortable pocket-style case will do in a pinch so long as you safe your glasses within the zippered pocket of your suitcase, briefcase, or purse.

Ideally, you’ll retailer the glasses in a case at evening.

In any other case, you may place your glasses on a clear, steady countertop or furnishings floor with the lenses dealing with up. Open either side of the “temples,” or earpieces, of your glasses and place them the wrong way up to retailer them appropriately in a single day with out a case.

Cleansing your eyeglasses commonly ought to grow to be part of your every day routine. Not solely will this assist you see extra clearly, it may well additionally forestall eye infections and dermatological situations equivalent to blackheads and zits.


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