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 A/N: that is NSFW!. A lot of smut. I wrote this over the vacations drafted it I haven’t posted a lot smut as of recently. I really feel like. In case your below 18 don’t repost this or i’ll delete it easy. Anyway take pleasure in.


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It was a petty battle between you two that blew out of proportion. He blamed you for making him late you known as him names for being impatient. It began at your house and continued in the course of the drive there.

Once you arrived each of you separated from every
different as if you happen to had been contagious to 1 one other and also you wanted to quarantine
yourselves. Individuals knew who you had been you had been his longtime girlfriend who’s
been with him for the reason that OTRA tour but that didn’t cease males or ladies from
pushing boundaries.

Like moths to a mild males gravitate round you.
You had been nursing your third drink liking the sensation the alcohol was supplying you with.
You all the time began chatting it up, telling jokes, generally dancing if the thrill
felt actual good. However proper now you had been entertaining the boys who had surrounded
you telling them nice tales out of your childhood tomboy days.  

Together with your brilliant magenta lipstick pearly whites
and curves that might battle Jennifer Lopez you had been greater than eye sweet and
a few of them needed a bit if not the entire of you. They undressed your cross the chest strappy black
bodycon midi gown from you and imagined the lingerie you wore beneath.

As time handed by a couple of extra males gathered
round. Your eyes nevertheless usually drifted to find Harry and he did the identical to
discover you. You’re undecided if it was a silent battle between you two as a result of as
a lot ladies perhaps extra surrounded him and you may see them anxiously ready
to drop all the way down to their knees on the sound of a whisper.

You had been each doing additional issues to piss every
different off, ready for the opposite to wave the white flag and beg for the
consideration they felt they deserved. You began dancing your buzz had lessened,
you didn’t wish to make a idiot out of your self however you needed to bounce. Why not?
The music was proper you had been at a lounge so that you began swaying your hips
and Harry swore the hungry seems turned to these of ravenous and also you had been solely
a couple of stomach rolls and hip rolls away from some knob grabbing you.

Harry was the one to wave the white flag he
usually did more often than not everytime you two had been on this temper. Hated the
considered some man touching you not to mention a gaggle of males fantasizing about
you. You didn’t discover him stroll as much as you, you had been
specializing in the beat of the music.

“Be careful mate” you hear his voice and it snaps
you out of your trance. You smile at him and though he’s mad at you he
can’t assist however to smirk again at your girlish cheeky smile which all the time bought to him

“Ooo…Whoops” you say dropping your clutch

“I bought i…” a person tried to select it up for you it fell proper by your foot and if he did he would
get greater than an eyeful

“I bought it mate” Harry stated pushing you again
barely his hand in your abdomen earlier than bending to seize it

“Thanks” you smile at him  once more

“Need extra to drink?”  he asks noting your
empty glass

“Sure please”

“Come on” he stands behind you guiding you
in the direction of the bar “scuse us” he speaks to the boys earlier than they half methods

He stands behind you on the bar “Yeh know I hate
it whenever you let males undress yeh with their eyes”

You roll your eyes and switch round “look who’s
speaking your flock of girls are ready for you” you level out the ladies
taking a look at you two

He smirks and his eyes develop darkish “not jealous’re

“Of?…. it could be a disgrace so that you can depart
me” he raises his forehead at you a bit cocky so that you can say. You wrap your arm
round his neck and  kiss it earlier than you whisper in his ear “what different
girl can fuck you until you cry?….. hmmm? what different girl has ever carried out that
however me daddy?” you flippantly lick his ear

He takes in a pointy breath tightening his grip
round you. You step again and tilt your head to the aspect ready for a solution.
Harry licks his backside lip slowly reminiscing about that night time inflicting a shiver
to go up his backbone. Once you discover his eyes lose focus you flip round and
wait on your drink and Harry presses up towards you leaving no house trapping
you together with his physique so you’ll be able to really feel him

You tilt to the aspect to face him “Oh wow

His nostril flares “behave” he instructions understanding
your in a playful teasing temper

“Thanks”  you say to the bartender
grabbing your combined drink

Harry doesn’t transfer so that you play coy transferring your
ass towards his tender groin he growls lowly towards your ear earlier than stepping

“Why’d you progress?” you ask whenever you flip round

he cocks’ his forehead at you as if you happen to didn’t know
why “I needed to bounce with you” you pout

He chuckles “later need yeh to satisfy some individuals”
he says grabbing your hand pulling you together with him

“My pals” you point out noticing their unhappy

“Not your pals pet”


If there was nothing else you had been blessed it
was your attract that made males swoon over you even his new acquaintances
couldn’t resist you. They undress you in entrance of Harry stealing seems as if he
didn’t discover solely making him extra jealous so though you stood within the
center initially Harry pulled you near him so that you simply had been standing in
entrance of him and his arm proudly wrapped round your abdomen kissing your
shoulder,neck, and cheek usually to remind them who your alpha is.

He breaks each of you away from the dialog
purposely blocking their view of you together with his physique. “Yeh look too good tonight”
his eyes leisurely look over your physique

“Oh its only a gown” you’ve worn it earlier than

“Not the gown its you” It was you it was
how your curves complimented the gown to not point out how your heels made your
legs look tantalizing as you stood round.

You blush “oh you look good too” his plump lips
had been calling your title

“Do I?” he requested as he swayed you each to the
music his fingers dangerously near your ass in your decrease waist

“Sure” you say proper earlier than he does the mouth
factor that smirking earlier than outlining his lips together with his thumb and forefinger.
Your eyes lock on to his lips you wish to steal a kiss however you’ll be able to’t you by no means
actually kissed in public properly not the kiss that you simply needed anyway inflicting a
slight pout to kind as you attempt to get your thoughts off of them.

“S’matter?” Harry asks you noticing stated pout


“Inform me” he insists, pushing free strand of hair behind your ear

“I need a kiss” you converse softly

He chuckles “so kiss me don’ should ask” he
says leaning in

“No not that kiss”

“Oh?” he smirks at you pulls you nearer “what
kiss then?”

You blush “why do you all the time make me say it?”

“Cuz I believe ‘s one of the sexiest issues
yeh do” you blush and take a look at transferring away “no yeh can’ run pet” he pulls you even

You sigh and play together with his shirt which makes him
chuckle “Okay pet I do know wha yeh need once we depart daddy’ll take excellent care of
yeh ok?”

You nod and look away he smirks at your bashful

You spend the remainder of the night time beside him
generally listening generally becoming a member of the dialog. However your thoughts
often drifts to your upcoming sexcapades  till you are feeling Harry’s hand squeezing
your ass pulling you out of your ideas. You search for at him and he’s deep in
dialog gesticulating together with his different hand. So that you attempt to readjust it by
inserting it in your waist when he seems at you transferring it again down squeezing


“Sure darlin” he seems at you innocently  

“Your hand” you level out the apparent

“Mhmm” he hums

“It’s on my ass”

“So” he smirks at you

“So Harry transfer it”  this was a brand new
degree of PDA

“No” he frowns rubbing circles round it “its
good spherical nd smooth” he offers you a boyish smile You giggle and shake your head
in response.


After awhile you get impatient and it’s getting

“Harry” you name to him softly as he speaks to
one other acquaintance

“Sure pet” he turns his head to take a look at you

“Can we go house?” you chew your lip

He seems at his watch earlier than nodding. It’s a couple of
minutes earlier than you two depart

“Whoo that wasn’t so dangerous” you say as soon as he’s in
the automobile noting the paparazzi

“Eh nonetheless hate’em” he pulls away

Your legs are crossed tightly

“What’s the matter pet?” he teases dragging his
free hand up your thigh

“Nothing” you smile at him

“Feeling frisky?

“Uh huh” you say making an attempt to concentrate to the

“So are yeh gonna apologize earlier than we get house?”
he squeezes your thigh  

“For what?!”

“Making me late” he states flatly

“Severely Harry?” was he actually going to
proceed this argument  

He smiles “not joking, lifeless critical”

“No” you cross your arms “you ass! you gave me
an hour heads up!”

“It was sufficient time”

“It wasn’t plus nobody seen”

“However they did darling if yeh don’ apologize
t’daddy I received’t let yeh cum tonight” he says eradicating his hand from you licking
his backside lip

You huff “I don’t want you to cum i can
make myself cum”

“Yeh higher fucking not” he scowls at you
understanding you by no means shied away from masturbating.

You smirk this was going to be enjoyable. You lean
over and grip his internal thigh and caress his neck “Then make me cum daddy”

He removes your grip on his thigh “Not until you
apologize” He wanted to concentrate to the street and your contact solely made his
cock throb in ache from an excessive amount of arousal

“Okay” you shrug sitting again on

Once you get to your own home you rush in, to get began in your occasion stuffed night time

“Don’t take your off your sneakers”  Harry
says towards your ear. Trapping you within the lobby

You shiver and push again towards him

He strikes his hips away “ask for forgiveness”

“No” you say pulling him again towards your ass

He smiles “you then’re not cuming are yeh”

“Wonderful then”  you say climbing your gown up
and pulling your thong down stepping out of it. You attain all the way down to play with
your nub

“Advised yeh you’re not doin tha’ ” Harry says
grabbing your wrist and holding it up towards the wall with the opposite

You moan and push again eager to  really feel his

“Say it” he says pushing up towards you

“No” you moan whenever you really feel his hand push your
gown up some extra exposing your backside. He feels you up massaging your ass you
moan and his hand comes crashing down towards your ass you whimper. He holds you
there and also you hear his  zipper the following factor you are feeling is his dick in your
warmth thrusting towards your folds. He’s respiration heavy, getting misplaced in you making the hairs in your neck stand.

“So moist pet” he feedback feeling you coat him.
You’re driving him mad he can’t resist  “Gonna ask for forgiveness?” he teases
pushing his tip into your slit

You shake your head biting your lip

“Okay then” he releases his maintain on you stepping
again you flip round your eyes lock on to his arduous cock you decrease your self to
the bottom.

“Say it”

You shake your head reaching out to the touch him
“uh uh say it” he insists stepping again you shake your head wanting up at him
transferring nearer Harry has an thought and strikes again some extra as you crawl in the direction of
him. “may let yeh cum if yeh crawl in the direction of me” he says strolling
backwards in the direction of the lounge earlier than he turns round peering at you from
his shoulder smirking eradicating his garments. You smirk again biting again a sensible
comment if this was every other time you’d cuss him out for doing this however you
loved this foreplay since you had a plan. You crawl to him and sit in your
knees between his legs watching him stroke his size, pre cum oozing out. You chew your lip
and search for at him “One thing yeh need?” you nod “Inform me”

“You’re cock” you say watching the pre cum ooze

He holds a devious grin “Come on beg for

You look down and smile and he chuckles you
actually wish to giggle however that is enjoyable for you too

“I beseech thee Lord Types Duke of Cheshire
 I need thy cock in me mouth m’lord” you begin and he erupts in laughter
as you giggle alongside

“Not what I meant pet”

You giggle “Please Harry”

“No” he raises his forehead at you

“Please daddy” you attain out and transfer
nearer “I need it in my mouth it seems soo good” you lick your backside lip you
contact his internal thigh and he takes in sharp breaths “please daddy” you’re so
shut he can really feel your breath on his tip

“Fuck” he whispers throwing his head again
towards the sofa he needs you to beg extra. You raise your head up and accumulate a
pool of spit in your mouth earlier than you let it drip out of your lips to his dick

His head springs ahead “Shit” he groans and
grabs the again of your hair pulling you away to take a look at him.

You whimper from the brand new tingling sensation

“Not behaving” his eyes are darkish. He smacks your
lips together with his dick “Dangerous women don’t get rewarded pet”

You nod agreeing, licking your lips tasting the cum. He does it once more and also you slip
your tongue out and lick his tip. “ohhh” he breaths pulling you nearer
“open” he instructions he can’t take it anymore. you open your mouth and he locations his cock in your mouth as you’re taking
his size and he loosens his grip in your hair, leaning again fingers behind his head

“Sssssss fuck me” he moans as you’re taking extra of him in your mouth. Similar to him your
expert together with your mouth and he is aware of he’ll cum if he doesn’t cease you. You
flatten your tongue and lick from the bottom to the tip “Cease pet” he says
pushing you away

You whine as he pops out of your mouth. You
watch him lie down and he pulls you up by your arm “Can’t cum till you say the
magic phrase” he removes your gown and sneakers

“Please” you beg as soon as extra reaching down and
stroking him

Say it” he holds you up from reducing your self
on him

“Sorry” you say and he smiles enjoyable his grip
you  decrease your self additional on him you moan loudly taking him in. “
large.” Harry seems up at you gripping your waist, mouth ajar as you coat his cock together with your wetness. You lastly achieve sanity and
proceed. “sorry that you simply’re so fucking cussed i’ve to take what I need” Harry goes to raise you up however you’re sooner and
you lure his wrist towards the sofa by his head inflicting him to whimper “I’m gonna cum utilizing you” you begin
rolling your hips and Harry’s eyes shut his squeezing tightly making an attempt to not
erupt. You discover the tempo that most accurately fits you and also you begin moaning
uncontrollably your shut “you’re gonna make me cum” you say straightening up
releasing his wrists digging your nails on his chest.

His fingers grip your thighs transferring you quicker
he’s lastly gaining management “fuck” he mumbles

“Harry” you name out to him caressing his neck
 making him search for at you with hazy eyes

“Oh fuck” you whisper “solely you can also make me ungh
cum…” you’re taking a deep breath “solely you make me moist, no different man can” you
whimper “can fuck me such as you. solely.. solely…”

He growls “Shut up” he instructions pulling you down
so he can thrust into you. Should you proceed he’ll for certain cum and he’s not
prepared.  He feels you near the sting your screaming  he grips your
hair pulling you again so he can see your face “please… please fuck me please daddy i wish to
cum” you beg  “need you to make me cum” your speedy respiration is an
indication in your climax. He grunts pushing deeper into you smacking your ass you soak up a deep
breath and also you cry out in pleasure your physique shaking on high of him

You hunch down on him “daddy” you name to him

He hums ready so that you can relax going at a
slower tempo

You rise as much as look in his eye “fuck me”  you
really feel him swell inside you

He whimpers as you roll your hips on him
matching his rhythm “in your toes” you nod and he sits up and also you get in your ft.
Harry kneads at your breasts as you rise and fall on him. His moaning and
groaning loudly making the partitions echo. His fingers ghost all the way down to your hips and he
hooks them below making you raise larger making you slam into him tougher. Having fun with of the positioning of his cock disappearing in you and your pussy glistening from all of the arousal

Harry” your respiration turns into labored
“im gonna cum” your head tilts again your face scrunched in focus.

“Oh fuck! Give it to me pet” he eggs you on, nails digging in your thighs making you bounce sooner on him
“come on give daddy what i need” and also you whimper earlier than releasing “shit” you
whisper as your legs tremble, rolling your hips to slowly relax.

“Come’ere” he pulls you to him by the again of
your neck and kisses you deeply. He pulls away catching his breath “mouthy
immediately” you giggle and suck on his neck he swats your ass “in your knees ass up”
you climb off and bend in entrance of him on the rug

He growls and will get behind you. With one swift
movement he’s inside you and you are feeling him deep.

“Mmm Harry” you
moan making an attempt to scoot away, he was too deep

“Can’ run now” he grabs your hair. However this
wasn’t only a twist of your hair round his hand he reached close to your roots
pulling you nearer to him. He unleashes his assault in your ass every smack
brings you nearer to your climax all you hear from Harry are groans and grunts
heavy respiration as he picks up the tempo. He feels you squeeze him and he grabs
your ass with the opposite hand making you throw it again on him

“Inform me!” he calls for understanding your on the edge
he doesn’t need you to cease speaking now.

I’m cummming” you scream slumping down
not in a position to maintain your self up together with your arms

Harry growls grabs your sides and pushes down on
you making your again arch. You whimper as he readjust he feels deeper than ever
he continues to thrust and your orgasm continues below him. He slips out and
pushes again into you with extra pressure making you cry out “So bloody moist! need
yeh to squirt!” he is aware of you are able to do it.

You whimper grabbing onto the rug with all of your energy as he thrusts tougher “fuuuck”
you cry out feeling one other orgasm construct,

“I fucking need it, it’s mine”  he has
turn out to be possessive over your orgasms and he received’t cease until he’s glad.

The partitions echo with the sound in case your thighs
colliding towards one another.

Your moaning with each breath and also you it’s arduous
to breathe, you’ll be able to really feel his balls hitting your folds with each thrust bringing you nearer to your launch, you soak up a pointy breath “Oh DADDDDYYYY!”  you moan
out earlier than you are feeling the liquid circulate out of you.  Your knees are the following
 to offer out and also you lay on the rug with Harry following  swimsuit laying
on you

“Daddy’s good to yeh proper pet?” Harry says
towards your ear supplying you with gradual deep strokes.

His sweaty chest in your again,  damp hair
fluttering throughout your shoulder

Sure” you sound such as you’re crying however
your nonetheless in your excessive making an attempt to catch a grip. You relax as he kisses your
neck and shoulder.

“Good?” he asks lifting up from you so you’ll be able to
flip round you nod and achieve this

“Love you” he says earlier than slipping inside you,you whimper and pull him all the way down to kiss you he
moans into you discovering his good rhythm. And as if you happen to haven’t cum a number of
instances tonight you are feeling one other climax approaching

“Gonna cum Y/N?”

You nod

“Cum for me”

You moan transferring your hips matching his rhythm.

He bites down in your neck you are feeling him swell.

“Please cum for me daddy” you squeeze your partitions
he growls “I need you to return with me” he begins thrusting with extra pressure

Oh Harry deep inside me cum deep inside
me” you say climaxing holding him tight, one hand buried deep in his hair the
different gripping onto his again

Oh child child child” you recognize he’s shut,
he’s whimpering sounding like a blubbering idiot, and also you’re already as your
peak your thoughts is hazy as you shake below him.  He pauses earlier than releasing
in you he groans loudly “Fuck child!” he exclaims like he can’t
consider how good you make him really feel “so good to me” he mumbles towards your neck
as he pushes extra cum in you wrapping your legs round him tighter.

He lifts up and appears at you. Each of you with
misty eyes. You giggle and kiss his  nostril he smiles and kisses you
lovingly caressing your cheek. He slips out and lays his full weight on you

“Tha’ was enjoyable” he feedback supplying you with Eskimo

You giggle “yea may crawl and beg extra usually”
you wink at him

“Yea?” he asks in a daze

“Sure” you peck him “Nonetheless didn’t ask for forgiveness” you
smirk at him

“Spherical 2 and also you’ll be beggin’m to cease” he
bites his lip

“Pshh I can outlast you any day”

He cocks his forehead “Wanna guess?”

“No”  you chuckle you each knew Harry had
stamina that was unmatched

“Didn assume so” he says towards your neck
kissing in tenderly

“Love you now rise up!” you say pushing him

“Nooo” he fusses laying again  on you

“Harry” you giggle

“Wha’m drained my physique’s numb” he chuckles

“We cant sleep on the rug don’t you need your
comfortable mattress honey?”

He nods and will get off you and helps you up.

“What’re yeh doin’?” he chuckles watching you
decide up your garments

“We all the time have impromptu friends keep in mind final
time we panicked and Jeff discovered my bra wheres my bra?… oh! don’t need that
taking place once more


“Plus I’m certain I’m gonna be sore tomorrow”

He smirks as you stroll previous him. You each hop in
the bathe

“I’m in love yeh” He adorns you together with his eyes

“I’m in love with you too Harold Edward Types
by no means liked one other as a lot as I like you”

He smiles and leans down for a kiss he can’t
wait to make you his spouse.

A/N: I pray that if one thing occurs to me my mom wont go into my google drive searching for solutions. She’ll assume I used to be nymphomaniac


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