Permanent Lip Color SeneGence LipSense

How does LipSense® keep in your lips? LipSense® molecularly binds to the pores and skin (it adheres to your pores and skin).

Why do I’ve to make use of three layers? The binding impact of LipSense® begins to interrupt down when uncovered to the pH of the pores and skin. As a result of the primary LipSense® layer is consistently uncovered to the pH of the pores and skin of the lip, the primary layer will start to interrupt down the quickest. The second layer of LipSense® is protected against publicity to the lip’s pH by the primary layer, subsequently, the second layer doesn’t break down as shortly as the primary. Moreover, the third layer of LipSense® sandwiches the second layer of LipSense® between the primary and third layers. The second layer of LipSense® is then protected against the highest down – and the underside up! Three layers of LipSense® are required for essentially the most lovely, most lasting results.

Can I take advantage of four layers? 4 and in some instances, 5 layers of LipSense® could also be utilized to the lips. A number of layers of LipSense® could also be utilized, however solely with the lip coloration formulations which have a skinny viscosity. The viscosity (thickness) of every one of many lip colours is totally different primarily based upon the colour formulation. Some viscosities are skinny whereas others are thick and dense. For instance, colours like Darkish Pink and Sheer Pink are very thick and dense. If 4 or 5 layers of both of these two colours had been to be utilized to the lips, it could actually peel off of the lips as every layer, one on high of the opposite construct right into a thick coating of coloration. Then again, Princess Pink and Ruby Crimson are very sheer, thinner formulations and 5 or 6 layers could also be utilized to the lips with out turning into too thick, or could also be used as layers quantity 4 or 5 for use atop of extra densely three layered colours.

What’s the predominant liquid ingredient of LipSense®? The primary liquid ingredient of LipSense® is SD-Alcohol 40 (SDA40). SDA40 is thinner than water and may higher droop the tiny elements which can be wanted within the product. Extra importantly, SDA40 evaporates in order that when really positioned on to the lip with the wand, the SDA40 delivers all of the wanted elements of the lip coloration to the lips after which SDA40 evaporates, forsaking the lengthy lasting coloration expertise.

Is SDalcohol40 the identical as Isopropyl Alcohol?SDA40 is totally reverse of isopropyl alcohol. To show this level take into consideration this: Isopropyl Alcohol can be utilized to immediately take away LipSense® lip coloration; the place by SDalcohol40 is a necessity to use LipSense® onto the lips.

What else does the SDalcohol40 do? SDA40 is used for one more essential motive: For antiseptic capabilities. SDA40 helps preserve LipSense® as a germ and micro organism free surroundings. Every time a wand touches the lips, the wand is uncovered to micro organism and germs. The micro organism and germs on the wand are eradicated when the wand is positioned again into the tube. Every tube of LipSense® is germ and micro organism free. Because of this the product could also be used to the final drop. LipSense® doesn’t develop into chunky or smelly, attributable to an accumulation of germs and micro organism typically present in different forms of tube/wand utility merchandise. LipSense® has a shelf lifetime of at the least seven years.

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