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Fundamentals for Trainz Trainees

Variations and Their Respective Construct Numbers

Instance of an TS2010 built-in route asset displaying a vertices alignment and end-caps bounds downside with the brand new mesh-stitching expertise launched in TS09 and TS10. Modeled software program misbehaving beneath the run time GUI’s is one kind of downside fastened by hotfixes or service packs.

Trainz Variations Overview[edit]

Trainz software program releases or equivalently Trainz Retail releases or Trainz retail variations observe the widespread software program business practices of assigning releases model numbers paired to ‘Advertising and marketing Names’ as Main Releases of Retail base packages (to attract a parallel case, take into account one other extra acquainted household of software program: {every of Microsoft Home windows Working system Retail Releases: Home windows 1.0, Home windows 2.0, Home windows 3.1, Home windows 95, …, Home windows Vista, Home windows 7, Home windows 8 & Home windows 10}), any one in all which per business practices, may also then have relevant bug repair ‘Scorching fixes’ and different much less pressing change patches (typically including capabilities and/or additionally making operational tweaks or fixing further lesser severe bugs and people offering further person suggestions generated ‘new’ options) known as Service Packs. To handle a collection of such software program & dependent (supporting) knowledge recordsdata collections, programmers use a serial quantity system, in Trainz known as the code construct quantity, construct quantity, or Code Model quantity. Notice that each every aspect in a software program system (DLL, EXE, supporting knowledge recordsdata similar to pictures, scripts) every have some type of serialization, or their very own code construct numbers, and the ensuing total distributed assortment, a ‘construct’, is given an total code construct identifier for all the combine.

All of the modifications to those merchandise’ retail releases (retail variations) collectively are generally known as software program upgrades’ and it’s a aspect of computing with which the typical lay laptop person has little expertise, sheltered as most are in a enterprise surroundings by an IT division or an IT marketing consultant. As of late, web primarily based or enabled software program usually are written anticipating to be up to date periodically, numbing our sensitivity and inuring the pc person neighborhood to such instabilities in software program. [note 1] House laptop packages—together with just about all obtain obtained software program today, with huge distribution numbers, usually have built-in replace coding inside to verify for updates and both replace robotically, or when nicely designed, alert the person, and replace when commanded. Auran Holdings[note 2], the holding firm with all of the Trainz rights and their associate N3V Video games, presently managing the event and advertising of the properties, has solely lately in ‘Trainz-version timespans’ (2011, lastly debugged in TS2009 SP3 and TS2010-SP2) mastered the later strategies.

Every named product launch (retail model) in addition to every successive improve degree (Scorching fixes and different patches typically should be added so as of launch) has a multi-digit ‘construct’ quantity that’s definitively distinctive to the construct as outlined by the software program writer. In Trainz, these are recognized formally because the code construct numbers or Trainz construct variations, and as their very own IT division, ‘Trainzers’ should maintain these items straight, for not all could be completed robotically, and each new retail launch requires a brand new Set up step.

File:TS2009 Launcher display.jpg

N3V Video games Home windows releases Launcher Screens all look just about the identical as this TS2009 instance, and is analogous (excepting colour) to TRS2004’s, TRS2006’s and all its spin-offs just like the TC’s…
 • Since TS2009-SP2 V3.1 and TS2010, N3V has been placing the code construct onto the Launcher Display and the trainz-build model quantity onto the title bar of CM.
File:TS2006 Launcher display.jpg

V2.5 and up Launcher Screens look prettier since TRS2006 and all its spin-offs just like the TC’s, and TRS2009–TS2012’s, however since they use the identical layouts for a similar buttons all look just about the identical.


In Trainz, till one understands the contextual which means it appears the phrase ‘model’ turns into a bit over used:

  1. First, there may be the Trainz model (slang: which means Trainz Retail Model),
  2. Secondly, the ‘code model’ and ‘Trainz asset model’ numbers, formally generally known as a “Trainz-build tag” values or Trainz-build model’ numbers[1][2]
  3. which just like the code construct quantity or ‘Trainz_build_versions’ or generally ‘code construct model’[3]has a precise technical which means— a remaining compiler run in opposition to a model managed make file and subsequently launched by High quality Management as the following official ‘code set’ advance.
     • You probably have issues with a set up, this code construct quantity is the one N3V buyer assist need reported. In TS2009-SP4 and later releases it seems in each the underside proper nook of the Launcher Menu and the Predominant Menu. In prior releases, it appeared solely on the Trainz ‘Launcher’ display, and was simple to miss in some.
     • Every of the opposite forms of variations derive from this secure set of software program supply code; a plateau within the change cycle signifying stability and reliability insofar as such issues could be examined.
  4. When QA testing fails, N3V points a software program improve of three kinds:
A. patches for actually dangerous bugs or an adjustment to options, often come out quick after a launch occasion, as soon as the criticism storm hits the assistance desk and boards.
B. Hotfixes for bugs and changes of a number of issues, not often to make the entire work, however as a substitute to make the entire work higher after an interval of further testing and whereas the programmer’s are fixing a number of different minor bugs or including an prolonged characteristic. A few of these, similar to TS12-SP1+hf4 ought to have incremented the trainz-build or expertise model. Auran & N3V’s administration has seemingly been inconsistent of their rationales and actions. Principally, a brand new trainz-build represents a expertise plateau, whereby some heretofore unavailable functionality has been added.
 • A few of that is throughout the programmer’s experiences—the inner modifications throughout the run time packages; others, primarily involving asset functionality, options, scripts, or interactivity are apparent to the neighborhood and to content material creators, inasmuch as new tags, practices and containers in config.txt recordsdata or asset supply folder grouped knowledge components (asset components) are affected.
 • Trainz is a extremely cooperative joint growth COMMUNITY at its coronary heart. Content material Creators usually drive software program growth with requests for a functionality. The programmers and/or N3V administration approve the notion, prioritize it, and the programmers thence outline parameters (knowledge varieties); at that juncture, the seemingly first software program modifications are to the error testing screening software program which vetts uploaded property earlier than permitting them onto the DLS—and to a TBV step launch enabling its software program to not burp on the heretofore unfamiliar new knowledge components. Content material Creators behind the options then present property with the theoretical functionality, the programmers work on getting it right into a future package deal of software program updates and ultimately — all people will get to see whether or not the info and software program have the specified results… or whether or not alterations in knowledge definitions or the run time software program implementation want adjusted. This all takes lots of people working collectively.
C. Service packs —these are extra intensive and bigger modifications for bug fixing, characteristic or conduct upgrades, and concerned modifications to remove some supply of criticism.

{{TrainzTip|BG=#f9f9f9|Every code construct quantity (2 to five digits) maps onto a corresponding Trainz trainz construct model quantity (a ‘TB’ or ‘TBV’ decimal like 2.9: as soon as typically indicating a technological threshold or functionality degree). The trainz-build ‘steps’ or plateaus correspond thusly to a focused set of capabilities, whereas a number of iterations of debugging and ‘code construct releases’ (Smaller Scorching Fixes and Bigger] Service Pack(s) releases map into the identical trainz-build thresholds. Therefore the brand new person will discover a predominance of sure TBV values, so known as main releases or main variations, in asset lists within the Content material Supervisor searches— {1.3, 1.5, 2.2 & 2.4, 2.6, 2.8, 2.9-3.3, 3.5&3.7, 4.0& 4.3 &4.5} typically following immediately the longevity of a software program system. This previously solely mirrored the straightforward relationship between the size of time a secure software program suite launch existed earlier than the following retail (new) product launch was launched with new technological talents. Previously, Content material Creators intentionally fashioned new property with the bottom doable TBV so the asset can be usable by the widest teams of Trainzers, many who stay trustworthy to an older Trainz launch (and even kind golf equipment with hundreds of members, s.a. Trainz Professional Routes et. al.) — briefly, if the brand new tech was utilizing a tag or capacity such an asset may care much less about and did not want, making a brand new bridge, constructing, enterprise, or traincar that might please the most individuals makes emminent sense… Therefore the large variety of V1.3, V2.6, V3.0, V3.5 property nonetheless in very large use.

Additionally, since asset options and people bits of code that may manipulate effects-instructions could be embedded contained in the run time software program suites are written to adjust to or fulfill the actual conceived technological functionality, there’s a lengthy lag time between request for a functionality, and the time it reveals up in an launch that may exploit it.

Instance: Primary traincar knowledge constructions and configuration had been laid out by the tip of Trainz UTC. Somebody desired capacity to have life like traincar ID numbers range robotically, submitted the thought to Auran, and the programmers applied a set of knowledge components to regulate the consequences. Which leaves most rolling inventory unchanged, but permits a expertise not out there in earlier code releases.

An identical transition occurred for signalling capabilities concerning realism in yard crossing tracks, generally known as ‘Template:TBN’ —an actual widespread have to match prototype locations (practice yards).
 • Usually previously, Information conventions more and more enforced since TS2009 had been designed and in place within the prolonged TRS2004-TRS2006 period (and JET II sport engine) — but most asset varieties had been completely advantageous utilizing the older easier Trainz 1.Zero period knowledge constructions that are unitary tag primarily based in the primary, and do not contain any combination knowledge constructions Trainz’s Containers within the config.txt management recordsdata. In 2009 N3V determined so as to add extreme filtering implementing the newer knowledge constructions in subsequent releases. In addition they added set up software program testing, filters, to vett and bless DLS uploads—that is up to date as time and variations cross, forcing larger and better TBV values be submitted—even when an applied asset has nothing considerably totally different from the sooner 1.Three or 2.5 period property, save a extra detailed much less tough sub-assembly element half (A Trainz ‘dependency, like a brand new bogey, sound, or maybe a traincar modified to have interactive cargo and doorways that animate{{efn,Many older property used a mixture of tech tags and containers to program their manifestation in sport, so including the containers and tags to a config.txt that enabled a field or flat automotive to deal with interactive cargoes (launched in TRS2004, a Trainz energy) required a mere lower and paste alteration. Nevertheless, script and mesh dependent capabilities similar to animated doorways, actually do warrant a model change, being way more sophisticated.

   }. This has been controversial and precipitated many combination property (Routes and Periods) to be brief suitable property. So till TS2009, older and looser knowledge conventions had been tolerated in newly altered and new property—permitting new property produced to a lesser succesful normal.

 • The Trainz Model quantity precisely matches the asset (expertise 'degree' figuring out) Trainz-build tag quantity.

 • There could be many code construct numbers for a trainz-build code (or expertise degree); some are for a special group of languages as translations develop into out there, and ...

 • Every of these additionally has doable Scorching fixes and Service Pack patches—a few of which change the trainz-build, and others don't.
Scorching fixes don't often trigger a change in model numbers, whereas Service Packs often trigger an increment of +0.1 to the "Trainz-build" tags and colloquial phrases thrown round because the 'Model Quantity!}}

Managing these enhancements within the company world is the duty of an IT division, however since Trainz is a private software program suite, the duty of updating a Trainz launch devolves onto personal customers. This facet of Trainz is additional sophisticated by Trainz nature, it’s on the coronary heart, a knowledge base supervisor and an enormous knowledge base (the better dimension in recordsdata) with satellite tv for pc instruments applications (particularly for instance, the GUI run time modules Surveyor, Driver, Railyard, and a few others behind the scenes like TrainzUtils.exe) every of which can want patched or changed with a service pack launch or Scorching repair. Additional, and probably the most problematic half because it takes a while when a person has lots of downloaded content material, a brand new replace might also scan every merchandise within the database, and the place needed, patch these to compliance with the ‘new expertise degree’ being launched by the patch and equivalent to a brand new asset construct tag quantity.

P train grey.png
Trainz model numbers, the product ‘expertise degree’ increments by tenths, with Trainz 1.Zero being model 1.0, TRS2009 being model 2.9, so TRS2009 + 4 service packs reaches Model 3.3, however so is the final Service Pack for TS2010—which was co-developed alongside aspect TS2009 as a transitional expertise from 32 bit sport engine to a 64 bit processing surroundings—so the 2 overlap and co-join most expertise. The primary ‘solely runs’ as a 64 bit launch, Trainz Railroad Simulator 2012 (TS2012, no Service Packs) is Model/Construct-tag degree 3.5, throughout which within the time it was being developed, N3V determined its outdated sport engine wanted completely re-written, spawning the group funding financing of Trainz: A New Period with a lot improved graphics and its added plateaus of each video enhancements, and numerous asset capabilities. Therefore, TANE or T:ANE spans six iterative levels of functionality because it stabilized TBV 4.0–4.5, with TRS19—Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 (launched Dec 18th, 2018[4]presently topping the listing of TBVs at 4.6[5]

Trainz releases are additional sophisticated by servicing a global person base; from the beginning the product was produced to service totally different worldwide languages teams and their translation wants. Within the later practices, the plethora of internationally totally different releases was managed all the way down to round 4 preliminary


Legacy (unsupported) Variations[edit]

The stability of this web page is introduced in extraordinary calendar order, first out, first listed. The primary group are the giants of historical past upon whose shoulders newer variations of as we speak stand. Trainz in all variations and releases was supported for over a decade by Auran, then later by N3V Video games — till the adoption and announcement of the unpopular Trainz Life Cycle coverage in 2010. Within the coverage, an arbitrary 4 years has typically been added to the unique retail variations launch date, after which the discharge is magically ‘known as out of date’ and N3V withdraws assist.

P train grey.png

Now and again, it is good to have a look again and see simply how far we have come! LOL – ed.

Trainz Life Cycle coverage has its largest unfavorable impression now on asset updates by means of the creeping rise-in-threshold-difficulty of acceptance-testing-software by the DLS software program, and people requirement modifications have adversely affected the reliability of the Trainz-build numbers as a tell-tale of the tech degree truly wanted inside any given asset. The entire system now’s introducing a upward model creep in property up to date or added into the DLS assortment, and requires authors’ to donate their time making lots of pointless ‘updates’ to the info constructions within the config.txt file chief each asset has; modifications which are not actually useful[note 4], however making no actual change to the property textures, meshes and different operable guts. Briefly, such modifications are administrative knowledge shufflings, instituting wasted time by hundreds with pointless work-arounds.) displaying up on a customers Content material Supervisor module and Predominant Menu screens.

Trainz 1.x collection
Cowl motto: Trainz Digital Railroading On Your PC
Predominant article: Trainz with no service packs utilized V1.0

Trainz beta V0.9[edit]

Perfection is achieved, not the place there may be nothing extra so as to add, however when there may be nothing left to remove.

—Antoine de Saint Exupery, Auran

The very uncommon boxed Trainz: Beta model 0.9 was printed in a really small run by Auran Developments in June 2001 after a number of preliminary software program obtain variations had been made out there to collaborating railfans and different concerned events for testing functions[6].

A couple of issues have modified within the graphics, have not they!?!

A short historical past of Trainz by an early ‘Auran associate’, Charlie Lear on the event of this well-liked software program could be learn could be learn right here: ‘A Temporary Historical past of Trainz’, and far of what adopted is introduced with commentary and canopy artwork up by means of TRS2006. The Beta launch cowl artwork contained a quote from Antoine de Saint Exupery.[6] (See quote above). Focused on the mannequin railroading fanatic’s market area of interest, Trainz was naked of lots of content material, however delivered a Surveyor module very similar to as we speak’s, which continues to be the most effective within the enterprise for route constructing.

  • Trainz, the unique model, with no service packs utilized is assigned a trainz-build of 1.0 (V1.0) and is named the ‘Trainz Neighborhood Version’. The boxed Trainz 1.0 was transferred from Auran Growth and launched by Auran Video games, Pty. Ltd in November 2001 in a self-published regionally distributed model after an preliminary 24 September 2001 software program obtain solely model[6] Usually, every utilized service pack increments the model by +0.1, so with software of the third service Pack (SP3) the cumulative model code worth turns into Trainz V1.3; the primary totally secure software program launch of the collection additionally dubbed because the ‘Trainz Passenger Version’. The discharge additionally included a licensed model of the three dimensional (3D) mannequin constructing device w:GMAX, which is accountable for the large numbers of person created 3D property[note 5] out there on the Trainz Obtain Station (DLS) web page[7].

Early Trainz Mininum & Urged Necessities[edit]

System Necessities[8]
   Adjusted particulars: no shadows, low draw distance,
     low draw element, low practice element.
   Intel Pentium II 400mhz processor
   128 megs RAM
   Nvidia TNT2 16mb videocard
   usable settings:
   640x480 show decision
   32 bit colour depth

Really helpful
   Adjusted particulars: shadows enabled, medium draw distance, medium draw element, excessive practice element.
   Intel Pentium III 733mhz processor or equal
   256 megs RAM
   Nvidia GeForce2 32mb videocard
   usable settings:
   800x600 show decision
   32 bit colour depth


  • The primary widespread worldwide launch was in February 2002 and included SP1.
  • With SP3, that is generally known as the “Neighborhood Version”, and by some is taken into account a very separate launch and product so totally different was the operability and reliability in V1.3.
    • Trainz Neighborhood Version (retail model or UK Version, SP1.Three unpatched): construct 263
    • Trainz Neighborhood Version (retail model or UK Version, SP1.Three patched): construct 277

Trainz 1.1 (SP1)[edit]

Trainz 1.Zero with SP1 for Trainz utilized is promoted to Trainz V1.1, code construct TBDL

Trainz 1.2 (SP2)[edit]

Trainz Model 1.1 with SP2 for Trainz utilized promotes to Trainz V1.2, code construct TBDL

Trainz 1.3 (SP3)[edit]

Trainz 1.2 with SP3 for Trainz utilized promotes to Trains V1.3, code construct TBDL, and due to the performance enhancements—is extensively thought of a serious product launch by itself, regardless of being free to amass[9]. This was probably the most extensively distributed and most lasting of the variations of the unique Trainz product household, not changed apart from language updates and patches till the discharge of Trainz 2004 with a number of main person pleasant assets added, together with Trainscript,[6] a facility that enabled state of affairs creation.[10] A couple of years later Trainzscript was generalized, libraryized, and the sport engine modified to assemble and run the conglomerate guidelines of a session ‘on-the-fly’, so Eventualities had been quickly changed by the (scriptlet primarily based) classes Guidelines facility in TRS2004/06. This model was nonetheless being offered within the USA, with an extra Service Pack Three CD included in the summertime of 2013[11].

Trainz V1.4 (SP4, Spanish)[edit]

Trainz 1.x applied multilingual languages assist by set up of various service packs. There was no French or Jap European languages variations marketed.

Trainz UTC, V1.5[edit]

Trainz: the Final Trainz Assortment
Predominant article: Trainz UTC with no service packs utilized V1.5

This was known as the Final Trainz Assortment, a November 26th, 2002 launch together with 4 teams of routes increasing the choices for the person.

  • UTC – English – no service packs utilized: construct 327
  • UTC – English – SP1,. code construct 404
  • UTC – English with SP1 construct 902 pre-installed as a part of the 2008 Trainz: The Full Assortment Omnibus version.

TRS2004 collection[edit]

TRS2004 with no service packs utilized V2.0
Predominant article: Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004

This model incorporating many technical advances, not least amongst them the vaunted Trainz interactive industries and interactive rolling inventory property. It additionally established the Trainz Obtain Station within the web searchable model whose descendant is as we speak’s Trainz DLS Whitepages version. Many Trainzers held for 12 months after 12 months that TRS2004 was the most effective Trainz launch ever, however time has occluded the reminiscences that it had many rising pains as evidenced by the 4 service packs. Whereas lots of the new knowledge mannequin options had been launched in Trainz UTC, they weren’t totally applied till in 2004. By the 2005 launch of TRS2006, Auran started fault testing to a a lot better extent, together with warning messages that now obsolescent tags must be eliminated. So after SP4, trainz-build code worth 2.4 (V2.4), Auran lastly had the extensible product that made customers followers. TRS2004.exe (the Launcher module of the discharge generally generally known as TRS2004) offered no built-in knowledge administration module. It has a module known as ContentManager.exe, but it surely left a lot to be desired; at it is coronary heart, it may solely listing knowledge with very coarse sorting and show talents. A 3rd-party utility, TrainzObjects by Terry Franks did the most effective job at asset administration and group within the period till TRS2006’s Content material Supervisor Plus (with comparable options) supplanted it. Every Trainz launch since has a model of Content material Supervisor; although its look and operation modified dramatically with the discharge of references.

TRS2006 collection[edit]

The TRS2006 expertise was leveraged into a big collection of releases with focused regional content material, a lot of it previously payware routes now shipped in partnership with Auran and N3V Video games, which took over administration of the franchise early within the period.

Trainz/Variations/TR06-Ver Desk

Trainz Driver Version (TDE)[edit]

It is a Trainz Driver GUI solely (a sport solely or demo) model of TRS2006 with some options omitted; it lacked each the Content material Supervisor and Surveyor modules, so has no expandability nor extendability (self-built routes and classes). Like TRS2006, it’s Trainz-build model degree 2.5, Construct quantity 3096 — UK launch date of Trainz Driver was 24 February 2005.

  • TDE – US (Merscom) version: construct 3104 additionally seems to be a model of Trainz Driver Version.[12]

TRS2006-SP0 v2.5[edit]

Predominant: Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 (or TRS2006) with no service packs utilized V2.5
TRS2006 – Australia and USA – no service pack utilized: construct 2761

TRS2006 – UK – no service pack utilized: construct 2773

TRS2006 – French – no service pack utilized: construct 2883

TRS2006 – Dutch – no service pack utilized: construct 2967

TRS2006 – German – no service pack utilized – additionally known as Professional Prepare Excellent or PTP: construct 2970

TRS2006 – Spanish – no service pack utilized: construct 3007


Trainz Routes[edit]

The ‘Trainz Routes’ launch was an add-on pack containing twenty further layouts and dependencies for TRS2004/TRS2006 and never a program launch. The DVD has an installer interface which immediately patches the content material into both model’s knowledge construction, however is biased to put in to TRS2004 and have to be given a hand-edited listing to put in into TRS2006. The loader, as soon as initialized, then presents 4 buttons, so requires 4 further clicks, plus ending acknowledgement clicks to utterly set up.

Construct quantity (if any) and unique publication date not recognized. Paradox Interactive re-published Trainz Routes as third DVD a part of ‘Trainz: The Full Assortment’ with cowl artwork copyright date of 2008[13]. The discharge takes practically an hour to put in.



Trainz 2006 with Service Pack 1 (which was notoriously onerous to put in) was maybe probably the most secure model of Trainz launched earlier than the latter service packs of TS2009 and TS2010, which every had 4. Alternatively, the sport itself was the sport engine for TRS2004 with few enhancements, with the primary modifications being the introduction of the unified utility suite Content material Supervisor Plus.

  • TS12’s CM is just barely improved over TR06’s unique, and that sort of longevity and stability is an ovation all its personal. TR06 would spawn quite a few regional releases and till TS2009, these had been clones of TR06 with a special batch of content material, other than slight modifications to knowledge fashions begun in TC3.
TRS2006 with SP1 for TRS2006 utilized V2.6

TRS2006 – Australia and USA – SP1: construct 3092

TRS2006 – UK – SP1: construct 3099

TRS2006 – Spanish – SP1: construct 3118

TRS2006 – as included in Trainz: The Full Assortment (aka Trainz TCC Pack, consists of SP1 pre-loaded): construct 3335[14]

  • A 3 DVD omnibus launch and the primary Trainz franchise launch printed by N3VRF41L Software program (Now N3V Video games); North American model distributed by Paradox Interactive. Launch consists of
     • TRS2006 (with SP1 pre-installed), as one third on 2nd DVD;
     • UTC and TRS2004 on 1st DVD,
     • Trainz Routes on third DVD.

TRS2006 – as included with Trainz Railwayz (consists of SP1), distributed by Merscom with a Steam Loco on the quilt artwork. (aka presumably ‘Trainz Classics’ within the USA): construct 3337 with 2nd CD containing TC1&2[15]

Trainz TCC[edit]

Trainz: The Full Assortment’ was a 2008 Omnibus launch distributed by Paradox Interactive bundling UTC, TRS2004, and TRS2006 with pre-installed service packs on a Three CDROM single field set. Construct 3335[note 6] The version additionally included Trainz Routes, a set of primarily ‘Basement Railroad Empire’ sized routes with out classes.

Trainz 2007[edit]

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2007′, a number of Europe solely releases

French Version[edit]

  • The French TRS2006 normal version launch (consists of SP1) is named TRS2007: Construct quantity not recognized.

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2007′ (abbreviated as TRS2007) was the second launch focusing on a regional market distributed by Anuman Interactive on the market in France, Belgium and Switzerland. There have been initially two variations: the usual model which consisted of Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 with Service Pack 1 utilized, and the Gold version, which included French regional add-on gadgets.

Trainz 2008[edit]

Halycon Media later distributed Trainz Railroad Simulator 2007 with German region-specific content material for the British, Austrian, and Swiss market.[16] That is colloquially generally known as TRS2008.

German version[edit]

The German version of TRS2006, printed by Auran/N3V associate Blue Sky Interactive can also be recognized by its launch title: Professional Prepare Excellent (PTP).
TRS2007 – German (consists of SP1): construct 3325

  • The German version of TRS2006 is usually known as each TRS2007 or TRS2008, and neither has any official standing.


Three TRS2006 particular content material joint-venture manufacturing releases had been put collectively by Auran and N3V Video games with skilled for pay Trainz content material builders after the discharge of the content material solely add-on launch Trainz Routes in 2007. Within the period, Auran had over prolonged in growing different video video games and had extreme monetary troubles. They subsequently laid off most of their workers, entered the Australian model of chapter looking for safety from their collectors, and ended up promoting (licensing) growth and distribution rights for his or her most strong asset, The Trainz Franchise to Tony Hilliam, a software program writer with household cash who ran what’s now generally known as N3V Video games. Auran Growth was reorganized as a holding firm Auran Holdings LLC, a lot as DanJaq LLC owns the rights to the James Bond franchise and licenses it to Eon Movies. N3V Video games now develops and markets Trainz releases, manages the Auran boards, servers, and Simulator Central on-line retailer with Hilliam as CEO.


Trainz Classics 1&2[edit]

Trainz Classics 1′ (TC1) and ‘Trainz Classics 2′ (TC2) had been each distributed initially (and briefly) as separate releases in a three way partnership with Merscomm as DVD producer/software program distributor a few months aside in early 2007 and shortly after as a bundled set.

Launched as Trainz Classics 1; TBV V2.7
Launched as Trainz Classics 2; TBV V2.7
United Kingdom launched as: Trainz Railways/Trainz Railwayz2; TBV V2.7 Construct 3337


Trainz Classics 3[edit]

The ‘Trainz Classics 3′ or TC3 launch model and is “Trainz-build tag v2.8” and property with that degree, notably locomotives and textures utilizing apart from default AlphaHint processing as specified of their *.texture.txt ini recordsdata, had been the primary massive group of property that one needed to fiddle with to take again to the TRS2006 normal, or make work with the brand new 2.Eight knowledge constructions—relying upon which approach one was porting property.

  • Tag “‘epbrakes’ not allowed” errors had been a standard resultant error requiring customers to delete the defunct spec line.
  • The brand new ‘AlphaHint=” specification offers a “path not discovered error’ when ported into earlier variations of Content material Supervisor Plus, particularly TRS2006-SP1’s CMP.

This ‘new-status-quo’, with further new knowledge adaptation issues when porting between variations now holds true for TS09—T:ANE property builds as nicely.

  • Trainz Classics Three unique launch – UK: construct 3517
  • Trainz Classics Three SP1 – UK: construct 3529


Trainz Railwayz[edit]

Trainz Classics 1&2 was marketed and packaged as Trainz Railwayz within the USA and Trainz Railways within the UK. Trainz Railwayz (primarily USA) consists of the complete TRS2006 however the different regional editions don’t.

  • Trainz Railways 1&2 – UK: construct 3355



TS2009 WBE TS09[edit]

World Builder Version
Predominant protection: ‘Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Version’

The next builds exist for TS2009, known as theWorld Constructing Version’ due to upgrades of Surveyor with a number of new instruments similar to substitute all and the ‘Decide Checklist’ and gear extensions such because the mixed modes of terrain shaping instruments with a particular area. The place patches can be found, these are famous beside the construct quantity. TS2009-SP4 lacks solely multiplayer capabilities and ‘Native Mode’ (64 bit knowledge dealing with) relative to TS2010-SP4’s enhancements, each co-introducing and strategically adopting the foremost dependence on TadDaemon, Route and Session Layers, SpeedTrees, and permitting compatibility mode or native mode.

Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Version
Construct Quantity Patches Out there Now[note 7] Construct description Launch dates R: / U:
Nexus, or ‘Widespread’ builds throughout languages and regional releases are highlighted in daring. [17]
Construct 37??? New Set up downloads had handbook patch collection to 37625, and, eventual later, to 41615[note 8]   TS2009 (SP0) or TS09 ;1st English Language Launch ‘Solely On-line by N3V’[note 9] Widespread Code begin plateau[note 10]
Construct 37625 1st secure code plateau[note 11],
auto-patch sequence to 40040[note 12]
TS2009-SP0+patch; Subsequent English On-line Launch; Vast Distribution (e.g., and so on.)[note 13]   auto-patch to 38017
Construct 38017 auto-patch to 40040
through auto-patch to 38599
Construct 38411 auto-patch to 40040 English Retail  
Construct 38599 auto-patch to 40040 TS2009-SP1+Scorching Repair 1  
Construct 38610 PROTECTED
(Simply Trainz*)
Steam web site‘s English Retail model[note 14]  
Construct 38808 auto-patch to 41590 1st French Retail,  
Construct 38824  
1st Dutch Retail,  
Construct 38869 PROTECTED UK Retail  
Construct 39176  
1st German Retail,  
Construct 39413 auto-patch to 40040 Czech, Polish, Hungarian Retail  
Construct 39561  
1st Spanish Retail: TS2009-SP2+hf  
Construct 39979 auto-patch to 40040 TS2009 SP2  
Construct 41615 manual-patch ‘widespread code’ previous to 40040 Plateau TS2009 SP2+hf1  
Construct 40040  
code Scorching Repair 2
TS2009-SP2+sizzling repair 2  
Construct 40357  
Cabon Metropolis English On-line Launch  
Construct 40542  
1st Russian Retail, lively code produced as TS2009-SP2+hf  
Construct 40702  
Cabon Metropolis English On-line Launch  
Construct 40702  
Treez English On-line Launch  
Construct 40762  
Murchison English On-line Launch  
Construct 40837  
S&C English On-line Launch  
Construct 40895  
Spanish pre-SP3 Scorching Repair: TS2009-SP2+hf  
Construct 41497  
Dutch, German pre-SP3:TS2009-SP2+sizzling repair  
Construct 41546  
1st Italian Retail, lively code produced as TS2009-SP2+hf  
Construct 41590  
French pre-SP3 Scorching Repair, to TS2009-SP2+hf  
Construct 41844 Auto replace from Construct 40040[18] TS09-SP3+sole Hotfix
(Widespread Patch outcomes)
TS2009 SP3
 Construct 44653  
TS2009 SP4 Widespread & Final Model, All languages
* Simply Trainz variations beneath UK anti-Software program piracy legal guidelines require a CDROM within the drive.


TS2010 – TS10[edit]

Predominant protection: Trainz Simulator 2010: Engineer’s Version
generally, TS2010 EE

With the issuance of Trainz 2010: Engineer’s Version, N3V Video games continued the user-unfriendly follow of not giving distinctive names to their Trainz.exe recordsdata, which might reduce registry confusion. That is even worse as a result of each launcher and loader are Trainz.exe, one within the installations’ root, one within the bin listing. TS10 launched newer speedtrees tech and multiplayer, in addition to considerably extra superior graphics rendering and was accompanied by a brand new group of canned routes and tutorials, lastly abandoning many stalwart routes discovered from TRS2004 by means of TS2009. On the identical time, TS2009-SP4 and TS2010-SP3 and SP4 all generate Trainz-build v3.Three tech degree property.

The next builds exist for TS2010. The place patches can be found, these are famous beside the construct quantity. N3V’s auto-patching capabilities had been inconsistent and unreliable till late within the TS09/TS10 product replace collection.


Trainz Simulator Mac[edit]

Predominant protection: Trainz Simulator Mac-1
Mac variations of Trainz and on Android and iOS on PAD computer systems are presently solely TS2009 or TS2010 particular releases.

The next builds exist for Trainz Simulator Mac. The place patches can be found, these are famous beside the construct quantity.

Construct Quantity Patches out there Construct description  Launch Date
Construct 47652 Planet Auran Digital Retailer launch  
Construct 47770 Third-party Digital Retailer launch  
Construct 48159 Feral retail launch  
Construct 50281 Mac App Retailer Launch  

Formally, the releases title is: ‘Trainz Simulator 12’.

Predominant protection: Trainz Simulator 12

The next builds exist for TS12. The place patches can be found, these are famous beside the construct quantity. From TS2009 mid-releases, auto-patching of upgrades grew to become increasingly dependable as bug fixes to the patching suite of software program had been unearthed and glued, so auto-patching since has been the norm.[note 15]

TS2012 – TS12[edit]

The patch will work for the next TS12 builds: 46957, 47059, 47452, and 47772[21] giving promotions: 47059 > 48249, 46957 > 48249, 47452 > 48249 and 47772 > 48249.

Recognized construct numbers for TS12
July 31st, 2012, 04:05 PM
  1. Construct 46957 – Planet Auran launch model, new trainz-build V3.4
  2. Construct 47059 – Planet Auran launch model (minor revision), trainz-build V3.5
  3. Construct 47103 – Steam launch, trainz-build V3.5 cap.
  4. Construct 47452 – Simply Trainz launch model
  5. Construct 47772 – Simply Trainz launch model (minor revision)
  6. Construct 48054 – Defunct attributable to corrupt patch file
  7. Construct 48249 – First SP1 hotfix, established trainz-build V3.6
  8. Construct 49922 – Second SP1 hotfix, Added assist for Aerotrain DLC – construct July 31st, 2012
  9. Construct 58414 – Third SP1 hotfix, Hotfix 3 – construct Spring/Summer season, 2013, established trainz-build V3.7 (TODO – Seek for date, make citations)
  10. Construct 6xxxxHotfix 4 & present construct, Classed as a ‘Fast bugfix’ of hf3, out roughly final August trainz-build V3.7, whereas Trainz Mac 2 is trainz-build V3.8, the tip for 32 bit CPU suitable pre-TANE Trainz variations. (Standing replace observe on August 28th, 2014)


  • You probably have any of the boldfaced construct numbers, you’ll be able to patch as much as 48249. Belongings with trainz-build 3.6 will then develop into out there.
  • You probably have 48249, you’ll be able to patch as much as 49922. The Aerotrain DLC will then develop into out there.
  • You probably have 47103, the preliminary Steam launch, you’ll be able to neither patch nor use Multiplayer. Additionally, property with trainz-build 3.6 have to be obtained through FTP, then back-dated to three.5.
  • You probably have another construct, you could have a pirated copy of the sport.[22]



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