How Your Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Gets Made

By Christina Molina

You in all probability have it stashed in your purse proper now: That iconic saffron tube of beeswax lip balm with the addicting minty tingle has been a fan-favorite for many years—since 1991, in actual fact. That’s the 12 months when co-founder Roxanne Quimby used a recipe from a 19th-century Farmers Almanac to create Burt’s Bees’ first mouth moisturizer in a little bit ceramic pot. Now 30 years after the corporate was based, it nonetheless stays its best-selling product. We determined to unlock the secrets and techniques behind this lovable lippie by touring to the North Carolina headquarters to discover the buzzing world of Burt and his bees. Right here, see how your favourite lip balm goes goes from uncooked beeswax to relieving chap.


Step 1

The primary ingredient within the beeswax lip balm is…you guessed it…beeswax! Burt’s Bees sources their beeswax from a household of 4 farms in East Africa utilizing wild-crafted bees. “The beeswax is far cleaner in Africa as a result of there’s no contamination or pesticides of their wax” explains Celeste Lutrario, vice chairman of analysis & improvement.

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To start out the beeswax-making course of, farmers hole out logs from fallen bushes within the forest, fill them with candy grass to naturally entice the bees, and hold them in Baobab bushes. The bees then make their houses out of those logs and create their hives inside. At any given time, there are roughly 40,000 bees in considered one of these hives.


Step 2

After two to a few months, the hive turns into full and the bees depart to create a brand new hive. As soon as this occurs, the farmers harvest the honeycombs out of the crammed log, which is made up of beeswax. The honeycombs get melted and filtered of something aside from beeswax until it’s colorless. Subsequent, the farmers pour the clear wax in massive sq. molds for cargo. Every log yields about 10 whopping kilos of beeswax!


Step 3

The sq. blocks of uncooked wax get shipped to a distributor in New Jersey. There, the beeswax will get filtered once more until it’s utterly pure, then put by means of a machine that pelletizes it. “The pellets assist the wax to soften simply and uniformly,” says Christy Morton, assistant plant supervisor.

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Within the lip balm, the beeswax is used as a moisturizer, emulsifier, and as a thickening agent, and gives advantages that different moisturizers and emulsifiers don’t—therefore the cautious course of to provide the ingredient. “Loads of lip balms use petrolatum as their fundamental ingredient, which is an occlusive or closed barrier, so nothing can enter and nothing can escape from the lips,” reveals Lutrario. “The issue is that after moisture escapes, none can get again into your lips with petrolatum. Beeswax, alternatively, creates a breathable barrier—so it’ll maintain moisture in but in addition permit extra hydration to come back by means of. It truly actively moisturizes your lips.”


Step 4

The remainder of the substances get pre-weighed by batch and separated into customary pots and bowls that any dwelling would have. “Our manufacturing facility is rather like another common kitchen, however our batches are a bit larger,” says Morton. In addition to beeswax, plant employees measure out different innards together with coconut, sunflower seed, soybean, and canola oils; rosemary leaf extract; and the ever-present peppermint oil to be made into lip balms.

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Enjoyable truth: Your complete manufacturing unit was saturated with the scent of zippy peppermint oil, which even permeated by means of our garments and lingered on us for hours after we left.


Step 5

The recipe then will get dumped into three separate tanks to be combined and melted collectively—all of which might maintain as much as 500 kilograms every. “This quantity is definitely fairly small in comparison with customary plant practices, however Burt’s Bees purposefully retains our batches small as a result of we’ve to fill the components shortly in an effort to protect the freshness of the pure substances on this balm,” explains Morton.

The primary tank sifts the beeswax and combs by means of all of the pellets to separate every thing out.


Step 6

Subsequent, all of the oils and remaining substances get added to the beeswax within the second tank, which mixes every thing collectively.


Step 7

Within the third tank, the recipe will get melted down right into a clean liquid. It takes two hours from begin to end to stir and soften in these three-step tanks, and the plant solely makes two to a few of those batches a day.

The consequence: There’s sufficient liquid to fill 100,000 lip balms on this sizzling soften tank!


Step 8

The concoction then will get transferred to the lip line within the manufacturing unit, the place plain goldenrod plastic tubes get sifted and located to obtain their fill of the elixir.


Step 9

The empty tubes journey by means of the filler machine, which stuffs 600 lip balms a minute!


Step 10

As soon as crammed, the balms undergo a collection of two heating and cooling models to forestall them from cracking as they harden. “This double course of permits for probably the most uniform stick,” affirms Morton.


Step 11

Subsequent, the capper machine pushes all of the caps onto the sticks as soon as they’re utterly cooled.


Step 12

Lastly, an orienting and labeling system takes the balm, finds the middle, and situates it appropriately earlier than it will get dressed with a label. The lip balms then get sorted into bins and are delivered to the distribution heart the place they’re shipped all around the world. In complete, the plant makes 300,000 lip balms a day!

In spite of everything’s stated and achieved, it took a tough approximation of 70 bees to provide sufficient beeswax for a single tube of lip balm. And that’s how the honeycomb crumbles.

Images: Courtesy Burt’s Bees

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