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Smelling good (and even superb!) is ignored with regards to looksmaxxing suggestions imo. In my expertise, I’ve fallen head over heals for guys who in any other case I wouldn’t have given a second look to as a result of I caught a whiff of their cologne and so they scent so attractive… and I’m guessing it must be type of comparable for ladies as nicely. On the very minimal, smelling dangerous in any means form or kind is a MAJOR flip off, so when you’re already not that assured within the seems to be or persona division you’re not doing your self any favors.

First Part: Hygiene Suggestions

Good hygiene is half the battle to not solely trying presentable usually however to smelling good/not smelling dangerous. This might sound primary, however sadly, in my expertise I’ve come throughout extra people who scent dangerous in a method or one other than those that scent significantly superb. So I believe it’s price restating a few of these suggestions, and I hope you’ll be taught one thing new!


-NEVER placed on deodorant with out washing first/ on prime of an already smelly scenario. It’s not an alternative to washing or a “remedy” possibility, it’s preventative care. Belief me on this one, you’re simply going to make it worse. I like to make use of a moist washcloth with cleaning soap and water if I haven’t showered but that day. In the event you’re out and about and catch a whiff of one thing rank below your arm, go into the restroom and use moist paper towels with slightly cleaning soap and scrub away earlier than making use of deodorant when you’ve got it on you. Similar goes with fragrance and physique sprays.

-Know the distinction between deodorant and antiperspirant. Deodorant = stops the scent; Antiperspirant = stops the sweat. Watch out for this as a result of some manufacturers might solely be one or the opposite, though most in the present day do embody each. Some antiperspirants are finest utilized at evening, to allow them to seep into the pores and skin whereas it’s dry. Additionally PS when you’ve got issues with extreme underarm sweating, speak to your derm or doc about getting on Drysol or one other prescription power antiperspirant.. this actually helped me out.

-Take into consideration whether or not you need scented or unscented deodorant. To be sincere, I believe nearly all feminine scented deodorants scent overpowering and cloying, and I desire a impartial base (no scent) for that space anyway as I don’t significantly need consideration drawn to my armpits of all locations. Sadly it’s getting more durable and more durable to seek out true unscented deodorants… particularly when corporations identify fragrances as “ utterly clear” or “each day contemporary” when this does NOT essentially imply they’re unscented (whereas one thing like “Lavender” is clearly scented) and it may be very complicated. I like to recommend Secret’s scientific power Invisible strong “Delicate Unscented,” because it actually does scent like nothing. That is nonetheless a white block-style deodorant and may go away some stains on darkish garments when you’re not cautious… so be cautious. However I’ve but to discover a clear gel or spray deodorant that’s actually unscented…. If you realize of any please lemme know within the feedback!!!

-Take into account including underarm exfoliating to your bathe/tub routine. This may also help slough off deodorant buildup and useless pores and skin that’s inflicting the merchandise to be much less efficient. Strive a home made salt/sugar scrub for this or when you’ve got bodily facial exfoliants mendacity round which are too harsh in your face, repurpose them for underarms.

-In my expertise, typically deodorants get much less efficient extra time, and it may be helpful to modify up the model/formulation each now and again. Unsure if there’s a scientific purpose behind this, however when you really feel like your regular deodorant is much less efficient than regular it’s price making an attempt.

-Take “pure” deodorants with a grain of salt. Though I recognize the sentiment behind this type of factor, in my expertise lots of them do NOT carry out nicely. A number of of my relations who use Tom’s of Maine deodorant (a model whose focus is on making pure hygiene merchandise like toothpaste) have had very dangerous physique odor issues that subsided as soon as they began utilizing a extra conventional deodorant.


Unhealthy breath is among the mostly said turn-offs for each women and men of any sexual orientation. Don’t fall sufferer to being a morning-breath (or all-day breath!) monster. However how have you learnt when you’ve got dangerous breath? Primary tip is to ask a member of the family or pal… however when you’re too embarrassed to do this, attempt spitting onto the again of your hand, and smelling it. It’s a fairly good indicator.

-Clearly, brush your tooth twice a day. This could go with out saying however I do know many who solely brush as soon as… TWICE IS THE BARE MINIMUM GUYS. And ensure it’s at the very least 2 minutes. Additionally actually think about getting the laborious to achieve locations behind the mouth, particularly the again molars.

-Please floss. For the love of god. I promise you there may be shit in between your tooth that that the toothbrush couldn’t get. Please get it out. It in all probability stinks too.

-Put money into a tongue scraper, or make sure to brush your tongue. Micro organism can construct up on it and trigger dangerous breath.

-Foul smelling micro organism builds up quicker in your mouth when it’s dry and saliva isn’t being produced. This is among the fundamental culprits of morning breath, as saliva manufacturing decreases throughout sleep and also you aren’t ingesting or consuming then both. To resolve this, drink water persistently all through the day, and check out to not go longer than a number of hours with out consuming (even when only a small snack). If you’re into fasting, clearly preserve hydrated!

-In the event you do the entire above commonly and STILL have power dangerous breath issues, there’s a good likelihood you could possibly have TONSIL STONES. Actually, I believe many extra folks have tonsil stones than they understand. I discovered r/TonsilStones some time in the past, and being grossly glad by it, I made a decision to verify if I had any. Lo and behold… I extracted about 10 tiny yellow buggers from the again of my throat with a Qtip and the again of my toothbrush. Guys, they scent FUCKING DISGUSTING. I imply they’re actually chunks of rotten meals and foul sulfurous micro organism which have gotten caught in pockets of your throat. Additionally now that I do know what they scent like I can type of inform when different folks have them too… my mother being the primary wrongdoer. Go try the sub above when you assume you could have them (or anybody for that matter) to familiarize your self with the place the tonsil is and the right way to verify when you’ve got them. Protip- mine are fairly small and don’t present up open first look, but when I rub a Qtip up my tonsil they’ll come out. Additionally they kind lots quicker than you may assume, mine come again each few days and I’ve to extract them commonly.

-Mints, breath sprays, and gums are sometimes marketed (and seen by pop-culture) as cure-alls for dangerous breath, however actually imo they’re extra of bonuses than subs for good oral hygiene. It’s like what I stated about deodorant/fragrance earlier, don’t apply it to prime of an current drawback.

-Mouthwashes with alcohol can additional dry out your mouth, which is counterintuitive when you’re making an attempt to scale back dangerous breath.

-Edit- I forgot about oral probiotics (like those particularly for mouth well being, not simply probiotics taken orally, though these have many advantages too). They assist exchange the dangerous smelly micro organism in your mouth with a colony of excellent, useful micro organism extra time. This may cut back plaque, dangerous breath, and even the formation of tonsil stones. learn extra about it right here


-By no means put on sneakers with out socks. This also needs to go with out saying.

-Be conscious of shoe breathability. Normally the extra breathable the shoe, the much less seemingly it’s you’re going to have smelly ft once you take your sneakers off (because of the buildup of anaerobic micro organism). Because of this flip flops and sandals by no means are inclined to result in smelly ft, however sneakers and boots usually do. ALSO when you’re in a setting the place others are taking off their sneakers (ie watching motion pictures on the sofa with associates) BE EXTREMELY MINDFUL of your shoe’s breathability earlier than your due the identical. I’ve a pair of ankle-boots that whereas very stylish will not be breathable within the slightest (manufactured from rubber) and once I take them off, my ft scent TERRIBLE. I made the error of taking them off within the presence of associates as soon as and needed to nearly instantly put them again on, it was so rank.

-There are some issues you should purchase to soak up the odors out of smelly sneakers, like sneaker balls. Haven’t tried them myself nevertheless it’s on the market. Baking soda additionally apparently can do that?

-At all times dry ft totally after showering/getting them moist to forestall the event of a nasty, smelly foot fungus.

Vagina/Vulva Space (when you’ve got one)

There may be lots of misinformation surrounding the cleansing of this space. First off, for some primary anatomy, technically the vagina is simply the “gap” / tube of expandable muscle (despite the fact that culturally we frequently seek advice from a girl’s total genitalia because the “vagina,” this isn’t anatomically right and may result in confusion). The VULVA refers back to the outdoors of a girl’s genitalia. The labia are the folds, with the labia minora being the within folds and the labia majoria referring to the larger, outdoors folds the place hair can develop. NEVER clear the within of your VAGINA! It’s self-cleaning and you may mess up its delicate pH by doing so. HOWEVER, it IS necessary to scrub your vulva and labia each day or it may well get smelly and gross on account of smegma. Water, a washcloth, and delicate cleaning soap (ie Johnson’s child wash, dove delicate, liquid facial cleaning soap, and many others) can all be used for this activity. You’ll want to actually get in there (particularly if you’re opting to simply use water) to ensure there is no such thing as a lingering smegma buildup across the tiny folds by the clit. Sure that is gross however it’s vital to speak about as a result of many ladies (and males) are by no means taught the right way to clear themselves down there. Additionally, when you’re utilizing cleaning soap make sure to not get it within the urethra space (ouch!!) and solely use it within the outer folds!

-Cleansing with a moist washcloth and slightly cleaning soap is way more preferable than cleansing with child wipes, as they’ll go away a little bit of an off scent. Nevertheless, when you’re in a pinch you’re in a pinch.

-In the event you’re involved about smelling funky down there throughout your interval, change your pad/tampon extra usually as a substitute of utilizing scented hygiene merchandise. Even when deemed “protected” I nonetheless assume it’s not the very best factor to be placing scented issues close to your delicate vagina, and also you don’t wish to be drawing consideration to that space in any case with a cloying lavender scent. Vaginas will not be speculated to scent like flowers.

-Likewise, vulvas after cleansing ought to have little to no scent, and scent like pores and skin if something. After a number of hours, the pure “vagina” scent will return, and once more that is NATURAL to have a little bit of a musky scent down there. It’s a vagina in any case.

-HOWEVER, if the scent is far more than simply “a bit” musky, or it smells fishy, or anything means out of the extraordinary, it’s price contemplating that you could possibly have a medical drawback occurring that must be addressed.

-Don’t use douches. Interval.

-Edit- u/Baekseoulhui has identified {that a} probiotic complement may also help you scent higher down there and have higher vaginal well being usually. An amazing tip i did not even think about. Yay for good micro organism!

Suggestions that aren’t Hygiene associated:

Clearly, most of my suggestions are about common hygiene to assist the common individual get to a clear, impartial state the place “extras” (perfumes, lotions, et cetera) will be utilized. Keep in mind, you want an excellent base earlier than you may add the garnishes to a plate of meals, or the icing to a cake. Similar applies with smelling good, and to be sincere 90% of the inhabitants doesn’t even attain that baseline state!


-If yow will discover one which works along with your hair care routine, attempt to go for a shampoo/conditioner combo that knocks it out of the park by way of perfume. The standard drugstore shampoo scent is okay, however when you actually need wow issue and that additional layer of scent, that is key. I personally have a number of favorites, together with coconut shampoo/cond combos like this ~it smells so tropical~ and I additionally all the time get compliments on my hair smelling good once I use this shampoo with its respective conditioner. It has a beautiful scent, floral but delicate and barely unique however not overpowering. One time even, an enormous fly wouldn’t go away my head alone as a result of it thought my hair was a flower!

-Attempt to use haircare merchandise which are pleasantly scented as nicely. For instance, LUSH sea salt hair spray smells so splendidly intoxicating to me with its mix of neroli and orange blossom

Perfumes, Physique Mists, and many others

-Perceive the distinction between a fragrance, a eau de parfum, a eau de toilette, and a physique mist. Perfumes / “parfum” are very intense and a small bit goes a great distance. A eau de parfum is barely much less intense, adopted by a eau de toilette, and so forth. SEE HERE. A “physique mist” is often a cheaper scent product (assume the large spray bottles at tub and physique works or Victoria’s secret) that’s meant to be sprayed a number of occasions across the physique because it isn’t too sturdy.

-Know the place to place fragrances. Goal spots embody wrists, neck, behind the ears, and chest. Physique mists in fact can go over the whole lot of the physique.

-Perceive that everybody’s our bodies have totally different chemistry, and simply because it smells good on another person or within the bottle, doesn’t imply it’s going to scent good on you. Testing it on your self is totally essential to see if it really works on you and the way lengthy it stays.

-NEVER purchase a full-sized fragrance with out testing a pattern on your self for every week or so. Once more, you may’t know for positive if it will likely be an excellent match along with your physique regardless of what number of good opinions it will get on-line. Plus fragrance lasts A WHILE. The massive ones take years to make use of up… when you’re experimenting with magnificence and trend (particularly in your teen years) don’t make that massive of a purchase order till you’re 100% positive you’re in love with a perfume.

-There are a lot of methods to amass free 0.5 ozsamples of perfumes that you simply wish to experiment with. I’ve gotten them simply by strolling round shops in excessive finish malls and typically they’ll have little bins out with a number of forms of perfume samples (seems to be like this) you may take free of charge! I even have had luck ordering samples on-line free of charge (usually by looking through r/freebies, or trying on the fragrance’s web site immediately). Additionally it’s all the time price asking the worker behind the counter for a take dwelling pattern if attainable. Some shops, like LUSH, are actually good about this and the samples are surprisingly massive.

-For extra data on the very best manufacturers and particular fragrance scents, go try r/perfume!

Physique: Lotions, bathe gels, physique conditioners, and many others

-These are a great way to layer fragrances round your physique so you may add depth to your signature scent or each day scent.

-I really like LUSH, and I believe their physique merchandise due an ideal job of incorporating extra “grownup” scents into them (versus a spot like Tub and Physique works, which principally has two forms of scent: toothache-inducingly candy sugar or orgy within the florist’s store floral). A few of my favorites embody Rose Jam bathe jel (I’ve gotten compliments from a complete room of individuals after showering with this), Sleepy lotion (lavender), and Charity pot lotion (ylang ylang, cocoa butter, plus 100% of proceeds donated). Lush Therapeutic massage bars are additionally underrated by way of their perfume capabilities, and they’re packaging free too. Of these, Every Peach, Gentle Coer, and Tender is the Night time scent actually good.


-Couldn’t determine if that is private hygiene associated or not, I suppose the naked minimal is (ie having clear garments) however additional scents can be extra of this class.

-If you’d like a clear, impartial base to start out with, clearly wash your garments in detergent that’s labelled as “for delicate pores and skin” or “unscented.” Nevertheless, for individuals who desire to have a extra low-maintenance perfume routine, a scented detergent is usually a good software within the arsenal that’s not additional work. Beware nonetheless, some won’t be your factor so make sure to take a look at them out (by smelling on the retailer when you can, or shopping for a smaller package deal to start out with). There are some good scents it appears, like lavender, which I haven’t tried personally. Dryer sheets as nicely can be utilized to comparable results.

-To keep away from musty smelling laundry, attempt placing dried floral or herb sachets in along with your socks, underwear, or shirt drawers. Lavender or rosemary ones are classics.


-Lipsticks, glosses, and balms are touted for his or her colours/visible results, however the affect of their scents (on different folks, not simply the wearer) is sort of understated. I can often inform if somebody speaking to me at shut vary has not too long ago utilized a scented lip product, and sometimes it may be fairly a nice expertise if what they’ve on smells good. No suggestions right here, as there’s simply so many to choose from, nevertheless it’s price noting. This goes hand in hand with the breath part. Additionally lip glosses appear to be probably the most strong-smelling (to the observer, not essentially the wearer) imo.


-Don’t go overboard with fragrances. Perfumes and cologne lovers particularly are frequent perpetrators of this, as we frequently go “nose-blind” (to not sound like that one fucking industrial) to smells which are on/round our our bodies for lengthy durations of time. Once more, see the information to perfume intensities I put above.

-You don’t want a scented deodorant + scented detergent + smelly physique wash + lotion + fragrance + sugary lip gloss unexpectedly to scent good. Because of this typically it’s good to have neutrals, with regards to issues like deodorant or lotion even, if you’re into perfumes and mists and wish to experiment with that as a substitute. HOWEVER, mixing fragrances is an artwork of kinds and will be finished, particularly highlighting totally different scents on totally different elements of the physique. Simply be conscious of what works nicely collectively (in your physique and usually) and don’t combine apparent opposites like a saccharine cherry lip balm with a musky oud fragrance.

-There’s nothing fallacious with desirous to scent like, nicely, nothing. As I discussed earlier, many individuals don’t even make it that far… foul physique odors will be smelt wherever the place there’s a big gathering of individuals. That’s why private hygiene suggestions make up 60% of this publish. Additionally, sturdy fragrances can hassle some peoples’ pores and skin or noses and trigger complications. So be conscious of these round you, like if any relations have scent sensitivities.

If I’ve forgotten something, make sure to add it within the feedback under! I’d like to be taught extra about maximizing hygiene and fragrances as clearly it’s one thing I’m keen about… I didn’t even imply to write down this lengthy of a publish!

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Edit 2- added probiotics below breath and vaginal well being classes.


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