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Their ears are set at eye stage; they’ve massive outstanding eyes and fairly thick lips.

(Catostomus catostomus) Traits: 1. thick lips with many ‘pimples’ on mouth beneath snout; 2. very small scales.

his face was pink, too, and he possessed a pair of thick lips

The mouth is extensive, with thick lips.

” What full fortune doth the thick lips owe. “

Massive eyes and thick lips

The thick lips had been barely parted, however the eyes remained closed.

He blinked his lantern eyes and gave a thicklipped smile once more.

Point out that pig’s identify as soon as extra and Jumbo is personally going to present you a thick lip!

We now have thick lips and white folks cannot dance.

Suckers & Redhorses (Catostomidae) 1. massive, thick lips on brief, broad head

thick lips tightly pressed collectively, an anemic complexion, a humble, deliberate, and relatively stiff method.

The physique form is lengthy and of center top and the mouth is relatively huge with thick lips.

The mouth has thick lips and is on the underside of the pinnacle.

Uber parted his thick lips, displaying these chiselled tooth.

Wow he has thick lips.

These with thick lips?

Its physique is excessive, comparatively flattened, its head is massive and its terminal mouth has thick lips.

These with thick lips? What wicked imaginative and prescient imagines India with out the spectacular anarchy of its many cultures?

These fishes have a large mouth with thick lips.

He was an athletic, gigantic bandit, with massive eyes, thick lips, and a flat nostril;

What a full fortune doth the thicklips owe if he can carry’ t thus

He puckered his thick lips up in an o and blew breath out noisily.

very pale blue eyes, broad white cheeks, thick lips, a relatively puffy face, and small pink fingers ,

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