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Lanolips founder, Kirsten Carriol couln’t discover the proper lip balm. Whereas lamenting her chapped lips on a flight, she remembered t

he wondrous really feel of lanolin – an ingredient her father DNA scientist father had stated was “the key to pores and skin moisturisation” -a product she had lengthy forgotten, however had really beloved. The choice was made, Kirsten was to got down to create the best lanolin primarily based lip and skincare vary on the earth: Lanolips.

LANOLIN: Nature’s Marvel Moisturiser
Lanolin is a 100% pure substance discovered on the wool of a sheep, that helps maintain their coat protected and dry. Lanolin is the animal-cruelty-free by-product of wool washing after shearing.

Lanolin works in three distinctive methods:

1. It’s semi-occlusive, that’s, semi-permeable, permitting pores and skin to self-hydrate from inside.

2. It’s a moisture reservoir, holding as much as 400% its weight in moisture.

3. Greater than another synthetic or natural ingredient, the molecular construction of lanolin carefully resembles that of human pores and skin, making it probably the most skin-compatible ingredient you should use.

Lanolips is pure and non-toxic. NO synthetic fragrances, NO Parabens, NO petrolatum, NO Mineral Oil, NO Sulfates, All formulation 98% – 100% pure.


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