Shiseido VisionAiry Gel Lipstick • Lipstick Review & Swatches

By Aurora 6 months in the past.

Earlier than I really go into how a lot I really like this product, let me clear one thing up: lipstick is a wrestle for me. I really like the end of , opaque lip, however as a sufferer of roughly continual xerostomia (dry mouth; a facet impact of day by day prescriptions) my lip texture will all the time be removed from clean and moisturized. Most lipsticks cannot deal with that (regardless that I attempt to all the time apply Vaseline beneath earlier than software) and find yourself wanting dry and usually unflattering.
The Shiseido components? Nothing of the kind. So long as my lips aren’t in a fully disastrous type (which might be mounted with a balm), this is applicable flawlessly clean, even and cozy on me. I do not anticipate a lipstick to moisturize, per say, however I can say that whereas my lips will certainly be barely drier after hours of damage than they have been earlier than, it isn’t an uncomfortably extreme factor that often accompanies lipstick put on for me in relation to the Shiseido components. It makes me unreasonably completely happy to lastly have a components that simply.. works for the dry lip texture I’ve to cope with.
The colour is a surprising heat, midtone brown, and the attribute “set” of the lipstick adjustments its gliding sheen at software to a extra matte, but pure end. This bullet is extremely mushy, and dented by the slightest strain, on account of its “gel” components. It may be simply blotted to a extra sheer protection, however straight on the lips it is going to be opaque with a single swipe.
The components is light-weight and surprisingly long-wearing, and tends to depart a extra flattering stain behind. It is easy to retouch and reapply, and does not glide and slip if a lip gloss is utilized over it.
Some individuals have identified the imbalanced product-to-price ratio of this lipstick, and whereas I do get the place the criticism comes from, judging from the air-tight double packaging this product had, evidently the mousse-y, gel components can be so fast to dry out that the quantity of product inside has been modified to mirror upon that, which I personally do not thoughts. The interval after opening is given at 6 months.


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