makeup and beauty for the COMPLETE beginner…part 1 : MtF

hello!! my identify is sophie and im an esthetician! so i figured that i may share my data about make-up, skincare, haircare, trend, and all that enjoyable stuff!!

be happy to repost this so long as you credit score me!! thanks!!

additionally if u have questions or simply wanna chat, u can dm me at any time!!


Half 2: skincare and haircare

Half 3: nails, hair removing, and trend

okay lets begin with make-up!!

make-up is loads easier than it appears…theres simply lots of totally different merchandise and choices however as soon as u perceive the fundamentals then it turns into MUCH extra accessible. so first lets study what the essential make-up merchandise are!!

Primer – that is sometimes what’s used as the bottom layer previous to some other face merchandise (AFTER skincare however BEFORE make-up) this helps easy pores and skin and assist make-up adhere higher

basis – fullest protection* and evens out pores and skin tone. there are lotions (good for dry pores and skin) and liquid (good for greasy pores and skin) and powder (good for mature/45+ pores and skin)

bb/cc lotions – mainly the identical however cc lotions colour correcting (extra on this later) they’re lighter protection than basis. they usually present SPF safety and might be fairly good for the pores and skin

tinted moisturizer – the lightest of all face merchandise…it gives very sheer protection whereas additionally nourishing the pores and skin

protection ranges are mainly how ‘opaque’ product is…so basis will probably be extra ‘opaque’ and canopy up extra whereas tinted moisturizers are extra sheer and canopy much less/lighter protection

concealer – technically just for spot protection however u can use it throughout your face (i do!!)…it gives very mild protection and is supposed for touching up drawback areas…crimson spots and so forth

sometimes we apply primer -> basis/cc/bb cream -> concealer

**i love to do eye make-up first so if u want to wash up one thing..then u dont fuck up your basis and so forth**

bronzer – used alongside highlighter for contouring (we’ll cowl this later)…it creates a shadow on the pores and skin. bronzer needs to be 1-Three shades darker than your precise pores and skin tone…it actually depends upon how pale your pores and skin is…bronzer will probably be extra noticable on pale pores and skin so a lighter shade can be utilized

highlighter – used with bronzer for contouring….i counsel not utilizing a ton of highlighter at first bc an excessive amount of could make pores and skin look greasy or sweaty/oily

blush (or rouge if youre from the 40s) – provides pink or crimson tones to the face…is often utilized alongside the cheekbones in direction of the temple…no snow white circles!! u can even apply it beneath the attention and do heavier blush for a extra e woman look (doja cat’s vogue video is a superb instance)

eyeshadow time!!!!!!!!! i loooovvvvvveeee eyeshadow!! its sooo a lot enjoyable and very easy to study

first lets speak eye anatomy!! heres this:×683.jpg

now theres alot there…however tbh we solely must know the forehead (browbone space) crease (the fold in the midst of the attention) and higher lashline (the place the eyelashes are)…i counsel in opposition to lining the waterline (making use of eyeliner to your decrease waterline…which is above the decrease lashline) bc it kinda screams scene child from 2003…tho if thats ur aesthetic then reside your finest life comrade

realizing it will assist us sooner or later as i will describe a fundamental smokey approach + i will be utilizing phrases like forehead bone, crease, and lashline/higher lashline to explain the place eye merchandise go

eyeshadow – sometimes powder..someday liquid..that’s utilized to the eyelid

mascara – utilized with a brush, used to create darker, longer, and fuller lashes…or at the very least give the looks of that. **DO NOT USE MASCARA IF U HAVE EYELASH EXTENSIONS…**it could pull them out which damages your actual lashes

false eyelashes/strip lashes – utilized alongside the higher lashline with a lash glue to present the looks of fuller lashes…u can then apply mascara to your actual lashes to mix them collectively. these are single use bc of sanitary causes

eyeliner – there are three sorts: liquid (my fave!!) pencil and gel. pencil is very easy to make use of however smudges off simply. liquid might be tougher to study however lasts longer and applies smoother. gel is the toughest to get good at (simply observe) lasts the longest and has the strongest color. gel is utilized with a particular bent angle eyeliner brush. tbh i like liquid bc it combines the endurance of gel with the straightforward use of a pencil…additionally its what we use for winged eyeliner (my fave too!!)

winged eyeliner is pretty straightforward to do…it simply takes a lot of observe. my tip is to observe every night time earlier than u take your make-up off bc then u can observe with out worrying about fucking up

sophie’s tremendous straightforward eyeshadow approach

so what we’re gonna do is named a smokey eye…its a traditional eyeshadow look that’s v v versatile and u can swap out the colours to create a wide range of seems. im gonna describe my private go to however use no matter colors u like!!!

so we want three totally different colors/shades. i exploit a shimmer pink, a matte pink, and a matte purple. first we prime our eyelid (mainly apply eyeshadow primer or concealer to the eyelid and mix with a sponge..which is what i exploit…or a brush..extra on brushes later). then we’re gonna brush a shimmer pink all throughout the eyelid…subsequent we take our matte pink and apply this over the pink (from across the higher lashline to only above the crease) and mix into the opposite coloration totally. then take the matte purple and apply it from lashline to crease and mix totally….typically i prefer to put a shimmer silver eyeshadow within the inside nook of my eye and mix midway throughout the lid so as to add a pop to my eye

so lets discuss ending our make-up!!

there’s two fundamental methods:

setting powder – powder dusted over completed make-up

setting spray – sprayed over completed make-up…u can do energy then spray too

tbh that is principally private choice…but when youre doing a full face..i like to recommend powder + spray bc it ensures that your exhausting work wont get all fucked up

now lets discuss lips!!

lipliner/lip pencil – utilized earlier than lipstick…it helps easy the lips, present a greater floor for adhesion, and helps give extra oomph to lipstick…attempt to match lipliner coloration to lipstick coloration

lipstick – is available in both stick or liquid kind…stick is the commonest kind. liquid lipstick is utilized with a brush…its a bit trickier to study however lasts wayyy longer than stick

lipgloss – utilized both from a tube or with a brush….provides a shine to the lips….and it may be utilized over lipstick for a brilliant shiny look

professional tip: dont placed on lip balm proper earlier than lipstick bc lip balm will forestall the lipstick from adhering as nicely

contouring…see this chart first:

attempt to decide your closest match…typically u generally is a mixture of two

the best approach to do that is to have a look at a pic of your face and film (or draw) the form (coronary heart, sq. and so forth) round it to see the most effective match…that being mentioned…most amab have squarer face shapes barring some exceptions (i had a rounder face pre hrt and am now a coronary heart form)….face form can change as soon as on hrt!! so dont assume your face form is right here to remain!!

mainly as soon as youve bought your face form discovered…apply bronzer and highlighter to the areas indicated by the chart and mix

“however sophie!!” you say “i nonetheless cant determine my face form!!!”….nicely dont fear!! theres one other approach!

sophie’s tremendous straightforward contouring information

so for this all you want is bronzer, no highlighter wanted!! first take a blush brush and dirt some bronzer alongside the underside of your jaw..then alongside your hairline right down to your temples. thats it!! bc usually talking u can get by with very mild bronzer as a substitute of full on contouring

brush time!!!!

so lets first settle the controversy of ought to u purchase artificial or pure hair make-up brushes. the reply is artificial bc pure hair sheds, is wayy too costly, requires extra frequent cleansing, and high quality varies wildly relying on the animals location, well being, food plan, and so forth.

now there are roughly one shit billion totally different brushes however i like to recommend the next (pics included)

socket brush – good for making use of eyeshadow

dome brush – can be utilized for making use of eyeshadow however is de facto good for mixing eyeshadow

blush brush – for blush and bronzer

powder brush – making use of setting powder

there are others however these are the important newbie brushes imo

matching basis (covid version) – attempt to match based on the pictures or basis matching software….choose the closest shade. then when youre in a position to (most certainly @ dwelling) place just a little on a sponge and gently rub it onto your pores and skin…if it disappears into your skins pure tone then its a match. if it seems orangey or brownish in your pores and skin then its too darkish…if it seems gray or ashy or wayyy too pale then its too mild

undertone – this refers to your skins pure tone…both heat (peach, yellow), cool (blues and reds), or netural (vast number of colours)…so we decide this by wanting on the pores and skin beneath pure mild (ideally) whereas holding a bit of white paper subsequent to the pores and skin….if it matches the white then u have cool tones however in the event you look extra yellow or orange then u have heat tones


take silver and gold jewelry (silver colored and gold colored works too) if silver enhances your pores and skin higher then youre cool toned…if gold colored seems higher then youre heat toned

ysk that tones within the pores and skin could also be totally different all through the physique regardless that the undertone doesn’t change. for instance im cool toned…so most of my physique has blue tones however my face has blue and crimson tones…im nonetheless cool toned however i simply have totally different colours in my face than on my physique

protecting up shadow – now i dont personally have to do that however heres what i do know: sometimes beard shadows are darker (learn: grayer) on the pores and skin. bc pores and skin doesnt sometimes get black tones, gray toned shadows are what we often get as a substitute. now darkish gray has cool (learn: blue) tones so what we have to do is cancel out these blue tones. so we’re gonna use orange color correctors*….we do that by LIGHTLY making use of the orange color corrector over the shadows and mixing…then basis and so forth.

*we use orange bc orange is complementary (reverse) to blue on the colour wheel in order that they cancel one another out. because of this if u bleach your hair blonde youd use a purple shampoo…bc bleached hair can usually look yellow so purple cancels out yellow bc its complementary….thats known as color principle!!

now…only for enjoyable….i believed i may stroll you thru my make-up routine!!

skincare (see future elements)….then i prime my face, fill in my brows, prime my eyelids. subsequent i do my eyeshadow (see above), winged liner, mascara, concealer, blush, setting powder and lipstick after which im finished!! on days that im simply staying at dwelling, i simply do skincare, primer, winged liner and mascara

i will discuss forehead shaping within the subsequent half fyi

if u have any questions u can dm me!! youre not gonna trouble me!!

see you within the subsequent half!!

edit: half 2 is now up

edit 2: half Three is sort of finished…will replace as soon as its up


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