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The Everbloom

Supply Internal Sea Faiths pg. 71
Pathfinder Wiki Milani


Alignment CG
Pantheon Different Deities
Areas of Concern Devotion, hope, uprisings
Domains Chaos, Good, Therapeutic, Liberation, Safety
Subdomains Azata (Chaos), Azata (Good), Protection, Freedom, Purity, Restoration, Revolution, Riot
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Morningstar
Image Rose on bloody avenue
Sacred Animal(s) Mouse
Sacred Shade(s) Purple, white


Spend time meditating amongst roses you’ve got planted your self, so you’ll be able to inhale their sacred scent whereas providing prayers to Milani. If no such roses can be found, you’ll be able to as an alternative brew tea from herbs and rose petals and share the tea with shut associates or neighbors. Most popular matters for dialog throughout this teatime embrace hopes for the longer term and preparations for occasions of want, however the act of sharing is itself sufficient. Throughout occasions of struggle or battle, although, you should as an alternative spend time sparring, ideally with associates or neighbors whom you propose to struggle alongside through the conflicts to come back. In case you are imprisoned and unable to spar, you’ll be able to as an alternative sing any track of hope or resistance in unison with a number of fellow prisoners. You acquire a +2 sacred bonus on all saving throws towards attraction and compulsion results, and a +2 sacred bonus on all rolls made to dispel or take away such results from others.

On Golarion

Facilities of Worship Cheliax, Galt, Irrisen, Isger, Rahadoum
Nationality half-elf


Supply Internal Sea Faiths pg. 71
1: Voice of the Everbloom (Sp) command 3/day, enthrall 2/day, or suggestion 1/day
2: Inspiring Presence (Su) Your mere presence bolsters your companions to struggle tougher within the face of even essentially the most overwhelming odds and bolsters their hearts towards rising weary of battle. As soon as per day as an ordinary motion, you’ll be able to present all allies inside 30 toes of you with a +1 sacred bonus on assault rolls, saving throws, and weapon harm rolls for a lot of rounds equal to your Hit Cube.
3: Invoke Rebellion (Sp) Even shackles of the thoughts don’t escape your discover, and you should use an inspiring phrase from the teachings of Milani to assist others discover the energy to interrupt these shackles. You’re mechanically conscious of any creature inside 10 toes of you that’s at the moment beneath the consequences of a attraction, compulsion, or possession impact. 3 times per day as a swift motion, you’ll be able to encourage such a creature to throw off the affect, granting that creature a brand new saving throw to instantly finish the impact. If the impact doesn’t usually enable a saving throw, calculate the save DC as regular if it’s a spell; if it’s not a spell, the DC is the same as 10 + half the supply’s Hit Cube + the supply’s Charisma modifier. The creature beneficial properties a sacred bonus on this saving throw equal to your Charisma bonus (minimal +1). This bonus is doubled for those who embrace a bodily contact as a part of your invocation to stand up towards the impact. In both case, this can be a language-dependent impact.


Supply Internal Sea Faiths pg. 71
1: Sacred Partisan (Sp) divine favor 3/day, non secular weapon 2/day, or magic vestment 1/day
2: Alleyport (Sp) Because the patron deity of city uprisings, the Everbloom grants you the ability to seem wherever in a settlement, dungeon, or different tight house you’re most wanted, or to flee to struggle one other day. As soon as per day as a swift motion, you’ll be able to teleport as per dimension door, however solely when you find yourself in an space no wider than your house, and you may arrive in solely an space of comparable width.
3: Wall of Roses (Sp) You’ll be able to name upon Milani’s symbolic roses to defend the harmless and the righteous whereas stymieing oppressors and their minions. As soon as per day, you’ll be able to forged wall of thorns. The wall consists of a dense tangle of roses by way of which you and different worshipers of Milani can cross with ease. The wall of roses heals from harm dealt to it at a charge of 5 hit factors per spherical; it’s immune to fireplace harm; and all piercing harm it offers bypasses harm discount as if it had been a great, magic, and silver weapon. Evil and lawful creatures broken by a wall of roses mechanically grow to be sickened for the following minute (this can be a poison impact).


Supply Internal Sea Faiths pg. 71
1: Neighborhood Guardian (Sp) safety from evil 3/day, protect different 2/day, or magic circle towards evil 1/day
2: Stoic Guardian (Ex) Impressed by Milani’s valor and steadfastness, you refuse to let magic corrupt your ideas and deny worry any maintain in your actions. You’re resistant to worry and attraction results, and acquire a +four sacred bonus on all saving throws towards compulsion results.
3: Martyrdom (Su) Your deeds and religion have earned you the Everbloom’s blessing to provide your life for a worthy trigger and nonetheless struggle on, and he or she shelters you in battle. As a direct motion as soon as per day, at any time when a single creature inside 300 toes of you is slain by an impact or hit level harm, you’ll be able to redirect that impact or harm onto your self. You acquire no saving throw to cut back results redirected on this method. If the impact kills you, you’re restored to life in 1d4 rounds, as per resurrection, however as soon as this resurrection impact happens, you lose the flexibility to make use of martyrdom for 1 12 months.

For Followers of Milani


Champion of the Religion (Warpriest), Crusader (Cleric), Divine Strategist (Cleric), Hidden Priest (Cleric), Kintargo Insurgent (Rogue), City Ranger (Ranger), Wilderness Medic (Ranger)


Beacon of Hope

Magic Gadgets – Armor

Milanite Armor

Magic Gadgets – Weapons

Enduring Bloom, Everbloom Thorn, Everbloom’s Rose

Status Courses

Rose Warden


Martyr’s Cut price, Martyr’s Final Blessing, Peasant Armaments


Cut up-Second Protection, Proficient Organizer

Distinctive Spell Guidelines

Supply Internal Sea Faiths pg. 74


Coordinated Effort may be ready as a Third-level spell
Good Hope may be ready as a Third-level spell


Good Hope may be ready as a Third-level spell


Coordinated Effort may be ready as a Third-level spell
Good Hope may be ready as a Third-level spell
Take away Concern may be ready as a 1st-level spell
Imbue with Spell Means may be ready as a Third-level spell

Distinctive Summon Guidelines

Supply Pathfinder #68: The Shackled Hut pg. 69
Summon Monster I: Nice Horned Owl (extraplanar)
Summon Monster IV: Hound Archon – CG

Different Guidelines

Supply Internal Sea Faiths pg. 72
Milani’s monks perceive {that a} revolutionary’s work is commonly rewarded with dying, and so they settle for that they might in the future be referred to as to die for a trigger. Thankfully, the goddess teaches that the actually religious who’re martyred saving different folks from dying or tyranny will rise once more ultimately—even perhaps instantly, although being reborn within the religion is more likely.

Some monks declare to be the incarnations of previous followers of the goddess, capable of entry recollections of previous lives with the right magic and meditation. A follower born after Milani ascended to godhood (a couple of century in the past) can try and seek for his previous lives’ recollections by casting legend lore, which Milani grants just for this function to clerics, inquisitors, and warpriests as a 4th-level divine spell. The primary time a caster makes an attempt this use of the spell, he rolls 1d4–1 to find out the variety of particular followers of Milani whose recollections he accesses; every time he makes use of the spell, it reveals solely info recognized to these people. If the results of the roll is 0, the caster can entry no recollections, both as a result of he isn’t a reincarnated follower of Milani or as a result of the goddess has not made his previous lives’ recollections accessible.


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