MAC Lipglass Swatches: All 57 Shades in the Permanent Line, SWATCHED!

mac lipglass swatches
Tons o’ Lipglass swatches coming at-chu

There are 57 (!) MAC Lipglasses within the everlasting assortment now ($17 every), and all of them simply acquired new packaging/outfits.

Listed below are some enjoyable details you might or might not find out about them…

  1. None of them begin with the letter “F.”
  2. Two of them begin with the phrase “love.” (Love Little one and Love Nectar)
  3. Three of them begin with the phrase “pink.” (Pink Lemonade, Pink Nouveau and Pinkarat)
  4. One among them is known as after an insect. (Yellow Jacket)
  5. There are three “Rs” (not two) in Prrr.
  6. A number of of them have coloration counterparts, like Russian Pink (additionally a Lipstick), Impassioned (Lipstick) and Soar (a Lip Pencil).
  7. Although it’s not within the everlasting assortment, as soon as upon a time there was a shade known as Evolution Revolution. ?

Along with their even shinier outfits, in addition they acquired a bit of greater (replace: the brand new tubes maintain 0.10 ounces, and the previous Lipglass tubes held 0.17 ounces).

You’ll acknowledge your previous faves amongst them, like Nymphette, Spite and Lychee Luxe…

Oh, wait! These are my previous faves. 🙂 The glosses themselves haven’t modified (similar patent-leather shine and hella sticky vanilla-scented system). They’re simply carrying new outfits.

1. Angel

mac angel lipglass

2. Child’s a Vamp

mac babys a vamp lipglass
Child’s a Vamp

3. Beaux

mac beaux lipglass

4. Bittersweet Me

mac bittersweet me
Bittersweet Me

5. Blissful

mac blissful lipglass

6. C-Through

mac c-thru

7. Sweet Field

mac candy box lipglass
Sweet Field

8. Sweet Yum Yum

mac candy yum yum lipglass
Sweet Yum Yum

9. Chai

mac chai lipglass

10. Chestnut

mac chestnut

11. Cultured

mac cultured lipglass

12. Want

mac desire

13. Soiled Darkish Martini

mac dirty dark martini lipglass
Soiled Darkish Martini

14. Dive Bar

mac dive bar lipglass
Dive Bar

15. Dreamy

mac dreamy lipglass

16. Express

mac explicit lipglass

17. Gal Friday

mac gal friday
Gal Friday

18. Woman About City

mac girl about town lipglass
Woman About City

19. Gold Finch

mac gold finch
Gold Finch

20. Heroine

mac heroine lipglass

21. Impassioned

mac impassioned lipglass

22. Love Little one

mac love child
Love Little one

23. Love Nectar

mac love nectar lipglass
Love Nectar

24. Lust

mac lust lipglass

25. Lustrewhite

mac lustre white

26. Lychee Luxe

mac lychee luxe lipglass
Lychee Luxe

27. Misbehaving

mac misbehaving lipglass

28. Morange

mac morange lipglass

29. Fantasy

mac myth lipglass

30. New Galaxy

mac new galaxy
New Galaxy

31. Evening & Daze

mac night daze lipglass
Evening & Daze

32. Norwegian Sky

mac norwegian sky lipglass
Norwegian Sky

33. Nymphette

mac nymphette lipglass

34. Clearly Naked

mac obviously bare
Clearly Naked

35. Oh Child

mac oh baby lipglass
Oh Child

36. Oyster Woman

mac oyster girl lipglass
Oyster Woman

37. Pink Lemonade

mac pink lemonade lipglass
Pink Lemonade

38. Pink Nouveau

mac pink nouveau lipglass
Pink Nouveau

39. Pinkarat

mac pinkarat lipglass

40. Please Me

mac please me lipglass
Please Me

41. Prrr

mac prrr lipglass

42. Purple Mocha

mac purple mocha
Purple Mocha

43. Rambunctious

mac rambunctious lipglass

44. Ravishing

mac ravishing lipglass

45. Insurgent

mac rebel

46. Roulette

mac roulette lipglass

47. Ruby Woo

mac ruby woo lipglass
Ruby Woo

48. Russian Pink

mac russian red lipglass
Russian Pink

49. Saint Germain

mac saint germain lipglass
Saint Germain

50. Saucy Little Factor

mac saucy little thing
Saucy Little Factor

51. Indicators of Spring

mac signs of spring
Indicators of Spring

52. Snob

mac snob lipglass

53. Soar

mac soar lipglass

54. Spice

mac spice lipglass

55. Spite

mac spite

56. Metal Kiss

mac steel kiss
Metal Kiss

57. Yellow Jacket

mac yellow jacket
Yellow Jacket
mac lipglass ingredients
Components (from the shade Indicators of Spring)

You need to inform me — what was the primary Lipglass you ever wore?? In the event you can’t keep in mind, what’s your present favourite?

My first was Spite! And my present favourite is my all-time favourite (nicely, one in all my all-time favorites), Nymphette.

Your pleasant neighborhood magnificence addict,



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