Lip Biting – 5 Tips To Stop The Annoying Habit

On this article I’ll focus on 5 methods that may make it easier to cease the repulsive lip biting behavior. This behavior may cause speedy soreness and if it continues it may very well be severely dangerous to your well being. It’s a behavior that must be stopped on your well being, but additionally on your outer picture that individuals painting to be concerned physique language.

5 tricks to stopping the lip biting behavior

1. Be aware

While you first need to cease a behavior you might want to first acknowledge if you end up doing it and cease your self. This may break the unconscious cycle. Nonetheless, somewhat than telling your self to cease lip biting, inform your self to maintain your mouth open or smile. It is because your thoughts can not inform the distinction between you eager to do one thing and never eager to do one thing. For example, whenever you say “do not chew lip” your thoughts solely acknowledges “chew lip”. It is advisable feed your thoughts with a totally totally different thought. When you cease the thoughts from interested by lip biting it would weaken the neural pathway. The unconscious thoughts eliminates issues that it would not use typically.

2. Chew Gum

This can be a brief time period discount of the behavior, however at the least it would give one thing on your mouth to do and tooth to chew on to alleviate some stress. It’s higher for you than chewing your mouth.;)

3. Weaken the neural pathway for the lip biting behavior – Thought Subject Remedy (TFT) or Emotional Freedom Approach (EFT)

This can be a approach is just like Chinese language acupuncture. You utilize your fingers to faucet in your physique’s strain factors. It will weaken the neural pathways within the thoughts that maintain the connection between stress and nervousness. Create a picture within the thoughts of you lip biting after which faucet on the physique’s strain factors.

4. Weaken the neural pathway for stress and nervousness – Thought Subject Remedy (TFT) or Emotional Freedom Approach (EFT)

TFT or EFT can be utilized to interrupt the connection between an outer scenario creating an automated response of turning into tense within the physique. If you concentrate on the adverse thought and faucet on the strain factors it would cut back the depth of the emotional response.

5. Hypnotherapy or Subliminal Messages

This may break the connection between the sensation of stress or nervousness and the behavior of chewing your cheek. It is because it talks on to the unconscious thoughts and reprograms the thoughts. It may also be extraordinarily enjoyable and stress relieving and can hit the basis reason behind the lip biting behavior.


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