Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velvet Trap Lipstick Watermelon Soda

I bought 4 shades of this new lipstick method: Bare Physique, Unicorn Blood, Malibu Seaside Home, and Honey, Suck Me.

Throughout the shades, the method is peculiar. It appears like a flour and lip balm paste in your mouth. Not precisely disagreeable, however it doesn’t really feel like a traditional lipstick.

There is a powdery end that retains issues fairly matte–velvet even! Sadly the end contributes to the largest challenge with the method: it doesn’t sit easily on the mouth. You solely get one swipe or it bunches up.

For the extra regular shades Bare Physique and Unicorn Blood, the protection is appropriate. Unicorn Blood stains the lips, so do bear in mind. Malibu Seaside Home is sort of patchy, as is Honey Suck Me.

What made me write this assessment is the shade Honey Suck Me. In daylight, the colour seems to be utterly totally different from the lip swatch. I anticipated a pleasant Mid Century coral (suppose Tongue Pop from Blood Sugar) and obtained Barbie pink, screaming blue undertones, which look terrible on my very cool toned honest pores and skin.

In abstract, the least thrilling shades have been satisfactory and the 2 fascinating shades have been unusable. Jeffree Star Cosmetics usually makes beautiful merchandise. However Velvet Lure? Exhausting move.

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