Upper lip | definition of upper lip by Medical dictionary

Her fairly little higher lip, on which a fragile darkish down was simply perceptible, was too brief for her enamel, but it surely lifted all of the extra sweetly, and was particularly charming when she sometimes drew it down to fulfill the decrease lip.
I can see them now, precisely as they regarded, working in regards to the desk within the lamplight: Jake together with his heavy options, so rudely moulded that his face appeared, by some means, unfinished; Otto together with his half-ear and the savage scar that made his higher lip curl so ferociously below his twisted moustache.
The person’s face was easy aside from a number of straggly hairs on his chin and higher lip. The nostril was aquiline and superb, however the hair grew to this point down on the brow as to recommend a really low and brutal kind.
The peculiar V-shaped mouth with its pointed higher lip, the absence of forehead ridges, the absence of a chin beneath the wedgelike decrease lip, the incessant quivering of this mouth, the Gorgon teams of tentacles, the tumultuous respiration of the lungs in an odd environment, the evident heaviness and painfulness of motion as a result of better gravitational vitality of the earth–above all, the extraordinary depth of the immense eyes–were without delay important, intense, inhuman, crippled and monstrous.
Once more Teeka drew again her higher lip in a warning snarl.
Stepan Arkadyevitch couldn’t reply, because the barber was at work on his higher lip, and he raised one finger.
It was an previous scar – I ought to moderately name it seam, for it was not discoloured, and had healed years in the past – which had as soon as minimize by way of her mouth, downward in direction of the chin, however was now barely seen throughout the desk, besides above and on her higher lip, the form of which it had altered.
So with the mouths of bugs, we now have solely to suppose that their widespread progenitor had an higher lip, mandibles, and two pair of maxillae, these components being maybe quite simple in kind; after which pure choice will account for the infinite range in construction and performance of the mouths of bugs.
Tiny beads of sweat stood on Sally’s higher lip, and as she labored her lips had been barely parted.
Skinny stays of a discoloured moustache and whiskers, hanging over the higher lip, and over the hollows the place the cheeks had as soon as been, made the top simply recognisable as the top of a person.
One was trundling some type of a bundle alongside the higher lip.
Right here he forged about for a snug seat, lighted on an enormous boulder below a birch by the trackside, sate down upon it with a really lengthy, critical higher lip, and the solar now shining in upon us between two peaks, put his pocket-handkerchief over his cocked hat to shelter him.


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