Some Notes On Garment Seams

Keep in mind the plain seam which is sewn proper facet to proper facet. Because of this the flawed sides are on the surface and the seam is thus sewn on the flawed facet; So if you find yourself completed stitching, the seam with its seam lips on each side is on the within or flawed facet and that is what you need. You need the seam lips on the within so that every one that’s seen on the surface is a line of sewing.

For the flat fell or fell seam, you start by stitching your first seam on the within or flawed facet of the material. Thus materials are proper facet to proper facet. This seam ought to be roughly 3/eight inch and then you definitely snip off one of many seam ‘lips’ to inside 1.eight inch of the stitching line. Then you definately flip the bigger ‘lip’ in underneath the smaller one. You purpose to surround the smaller ‘lip’, Be aware that there are three layers. You’ll be able to ask for those who simply wish to sew the 2 higher layers collectively i.e. the 2 seam ‘lips’ or do you wish to sew the seam ‘lips’ all the way down to the precise material.

That is an fascinating ‘transfer’ i.e. simply to stitch the 2 lips collectively by way of hand stitching and that is a sublime end. The lips will maintain collectively; and the seam may have a ‘turned in’ look. That is the fell or flat fell seam and this seam is now often performed by stitching the three layers collectively by way of a top-stitch. On this means the flat fell is finished by ‘holding down’ the seam lips to the material itself; the seam lips having been enclosed in one another.

Then for the French seam, the distinction is that you simply begin off on the proper facet of the garment. Thus the perimeters are positioned flawed facet to flawed facet and the seam is sewn. You’ll be able to then see the stitching line on the flawed facet. The seam ‘lips’ are then shortened to roughly one eighth of an inch. The garment is then rotated so that you’re engaged on the correct facet. The purpose is now to surround the within seam lips. Sew then at the least ¼ inch from the fold to surround the within ‘lips’. This stitching line shouldn’t be seen on the surface. What is finished right here is just not a seam in any respect. It’s a stitching line performed to surround the within lips and to neaten the seam. French seams are a sublime end for positive and light-weight materials similar to chiffons and lightweight positive silks.


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