Tretinoin and very dry lips. : tretinoin

I’ve the identical situation;( I can’t say than I’ve a dry lips, but it surely peeling on a regular basis. Layer by layer. I didn’t apply tret on lips, even round lips. Yesterday night time I apply solely on brow and on cheeks and right now my lips is peeling a lot;( I’ve tried a cocoa oil (100% pure in inventory), blistex balms (the white yet another like cream – very useful on cracked corners; blue one in stick); nivea balms; cerave moisturizer; glamglow moist masks (blue one). Nothing helps. Now I’m attempting to make use of LRP cicabalm. It’s good, however lips are nonetheless peeling on a regular basis. It’s wanting terrible. Individuals beginning at my lips after I’m speaking to somebody😭 I’ve tried to make use of it earlier than making use of tret and after, after all don’t letting tret to get round my mouth. Making use of many occasions per day, however nothing helps. I can’t get now retin a, so I’m utilizing Retirides (it’s Spanish model). Four month on 0,025 (it was okay, pores and skin round eyes was irritated, typically my face was peeling, however by no means my lips. And after I’m beginning 0,05 – begins theendofmylips 😭

All my face is okay, I believe I can use it even each night time, however due to my lips I’m making use of as soon as in 3-Four days, as a result of lips and pores and skin round is actually killing me.

P.S. utilizing tret to heal my zits

Perhaps somebody may help??


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