STIFF UPPER LIP | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Such folks don’t complain, and so they preserve a “stiff higher lip,” however beneath they expertise a way of victimization.

The mayor will not flinch, however he doesn’t simply need to be remembered for managing austerity with a stiff higher lip.

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And — stiff higher lip! — they function manually.

Hold a stiff higher lip, and in order for you us, yell.

However within the meantime, he have to be man sufficient to maintain with a stiff higher lip a contract he ought by no means to have made.

Hold a stiff higher lip, and do n’t let the previous man get in his bluff on you.

Hold a stiff higher lip and by no means say die, and all that, you understand.

Hold a stiff higher lip, and if anyone involves see you, do not discuss an excessive amount of.

You could preserve a stiff higher lip, a stiff spine; you have to neglect the wishbone and the envious coronary heart.

Hold a stiff higher lip, cheer up and have a drink.

Hold a stiff higher lip with your mates and playmates, and by no means allow them to suspect you are in bother.

Do not let’s neglect that we’re scouts; and should preserve a stiff higher lip at any time when issues end up improper.

Sustain a stiff higher lip, and by no means say die.

It takes a stiff higher lip, and a stiff conscience, and a stiff all the things else to maintain going out right here!

Our mouths had been all stuffed with ther little needles, and it wer mighty laborious keepin’ a stiff higher lip.


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