Things I want to pre-order from Baku’s shop (i.e., a wish list) : ghostoftsushima

Warrior Monk Apparel: both just like the anonymous NPC warrior monks from Guardian of Tsushima or the Tengu Demon/Protectors of Uchitsune’s Bow (the latter model has a yuigesa). Heal and Resolve improve bonuses, possibly? Probably dyes based mostly on the temple variations (those from Kushi appeared to put on a unique shade of blue on their kata-kesa)?

Tengu Masks: worn by Tengu Demon/Protectors of Uchitsune’s Bow. Both with the above or separate. Perhaps combining it with the Warrior Monk Apparel offers you the yuigesa (Pom-Pom harness) of the PoU/Tengu just like the wine stain Easter egg.

Hoods: white Warrior Monk’s hood, black thief’s hood, and many others.

Reinforcements Armor/Helmet: unsure what else to name it. I feel the identical mannequin/texture is used for Lord Oga and his retainers, Shimura’s messengers (who got here out of nowhere), Daikoku (Act III), and Bettomaru. It doesn’t have sode shoulder guards and there’s no massive crest on the helmet. -Dyes to resemble the above talked about characters/clans in addition to Girl Hana’s henchmen / former Kikuchi retainers

Bettomaru’s Masks: I feel it’s only a palette swapped Hero of Tsushima masks.

Shimura’s Armor

Historic Dragon Masks: solely this time utilizing the Seiryu’s Glare/Nasubaba’s Wrath or Guardian’s Scowl/Kijin’s Blood mannequin; by no means seen a dragon with glossed Cupid bow lips.

Just about each Murderer Masks from Legends that doesn’t glow.

Hats: -Jingasa Shadow (Legends)

Edit: It appears to be like like Tomotsugu’s outfit is already in Legends because the Ocean Duelist physique for the Ronin class and the “vest” is a part of the sample and never a separate garment. Guess it ought to simply be a Ronin Apparel dye, then.

Ronin Apparel Dyes: -“Falling Water” (Kiyoshi’s dye sample) -“Ocean Duelist” (Tomotsugu’s dye sample; identical as Legends) -“Earth Duelist” (Hirotsune’s dye sample; identical as Legends) -“Shadow Duelist” (Yasumasa’s dye sample; identical as Legends) “Mountain Duelist” (identical as Legends; utilized by numerous encountered straw hats) -The gray and black sample that at all times appears to be worn by one of many three random highway encounter Straw Hats.

Entire variations of each Tomoe Masks and Guardian’s Scowl/Kijin’s Blood (I don’t look a present masks within the mouth, but when I’m shopping for a masks it had higher at the least be in gently used situation).

Mongolian Commander’s Armor Dyes: modifications the backing colours to resemble the totally different tribes.

Basic Armor Dyes: -Extra Inexperienced, Gray, Black and White


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