Make lipstick out of cashmere?The new CPB lipstick is coming


CPB’s new mild magic colour lipstick cashmere mist collection, born in autumn and winter, are all matte texture, the shell remains to be elegant blue gold colour shell + superior lacquer luster, with golden LOGO.

The particular factor about this lipstick is that it is known as CASHMERE.CASHMERE, essentially the most refined materials in wool, comes from the CASHMERE of CASHMERE goats’ fetuses.CASHMERE is so scarce that it’s known as a ‘fiber gem’.

CPB lipstick will be known as “cashmere”, and that’s the place the distinction between bizarre matte lipstick, easy texture, good ductility, and paste added luster water advanced, expensive upkeep elements equivalent to “high argan oil”, on the similar time within the constructing within the mist aspect mild make-up impact, apply extra silky easy, wonderful ductility, can get advantageous mist aspect higher lip gloss feeling.

The largest design level of CPB cashmere lipstick is its petal formed paste part, which may fully match and wrap the lips and description the higher and decrease lip traces.The part additionally has a sure radian, which inserts properly with the curve of the lips;Petal tip part can describe the lip peak, don’t must cooperate with the comb can be a pen molding, edge nook will be coated evenly, extra handy to make use of.

Along with having the look of the sky, cashmere lipstick colour quantity is a full line of grass.The whole lot from the intellectually elegant nude to the full-open optimistic purple to the age-reducing beautiful pink is included.The grim that cash cash presses qiu dong, can let your aura open fully already, can also allow you to wen wan however particular person.

It’s understood that CPB mild magic colour lipstick cashmere fog sense collection will likely be available on the market on December 26.

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