I counted some (popular) words in Taylor’s albums and here is what I found : TaylorSwift

I used to be impressed by u/Memph5 and by u/sunflowerwithlegs and a few I discovered attention-grabbing and counted how usually they had been talked about in her songs in distinctive traces (which reduce down automotive in Getaway Automotive loads). I additionally solely used songs off of her albums. That is what I discovered:

  • Blue: 21 occasions, mostly utilized in Lover

  • Gold(en): 10 occasions, mostly utilized in Fame

  • Drunk: 10 occasions, mostly utilized in Lover and Folklore

  • Automotive: 13 occasions, mostly utilized in Folklore

  • Kitchen: Four occasions, mostly utilized in Lover

  • Lips: 15 occasions, mostly utilized in Fame

  • Costume: 12 occasions, mostly utilized in Fearless

  • Father/Dad(dy): 13 occasions, mostly utilized in Fearless I do know that father and pop(dy) usually are not the identical phrase, however I wished to see how she makes use of them in numerous contexts, primarily as a result of I at all times in contrast Mine and Cardigan in that regard

  • Scar: 7 occasions, twice in Folklore, 1989 and TS every

  • Roof: Four occasions, mostly utilized in Lover

  • 2 am: 6 occasions, mostly utilized in Fearless

  • Eyes: 54 occasions: mostly utilized in Fearless and Converse Now

  • Dance/Dancing: 20 occasions: mostly utilized in Rep ( you DWOHT)

  • Rain: 26 occasions, mostly utilized in Fearless

I additionally made a diagram

Blue: 21

TS: 3

Tim McGraw: “He mentioned the best way my blue eyes shined put these Georgia stars to disgrace that evening“ / “And my previous pale blue denims”

A Place on this World: “Obtained the radio on, my previous blue denims”

Converse Now: 1

Pricey John: “You paint me a blue sky”

Pink: 5

State of Grace: “Simply twin hearth indicators, 4 blue eyes”

Pink: “Dropping him was blue like I by no means knew”

All the things Has Modified: “And all my partitions stood tall painted blue

Starlight: “You’ll spend your entire stay singing the blues

This Love: “Clear blue water”

Fame: 3

Delicate: “By no means seen that color blue

Attractive: “Ocean blue eyes trying in mine”

DWOHT: “Deep blue, however you painted me golden”

Lover: 6

Merciless Summer season: “The form of your physique, it’s blue

Lover: “My coronary heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue

MAATHP: “We’re so unhappy, we paint the city blue

Paper Rings: “I’m with you even when it makes me blue

London Boy: “And you understand I really like Springsteen, pale blue denims, Tennessee Whiskey”

Afterglow: “I blew issues out of proportion, now you’re blue

Folklore: 3

Invisible String: “Gave me the blues then purple pink skies”

Peace: “In case your cascade ocean wave blues come”

Hoax: “Don’t need no different shade of blue, however you”

Gold(en): 10

TS: 1

Tied along with a smile: “However you don’t inform anybody that you simply may not be the golden one”

Fearless: 1

The Greatest Day: “Look now, the sky is gold

Pink: 1

State of Grace: “That is the golden age of one thing good”

Fame: 4

Finish Sport: “It’s like your eyes are liquor, it’s like your physique is gold

So it Goes…: “Gold cage, hostage to my emotions”

DWOHT: “Deep blue, however you painted me golden

Costume: “Made your mark on me, a golden tattoo”

Lover: 1

Daylight: “I as soon as believed love can be black and white/burnin’ purple however it’s golden

Folklore: 2

Invisible String: “One single thread of gold tied me to you” / “Gold was the color of the leaves after I confirmed you round Centennial Park”

Drunk: 10

Converse Now: 1

Imply: “Drunk and grumbling on about how I can’t sing”

1989: 1

Clean House: “I get drunk on jealousy”

Fame: 2

Attractive: “It’s best to take it as a praise that I obtained drunk and made enjoyable of the best way you speak”

Costume: “I’m spilling wine within the bathtub, you kiss my face and we’re each drunk

Lover: 3

Merciless Summer season: “I’m drunk behind the automotive”

Cornelia Road: “Drunk on one thing stronger than the drinks within the bar”

Loss of life by a Thousand Cuts: “I get drunk, however it’s not sufficient”

Folklore: 3

Cardigan: “Drunk beneath a streetlight”

My Tears Ricochet: “Drunk on the ache”

Mirrorball: “Drunk as they watch my shattered edges glisten”

Automotive: 13

Converse Now: 1

By no means Develop Up: “You’re within the automotive on the best way to the flicks”

Pink: 3

All Too Properly: “We’re singing within the automotive getting misplaced upstate”

The Fortunate One: “Now it’s massive black automobiles and Riviera views”

Start Once more: “And we stroll down the block to my automotive

1989: 1

I Want You Would: “It’s 2 am in your automotive”

Fame: 2

Getaway Automotive: “In a/the Getaway Automotive”

King of My Coronary heart: “Trigger All of the boys and their costly automobiles with their Vary Rovers and their Jaguars by no means took me fairly the place you do”

Lover: 2

Merciless Summer season: “I’m drunk behind the automotive

Cornelia Road: “”I lease a spot on Cornelia Road”, I say casually within the automotive

Folklore: 4

Cardigan: “To kiss in automobiles and downtown bars was all we would have liked”

August: “Keep in mind after I pulled up and mentioned “Get within the automotive””

That is me Attempting: “Pulled the automotive off the highway to the lookout”

Betty: “Kissing in my automotive once more”

Kitchen: 4

Converse Now: 1

By no means Develop Up: “You arrange a paint set within the kitchen and also you’re speaking to me”

Pink: 1

All Too Properly: “We’re dancing around the kitchen within the fridge mild”

Lover: 2

Cornelia Road: “Barefoot within the kitchen

Quickly You’ll Get Higher: “I’ll paint the kitchen neon”

Lips: 15

Converse Now: 2

Final Kiss: “Your title, ceaselessly the title on my lips

Ours: “Lurking within the shadows with their lip gloss smiles”

Pink: 2

Treacherous: “Put your lips near mine”

The Second I knew: “In purple lipstick”

1989: 4

Clean House: “Cherry lips, crystal skies”

Model: “And I obtained that purple lip, traditional factor that you simply like”

Wildest Desires: “Pink lips and rosy cheeks”

I Know Locations: “Unfastened lips sink ships all of the rattling time, not this time”

Fame: 4

Finish Sport “So there’s the reality from my purple lips

IDSB: “Crimson purple paint on my lips”

So it Goes…: “Lipstick in your face”

King of my Coronary heart: “The style of your lips is my thought of luxurious”

Lover: 2

IFTYE: “Your title on my lips, tongue tied”

False God: “Faith’s in your lips

Folklore: 1

Cardigan: “Sequin smile, black lipstick

Costume: 12

TS: 1

Tim McGraw: “I hope you assume that little black gown

Fearless: 3

The Different Facet Of the Door: “After every little thing and that little black gown

Fearless: “In a storm in my finest gown, fearless”

Love Story: “I talked to your dad, go select a white gown

Converse Now: 2

Pricey John: “The woman within the gown cried the entire method dwelling”

Higher Than Revenge: “However no quantity of classic attire provides you dignity”

Pink: 2

Holy Floor: “Spinning like a woman in a model new gown

The Second I Knew: “Standing there in my get together gown

1989: 2

Wildest Desires: “Standin’ in a pleasant gown

Clear: “You’re nonetheless throughout me like a wine-stained gown I can’t put on anymore”

Fame: 1

Costume: “Solely purchased this gown so you might take it off”

Lover: 1

MAATHP: “Ripped up my promenade gown

Father/Dad: 13

TS: 2

Image to Burn: “My daddy’s gonna present you the way sorry you’ll be”

Mary’s Tune: “And our daddies used to joke concerning the two of us”

Fearless: 5

The Approach I Cherished You: “Talks enterprise with my father

Love Story: “And my daddy mentioned, “Avoid Juliet”” / “I talked to your dad, go select a white gown”

The Greatest Day: “I’ve a superb father, his energy is making me stronger” / “And Daddy’s sensible”

Converse Now: 4

By no means Develop Up: “Memorize what it gave the impression of when your dad will get dwelling”

Final Kiss: “As a result of I really like your handshake, assembly my father

Ours: “And any snide remarks from my father about your tattoos shall be ignored”

Superman: “He’s obtained his mom’s eyes, his father’s ambition”

Folklore: 2

Cardigan: “Leavin’ like a father

Seven: “Your dad is at all times mad and that have to be why”

Scar: 7

TS: 2

Chilly As You: “Counting all of the scars you made”

A Completely Good Coronary heart: “Why would you wanna make the very first scar

1989: 2

Clean House: “I’ll depart you breathless or with a nasty scar

Dangerous Blood: “Battle scars, physique bumped, bruised”

Lover: 1

Lover: “With each guitar string scar on my hand”

Folklore: 2

Cardigan: “You drew stars round my scars

Hoax: ” it nonetheless hurts beneath my scars

Roof: 4

1989: 1

Clear: “So I punched a gap within the roof

Fame: 1

King of my Coronary heart: “Up on the roof with a college woman crush”

Lover: 2

Cornelia Road: “Sat on the roof, you and I”

INTHAF: “Gentle pink sky up on the roof

2am: 6

Fearless: 2

Breathe: “It’s 2 am, feeling like I simply misplaced a buddy”

The Approach I Cherished You: “It’s 2 am and I’m cursing your title”

Converse Now: 1

Enchanted: “2 am who do you’re keen on”

1989: 3

I Want You Would: “It’s 2 am in your automotive” / “It’s 2 am in my room” / “2 am right here we’re”

Eyes: 54

TS: 9

Tim McGraw: “He mentioned the best way my blue eyes shined”

Teardrops on my Guitar: “Look into these stunning eyes on know she’s fortunate ‘trigger”

Keep Stunning: “Corey’s eyes are like a jungle”

Mary’s Tune: “And rolled their eyes and mentioned oh my my my / and our mamas smiled and rolled their eyes” & “However your eyes nonetheless shined like fairly lights”

Invisible: “She will be able to’t see the best way your eyes mild up whenever you smile” & “I simply wish to open your eyes

A Completely Good Coronary heart: “And realized by the gap in your eyes that I’d be the one to fall”

Fearless: 11

Perpetually and All the time: “As soon as upon a time, I consider it was a Tuesday, after I caught your eye” & “I maintain onto the evening you seemed me within the eye and informed me you liked me” & “I seemed into your eyes thought I knew you for a minute now I’m not so positive”

Celebrity: “I can’t take my eyes off of you” & “I’m nobody particular, simply one other wide-eyed woman”

The Different Facet of the Door: “Along with your face and the gorgeous eyes

Fearless: “You place your eyes on me”

Love Story: “I shut my eyes and the flashback begins” & “So shut your eyes

White Horse: “Possibly I used to be naïve, obtained misplaced in your eyes

The Greatest Day: “And I really like you for giving me your eyes

Converse Now: 11

Sparks Fly: “Get me with these inexperienced eyes, child, because the lights go down”

Converse Now: “I rise up with shaking arms, all eyes on me”

Pricey John: “All of the women that you simply’ve run dry have drained lifeless eyes”

By no means Develop Up: “Your little eyelids flutter trigger your dreaming”

Enchanted: “Partitions of insincerity, shifting eyes and emptiness” & “Your eyes whispered “Have we met?””

Higher Than Revenge: “I’m simply one other factor so that you can roll your eyes at, honey”

Haunted: “One thing’s made your eyes go chilly”

Final Kiss: “And I roll my eyes and then you definitely pull me in”

Superman: “He’s obtained his mom’s eyes, his father’s ambition” & “One thing in his deep brown eyes has me sayin’”

Pink: 9

State of Grace: “Simply twin hearth indicators, 4 blue eyes

Treacherous: “Out of focus eye to eye

All Too Properly: “And my wide-eyed gaze”

The Final Time: “And also you open your eyes into mine” / “And proper earlier than your eyes” / “You break my coronary heart within the blink of an eye

All the things Has Modified: “Is inexperienced eyes and freckles and your smile” / “And your eyes appear like comin’ dwelling”

The Second I knew: “I’ve obtained my eye on the door”

1989: 3

Model: “You bought that James Dean daydream look in your eye” / “So it goes, he can’t hold his wild eyes on the highway”

I Know Locations: “Within the lifeless of the evening, you’re eyes so inexperienced”

Fame: 6

Finish Sport: “It’s like your eyes are liquor, it’s like your physique is gold”

Delicate: “Generally after I look into your eyes

So it Goes…: “All eyes on you, my magician/your phantasm is, all eyes on us”

Attractive: “Ocean blue eyes trying in mine”

Name It What You Need: “Starry eyes sparkin’ up my darkest evening”

Lover: 3

Merciless Summer season: “Devils roll the cube, angels roll their eyes

ITHK: “Lyrical smile, indigo eyes, hand on my thigh”

London Boy: “Like a baby when our eyes meet, darling, I fancy you”

Folklore: 2

Exile: “These eyes add insult to damage”

Illicit Affairs: “Preserve your eyes down”

Dance/Dancing: 20

TS: 1

Tim McGraw: “The one we danced to all evening lengthy”

Fearless: 2

Fearless: “And you understand I wanna ask you to dance proper there”

Fifteen: “And also you’re dancing ‘around the room when the evening ends”

Converse Now: 3

Enchanted: “Dancing round on their lonesome”

Final Kiss: “I’m not a lot for dancing

Lengthy Dwell: “The evening you danced such as you knew our lives would by no means be the identical”

Pink: 4

All Too Properly: “We’re dancing around the kitchen within the fridge mild”

22: “All the things shall be alright if we simply hold dancing like we’re 22″

Holy Floor: “Tonight I’m gonna dance for all that we’ve been by, however I don’t wanna dance, if I’m not dancing with you”

Starlight: “And we had been dancing, dancing

1989: 3

Welcome to NY: “It’s a brand new soundtrack I might dance to this beat, beat forevermore”

Out of the Woods: “Once we determined to maneuver the furnishings so we might dance

Shake it Off: “I’m dancing by myself, I’ll make the strikes up as I’m going”

Fame: 5

DWOHT: “However we had been dancing, dancing with our arms tied, arms tiedYeah we had been dancing, prefer it was the primary time – Yeah we had been dancing, and I had a nasty feeling, however we had been dancing”, “So child can we dance?”

Folklore: 2

Cardigan: “Dancin’ in you Levi’s”

Betty: “Plus I noticed you dance with him”

Rain: 26

TS: 4

A Place on this world: “Attempting to see by the rain coming down”

Chilly As You: “Oh what a disgrace, what a wet ending given to an ideal day”

Tied Collectively With a Smile: “However he leaves you out like a penny within the rain

Keep Stunning: “I’m taking photos in my thoughts so I can save them for a wet day”

Fearless: 8

Perpetually and All the time: “And it rains in your bed room, every little thing is fallacious; it rains whenever you’re right here and it rains whenever you’re gone”

Come In With the Rain: “That you simply’ll are available in with the rain

TOSOTD: “Wait there within the pouring rain

Fearless: “There’s one thing ‘bout the best way the road seems when it’s simply rained

Hey Stephen: “Can’t assist it if I wanna kiss you within the rain so”

The Approach I Cherished You: “However I miss screaming and combating and kissing within the rain

Converse Now: 5

Sparks Fly: “The best way you progress is sort of a full on rainstorm”, “Meet me within the pouring rain

Pricey John: “Then return and switch it to rain

Final Kiss: “I do recall now the odor of the rain

If This Was A Film: “Stand within the rain outdoors until I got here out”

Pink: 1

All the things has Modified: “All I do know is pouring rain

1989: 2

How You Get the Lady: “Shaking come the rain, rain”

Clear: “Rain got here pouring down after I was drowning”

Fame: 1

TIWWCHNT: “So why’d it’s important to rain on my parade”

Lover: 4

Cornelia Road: “We bless the rains on Cornelia Road”

London Boy: “Present me a grey sky, a wet cab journey”

ME!: “Like a rainbow with all the colors”. “And once we had that struggle out within the rain

Folklore: 1

Peace: “However the rain is at all times gonna come”


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