Lanolin – Should It Be In Your Skin Care Products?

Lanolin softens and protects. It is harvested with out harming animals. It is rapidly absorbed by the pores and skin with out clogging pores. So why are folks avoiding it?

What Is Lanolin?

A pure, pure product, lanolin is just the wax taken from sheep’s wool, after the sheep has been shorn. The sheep shouldn’t be damage. He most likely doesn’t get pleasure from having his fur reduce off, however the individuals who do that are extremely skilled, they do it rapidly, and the sheep joins his herd once more in a matter of minutes.

The clipped wool is of course lined with a pale-yellow, water repellent wax. Also referred to as wool fats, it is objective is to maintain the sheep wholesome and dry. It is extracted from the wool by a boiling course of. That is crude lanolin.

Refining – the Key to Security

The subsequent step is to refine this wax, and take away impurities. PBS just lately made a documentary on lanolin, and so they purified it by mixing it with olive oil and water. The impurities dissolved into the water and oil, leaving the lanolin as an off-white wax which could possibly be gathered up.

In industrial lanolin processing, refining is finished in sterile environments and thru many phases. This refining course of is the important thing to the protection of the lanolin. Relying on the wants of the producer, the lanolin may be refined crudely, during which case it might nonetheless comprise impurities. Or it may be refined to medical grade – secure sufficient for nursing moms to make use of on cracked nipples.

So Why the Dangerous Press?

There are two potential issues with lanolin.

1. It may be refined to acceptable beauty grade and nonetheless comprise impurities, a few of which may be allergens. People who find themselves allergic to lanolin are most likely allergic to unrelated elements that weren’t eliminated within the refining course of. Additionally, some producers use a chemical bleach to whiten the colour. And the completed product could have been combined with vegetable oils or gentle paraffin that comes from different sources. There could possibly be impurities in these components.

2. Some lanolin may be tainted with DDT, dieldrin, lindane, or different poisonous pesticides. It is doable for these carcinogens to make their means into our skincare merchandise. It is because the sheep could also be consuming meals that has been handled with these or different pesticides.

Make Certain Your Lanolin Is Protected

Each issues are solved by shopping for your lanolin-based merchandise from a good firm; an organization you already know and belief; an organization with visibility – a web site with contact info; an in depth label on their product. Be sure the lanolin in your lotion is labeled as pure grade, high quality grade, extremely refined, or medical grade. In case you’re uncertain concerning the grade, e mail the corporate via their web site. The well-refined lanolins can be freed from pesticides and impurities.

When buying a completed skincare product, be sure, too, that it has not been examined on animals.

Lanolin itself shouldn’t be more likely to trigger allergic reactions, though every particular person should test with their physician earlier than utilizing something that’s absorbed into the physique.

Pure lanolin is obtained with out harming the sheep – versus emu oil, which is gathered by killing the fowl. Lanolin is a near-perfect pores and skin softener and emollient. Many lanolin-based merchandise are non-animal examined. And by ensuring the cleaning soap, lip balm, pores and skin cream, moisturizer, or hair product you employ accommodates solely excessive grade or medically graded lanolin, you may breathe simple, and revel in lanolin’s advantages.


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