SeneGence – LipSense – Southern California SeneGence Cosmetics Distributor Karen Hurley

SeneGence LipSence Party Pink Color Swatch

Get together Pink LipSense
Merchandise# 1010

SeneGence LipSence Sheer Pink Color Swatch

Sheer Pink LipSense
Merchandise# 1020

SeneGence LipSence Dark Pink Color Swatch

Darkish Pink LipSense
Merchandise# 1030

SeneGence LipSence Fuscia Color Swatch

Fuscia LipSense
Merchandise# 1040

SeneGence LipSence Blush Color Swatch

Blush LipSense
Merchandise# 1050

SeneGence LipSence Currant Color Swatch

Currant LipSense
Merchandise# 1060

SeneGence LipSence Dust Rose Color Swatch

Dusty Rose LipSense
Merchandise# 1070

SeneGence LipSence Sheer Berry Color Swatch

Sheer Berry LipSense
Merchandise# 1080

SeneGence LipSence Plum Color Swatch

Plum LipSense
Merchandise# 1090

SeneGence LipSence Blu-Red Color Swatch

Blu-Crimson LipSense
Merchandise# 1100

SeneGence LipSence Red Cherry Color Swatch

Crimson Cherry LipSense
Merchandise# 1110

SeneGence LipSence Brick Color Swatch

Brick LipSense
Merchandise# 1120

SeneGence LipSence Samon Color Swatch

Samon LipSense
Merchandise# 1130

SeneGence LipSence Peach Color Swatch

Peach LipSense
Merchandise# 1140

SeneGence LipSence Nude Color Swatch

Nude LipSense
Merchandise# 1150

SeneGence LipSence Moca Color Swatch

Moca LipSense
Merchandise# 1160

SeneGence LipSence Light Bronze Color Swatch

Mild Bronze LipSense
Merchandise# 1170

SeneGence LipSence Cranberry Color Swatch

Cranberry LipSense
Merchandise# 1180

SeneGence LipSence Neutral Color Swatch

Impartial LipSense
Merchandise# 1182

SeneGence LipSence Beige Champagne Color Swatch

Beige Champagne LipSense
Merchandise# 1184

SeneGence LipSence RoseBerry Color Swatch

RoseBerry LipSense
Merchandise# 1185

SeneGence LipSence Persimmon Color Swatch

Persimmon LipSense
Merchandise# 1186

SeneGence LipSence Summer Sunset Color Swatch

Summer time Sundown LipSense
Merchandise# 1187

SeneGence LipSence Coral Reef Color Swatch

Coral Reef LipSense
Merchandise# 1188

SeneGence LipSence A. Garnet Color Swatch

A. Garnet LipSense
Merchandise# 1191

SeneGence LipSence B. Ruby Color Swatch

LipSense (Restricted Version – 0.2 oz)

Merchandise# 1194

SeneGence Crimsom Red Color Swatch

Crimsom Crimson LipSense
Merchandise# 1195

SeneGence LipSence Creme Puff Color Swatch

Creme Puff LipSense
Merchandise# 1220

SeneGence LipSence Peaches and Creme Color Swatch

Peaches and Creme LipSense
Merchandise# 1221

SeneGence LipSence Creme De La Creme Color Swatch

Creme De La Creme LipSense
Merchandise# 1222

SeneGence LipSence Summer Fling Color Swatch

Summer time Love LipSense
(Restricted Version – 0.2 oz)
Merchandise# 1223

SeneGence LipSence Creamy Pink Color Swatch

Creamy Pink LipSense
Merchandise# 1226

SeneGence LipSence Sun Burst Orange Color Swatch

Latte LipSense (Restricted Version – 0.2 oz)
Merchandise# 1363

SeneGence LipSence Sun Burst Orange Color Swatch

Solar Burst Orange LipSense – restricted version
Merchandise# 1365

SeneGence LipSence Sun Burst Orange Color Swatch

Solar Burst Orange LipSense – restricted version
Merchandise# 1366

SeneGence LipSence Raisin Color Swatch

Raisin LipSense – restricted version
Merchandise# 1367

SeneGence LipSence Sugar Plum Color Swatch

Sugar Plum LipSense – restricted version
Merchandise# 1369

SeneGence LipSence Cocoa Color Swatch

Cocoa LipSense – restricted version
Merchandise# 1371

SeneGence LipSence Plump Pink LipVolumizer Swatch

Plump Pink LipVolumizer
Merchandise# 16521

SeneGence LipSence Buxom Beige LipVolumizer Swatch

Buxom Beige LipVolumizer
Merchandise# 1653

SeneGence LipSense Mauvelous LipVolumizer Swatch

Marvelous LipVolumizer
Merchandise# 1655

SeneGence LipSence Pink Ice Color Swatch

Pink Ice LipSense
Merchandise# 1800

SeneGence LipSence Coral Ice Color Swatch

Coral Ice LipSense
Merchandise# 1805

SeneGence LipSence Rose Ice Color Swatch

Rose Ice LipSense
Merchandise# 1810

SeneGence LipSence Fire-n-Ice Color Swatch

Fireplace-n-Ice LipSense
Merchandise# 1815

SeneGence LipSence Spice Ice Color Swatch

Spice Ice LipSense
Merchandise# 1820

SeneGence LipSence Mauve Ice Color Swatch

Mauve Ice LipSense
Merchandise# 1825


To seek out BrowSense and different high quality SeneGence Cosmetics merchandise, please go to
Impartial SeneGence Lipsense Distributor
Karen Hurley’s cosmetics house web page.




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Whenever you order LipSense, EyeSense, or every other SeneGence product from
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Karen Hurley, Southern California Senegence Lipsense Cosmetics Distributor serving Los Angeles,
Beverly Hills, Culver Metropolis,
El Segundo, Encino, Hermosa Seashore, Inglewood, Malibu, Manhattan Seashore, Marina del Rey,
Playa del Rey, Palos Verdes, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Torrance, Venice

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