Unique words on Speak Now : TaylorSwift

I made a database of all of the phrases Taylor makes use of in her songs in order that I can give you a listing of phrases which are used completely in every music and no different music in her discography.

For the third submit on this collection, listed here are the distinctive phrases for the songs on Communicate Now

17 – Communicate Now (barging, bride, bridesmaid, floats, fond, gestures, horrified, organ, pastel, pastry, preacher, snotty, tux, uninvited, veil, vow, yelling)

14 – Ours (disapprove, doubt, elevator, hole, lip-gloss, decide, jury, lurking, riddles, snide, speculate, stakes, enamel, verdict)

12 – Higher Than Revenge (applause, ever-present, frown, scorching, mattress, playground, prep, sabotage, sophistication, suspected, development, underestimated)

11 – Lengthy Dwell (absurd, baseball, cap, confetti, decade, dragons, forbid, sidelines, thieves, traded, trophies)

11 – Imply (chalkboard, cycle, grumbling, humiliation, nails, opinion, pathetic, ranting, washed-up, weapons, wildfire)

9 – Pricey John (accused, chess, dry, knowledgeable, John, nineteen, optimism, revolved, assessments)

8 – By no means Develop Up (childhood, desert, eyelids, flutter, fourteen, mortified, PJs, tuck)

7 – Enchanted (blushing, enchanted, insincerity, shifting, silhouette, vanished, wonderstruck)

7 – Mine (2:30am, payments, trouble, school, flash-forward, mother and father, insurgent)

6 – The Story of Us (keep away from, chapter, contest, immediately, miscommunication, nervously)

6 – Superman (ambition, briefcase, brown, irrational, lovestruck, Superman)

4 – Harmless (embers, lunchbox, thirty-two, warpath)

4 – Sparks Fly (captivated, patiently, rainstorm, delicate)

3 – Final Kiss (1:58, handshake, interruptions)

2 – Again To December (swallowing, tan)

0 – If This Was A Film

0 – Haunted

For these functions, her discography is all of her albums, plus every other music she has writing credit on. Additionally, the phrases actually do must be distinctive, I am counting completely different tenses of a verb as the identical phrase, and phrases that comprise widespread suffixes or prefixes are handled as in the event that they’re the identical phrase as the basis as properly. So unloved, love, lovingly, loveless, lovers, loveliness, loveable, and so on would all be thought-about as the identical phrase. Additionally, correct nouns are counted as one phrase.

Common per music

Taylor Swift: 2.1 phrases

Fearless: 3.1 phrases

Communicate Now: 7.1 phrases


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