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From the resemblance of open fruit pods to purple lips.


lipstick tree (plural lipstick timber)

  1. (botany) The shrub Bixa orellana, of tropical areas of the Americas.
    • 1960, Sydney Clark, All of the Greatest in Hawaii, web page 338,
      Amongst flowering timber and shrubs of the Kona Coast, kalu, or yellow mimosa, is frequent, as is the yellow Timor bathe, as is the lipstick tree, whose pods give an orange-red substance good not just for lips however—if native claims are true—for margarine.
    • 1985, Helen A. Wolfe, Journey Sure: From Backpacking in New Zealand to Bushwhacking in South Africa, web page 56,
      Right here develop the tropical lipstick timber — supply of colour for meals — and the flowering African tulips.
    • 2011, Rosabelle Boswell, Re-presenting Heritage in Zanzibar and Madagascar, web page 114,
      Crushed and infused in heat water, the roots of the lipstick tree will increase male want. Nonetheless, the seeds of the lipstick tree may also be used as a substitute for saffron and is added to tandoori curry to supply a purple color.






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